POV Asgard by admin
Summary: 2000 POV Asgard Challenge. I've seen the SG1 episode 'Point Of View', and watching the end where the Asgard brought Hammond back to life gave me an idea for a challenge. So it goes like this - 1. Doctor Samantha Carter(AU!Sam from 'Point Of View') asks the Asgard to bring Jack back to life for her but realises her husband's body is on Apophis' ship. The only way to resurrect him is to get his body back. 2. Our SG1 has to be involved somehow 3. Part of it has to occur on Apophis' ship. 4. AU!Jack has to be brought back to life at one point, either with the help of the Asgard or by the Goa'uld for information, or something else if you can think of it. You can kill him again if you really want to, I just want to see him. 5. AU!Sam has to cut her hair, and someone has to remark on it. The reason can be up to you.
Characters: None
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