AU Chevron by admin
Summary: 2000 AU Chevron Challenge. Sam has been trying to get the Stargate to accept the 8th chevron. During one experiment, after accepting the 7th chevron the Stargate ring moves. It doesn't lock in the 8th chevron, but a wormhole is established somehow. SGC sends a MALP in to investigate. The MALP emerges on a planet where there are x number of Stargates (x = 2, 3, 4, .... whatever you choose). SG is sent to investigate. Either all or a portion of the team enter the Stargate. Once there, they see the other Stargates activate and out step AU SG team(s). The AU Sam's have been trying the same thing. Suddenly, one of the aliens from the other galaxy appears and says they brought all the Sam and Jack's there to warn them not to continue trying to engage the 8th chevron - mankind isn't ready to join them. The aliens then activate all the Stargates and everyone goes back to their reality. (It would be interesting to see how many S&J's are together. Any married? Any with kids?)
Characters: None
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