Post-Light by admin
Summary: 2001 Post-Light Challenge. I noticed after Jack grabs Sam and tells her she's in withdrawal she immediately goes "oh * I'M * in withdrawal" with emphasis on the 'I'm' as if to say * you're * the one. Now I'm the first to admit I'm an over- projector but did anyone else get the feeling she's not talking about the drug in the palace? (now hang in with me here) It seemed to me that she was still on their earlier subject, as if she had expected him to say something about her professionalism and she was prepared to fling the accusition back at HIM. The fact that he talked about withdrawal just made her quick answer about that too. I want to add a challenge: Someone write a story based on after they get home from whatever planet the Light was on. Include a mention of what they did during those three weeks and at some point have Sam seeking out Jack to apologise or maybe explain to him about what she said on the beach.
Characters: None
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