Avenger 2.0 by admin
Summary: 2003 Avenger 2.0 Challenge. Regarding the scene where Hammond is talking to Jack through the MALP letting him know that Sam had gated to the original target planet to fix the virus problem: It struck me that Jack sounded surprised and less than thrilled that Sam had gone to that goa'uld stronghold with nothing more than Felger as "backup". Write a fic that shows Jack's response from his conversation with Hammond to his arrival on the planet. Preferrably: assume that Jack and Sam have a healthy, adult dialog regarding their feelings for one another (not an "Oh I wish I would have told her. What am I going to do if she's been taken from me? Why couldn't we have just ignored the regs?" melodrama). REALLY preferrably: Under no circumstances may you use any variation of the line: "he let out the breath he didn't know he had been holding". For once, I'd like him to know he was holding his breath.
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