Damage Control by Bee
Summary: Daniel sees something he didn't really want to....or did he? (4th in the 'Seasoned Professionals...?' series.)
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Genres: Introspective
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Series: Seasoned Professionals
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Chapter 1 by Bee
One of these days, those two are *really* gonna get me into trouble...

I mean, yeah, they stand to lose more from this, but...I don't want to know! Whatever they choose to do when they're off-base, I'd *really* rather not know.

That's a lie, actually...I think...

I don't know anything for certain...I could be imagining things. Jumping to conclusions. Worrying about nothing.

I only know what I saw...granted, what I saw was the two of them on the floor - Jack practically on top of Sam, faces inches apart...I could have been misreading that...right?

Don't people lock doors these days?

I made my excuses and left - and quickly. I think I stammered something like "Erm...forget I was here. I was never here...I, uh, I saw nothing..." Before running away.


I look at my watch - 3 minutes. Didn't take them long...I think this is what's known as 'damage control.'

"Didn't see it, Sam. Don't know anything, don't *want* to know anything."

"It's not what you-"

"Not what I think? Jesus, Sam, how can you be so...so...what are you thinking? I mean, the - the regs, they-" She looks kinda pissed... "I know, I know what you're going to say. You know what you're doing, you love each other, it's not as bad as-"

"Daniel" She interrupts, running a frustrated hand through her hair. "We're not...I mean..."

She's starting to look flustered...good. Now she knows how I feel most of the time.

"There's nothing going on, okay?"

Uh huh...why do I not believe that?

"So...what? You were, uh, looking for a contact lens?"

She sighs, sitting down, and I feel kinda guilty for a second. Whatever the situation is, it can't be easy. They...they're not the type of people to not take something like this seriously. Well, Sam isn't. I meant what I said when I told Jack that if I had a sister I wouldn't let him anywhere near her.

"You didn't see what you think you saw." A frown crosses her features. "Well..."

"Well?" My voice has lost it's accusatory tone somehow...I sound like a gossiping housewife.

"Nothing has happened. But, uh, only because you walked in. Probably. I don't know, maybe..." She looks almost wistful. I know that look...I've seen it on Jack many a time.

Maybe I wouldn't let him near my sister...but where my pseudo-sister's concerned, he's the *only* person for her to be with. As much as I hate to say it.

"So you aren't...together?"


Well, that was certainly a fast response. Too fast, but I decide not to press it.

"Daniel...you know we can't be. It's never going to happen." She smiles at me suddenly, a smile which isn't completely real. "So you don't have to worry about covering for us."

She stands up, no doubt going to report back to Jack. "Sam?"


"If you two ever do...uh..." I wave a hand, "...lose your minds...don't tell me, okay? Ignorance is underrated."


And as much as I said I don't wanna know...who am I kidding? This whole saga is too intriguing to ignore...and yes, I *know* they'd be great together, but if Hammond asks, I plan to deny all knowledge. Shouldn't be too difficult...

I just hope they know what they're doing.


The End
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