Story Notes: Spoilers/Season: Crystal Skull/Season 3

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Daniel stood beside Jack as they both watched Sam enter the elevator to go home. He knew neither of them could see him but he had to at least try and give them ideas on how to fix whatever it was that had happened to him, who knows maybe something would sink into one of them.

"Do you get the feeling Daniel's still here?" Sam asked as she turned around and leaned against the elevator's door.

"Sometimes." Jack answered her slowly.

"Guess it's just wishful thinking huh?"

"Or radiation sickness."

Sam grinned at that and moved back into the elevator to push the button that would take her to ground level.

"Goodnight Sir."

"Night Major." The doors closed and Jack turned to go back down the corridor.

"Hey what happened to working through the night?" Daniel asked the elevator door and Jack's back. "I'd do it for you." Daniel sighed and followed Jack down the corridor a bit before deciding to go see if he could get Teal'c to notice him again.

After and hour of trying to capture the jaffa's attention Daniel was sitting perched on a chair with his head in his hands. This was just not working. There was a quick knock on the door and Daniel looked up to see Jack enter the room.

"Just came by to say goodnight." Jack said. "So goodnight, see ya tomorrow."

"Goodnight O'Neill, I will indeed see you tomorrow." Teal'c answered.

"OK see ya then." Jack turned and left the room. Daniel, on a whim, followed him. Going to Jack's house for the night had to be more interesting than sitting here watching Teal'c meditate.

Daniel leaned against the window of Jack's car watching the scenery fly by. Somehow he had to find a way to show them where he was, and help them decide how to get him back to normal. They pulled into Jack's car port and Daniel leapt out. Proceeding Jack through the closed door and down into the lounge room. While Jack headed to the kitchen, presumably for a beer. Daniel sat down on Jack's couch and put his feet up on the coffee table like a disgruntled child. Just as he was getting comfy he heard the doorbell ring. Odd. Daniel thought to himself. Who'd visit Jack at this time of night?

Jack walked quickly over to the front door and Daniel sat up straighter to see who it was. The door was flung open and Sam quickly stepped inside. What was Sam doing here? Daniel wondered, although he didn't have to wonder long as Jack closed the door and pushed her up against it and he kissed her mouth hungrily, a deep growl emanating from his throat. Sam giggled and dropped her bag and keys on the floor.

"Miss me did ya?" She asked as his lips moved on to her neck.

"Hell yeah."

Jack scooped her up and carried her upstairs leaving a shocked Daniel sitting frozen on the couch. Well this was an interesting development. When had this happened? Where was I? he thought. I have to tell Janet! He ran out the door and headed towards Janet's house. It was only two blocks away, then he realised that Janet wouldn't be able to see or hear him. Oh well he shrugged, he might as well go there anyway, there was no way Daniel was gonna get any sleep in Jack's house tonight.

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