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Present Day

Janet looked out of the window, but her wish wasn't came true, the rain didn't stop falling. She shook her head and returned to her intetional work. She was going through old stuff, like letters, invitations, phone numbers on notes. She used an old shoe-box for this purpose. Suddenly something caught her view. A familiar handwriting. She picked out the note and studied the little piece of paper with growing amazement. She reached out to the phone, as another one note caught her sight. This time it was a blue napkin. The handwriting was familiar, too. This was getting weird. She saw, what beneath the blue napkin lied and decided, that this was something she wouldn't say normal for. A huge grin crossed her face. She stood up and went to the kitchen. She tried the number on the blue napkin first. " You were trying to call Sara O'Neill. Unfortunately I'm not at home right now, but you can leave a message and a phone number, and I will try to call you back as soon as possible. You know what you have to do." Janet placed back the receiver and tried the third number. " This number is currently unavalaible, please, see if you have dialled the right number. With further problems, please, contact our operator." Janet tried the first number, too. Of course she knew, that it won't respond, but she could try anyway. " Kelly."

"Sorry, sir. I was looking for a Samantha Carter."

"Carter? Darling, did we had a Carter before?"

"Sure" came the response from the background. " They lived here before us."

"Oh right. Sorry, but they have moved a long time ago. Maybe it's the old number."

"Yes, I'm thinking the same. Thank you, sir."

"Not at all." Janet placed back the receiver and smiled again. Oh, they won't believe that. For God's sake!, she wasn't able to believe that!


" What did she told you, Major?"

"That we are going to celebrate an anniversary."

"She told me the same" Daniel said. " Me, too" Jack nodded. " But what kind of anniversary?"

"Well, she said, that we would see."

"Carter, you don't have any idea?"

"No, sir."

"C'mon, Major! We know, that Janet and you are not having secrets. Tell us!"

"Sir, I don't know, what she is planning. I cannot remember any anniversary for this day."

"Shouldn't we get out of the car? I think, the neighbors are getting nervous, they could think, that we are members of the local maffia" Daniel suggested. " Coz someone could recognize YOU as a maffia member, Danny boy. Or our lovely Major here."

"Well, sir, I think, that you wouldn't be a good maffia boss either."

"Gee, thanks, Major" Jack said and opened the door. He rounded the car and opened the door for Sam and helped her out. Sam was really surprised, when they were on downtime Jack always acted like a perfect gentleman. Not if he weren't showing respect towards her on a mission, but he was a CO then, and no gentleman, he awaited from her to be a perfect soldier and now he awaited from her to be a perfect lady. And Sam liked it too much to not act on it. " Daniel?"

"I've almost fallen. This isn't really a weather for a walk in the park."

"Well, we are not supposed to take a walk in the park. C'mon, Janet is waiting for us."

"It's easy for you to talk, Sam. You can lean on Jack."

"Wanna take my other arm, Danny boy?" Jack offered him teasingly. " I would rather fall constantly" Daniel retorted. Finally they were standing on the porch of Janet's house and Jack wanted to knock, but Janet had already opened the door. " I thought, you would want to spend the night out."

"Well, we were discussing something really important" Sam explained and looked around. " Where is Cass?" Jack emphasized her thoughts. " Guys, I have told you, that she would be not here."

"If you could remember, she is in a camp in Montana" Daniel told them. " Is she? I mean she is there already?" Jack asked. " Yes" Janet nodded. " Please, come in."

"Janet, would you mind to tell us what kind of anniversary is this?"

"You will see, Daniel" she smiled amused.


Fifteen years ago

" Jan, I'm going to buy some mags for the flight."

"Good" she nodded distracted. She really hated, when someone called her Jan. She told that to Michael already, but he was calling her Jan all the time. She sighed exhausted, she wasn't quite the happy bride, she should have been after their honeymoon was over. She thought about her decision to marry Michael. She wanted to marry him because of one reason, she wanted to be not alone anymore. And this was a damn bad reason to marry someone. She loved Michael, at least she thought, she would, but it wasn't the love of the century, not even of the decade. She looked around and saw a young man standing seemingly lost in the middle of the lobby. She wanted to offer her help, but then came a soldier hurrying through the room and he bumped into the young man. " Sorry" he excused himself, then looked at him. " Are you looking for something?"

"For my friends" he replied unsurely, and Janet could tell, that he had got no friends at all, they were only the ones, with whom he was travelling with. " I have seen a group of college students in the bar, maybe they are your friends."

"Thank you" he murmured, and the soldier left him. He looked around and saw Janet gazing at him. Janet, suddenly ashamed of being caught, turned her head away. " Excuse me" came a calm, friendly, but unsure voice behind her. " Yes?" she turned to him and smiled. " Could you please help me?"

"Of course. That means, if I can" she nodded. " Where is the bar?" Janet allowed herself a grin, then she explained him, where he could find the bar. " Excuse me. I know, that sounds weird, but… No, forget about it."


"I just wanted to ask you to escort me to the bar."

"Sorry, but…Okay" she gave in, after she saw, how lost he felt himself. " Where are you from?"

"From Harvard."

"But where from?"

"From Harvard" he said again. " Your parents are professors or something like that?"

"My parents are dead."


"You couldn't know. That's why I'm living in Harvard, I have got no other home. And you are from?"

"From Colorado Springs. Currently studying at Johns Hopkins University."

"Johns Hopkins?"

"Yes" she nodded. " A doctor?"

"Yes. What are you doing here in Rome, enjoying the holiday?"

"Heading to Egypt for a dig."

"Oh, this must be interesting! So you are studying archeology?"

"Anthropology" he corrected her. " But my parents were archeologists."

"Really? You were in Egypt before?"

"Sure. And what are you doing here?"

"I was on my honeymoon."

"Ohh" the young man seemed to be disappointed. " Ohhh for what?"

"I have just wanted to ask you for your phone number in the States."

"Well, if you are giving me yours, then I will give you mine."


"Really" she nodded genuinely. " Here we are."

"Thanks a lot" the young man nodded. " Would you mind to write your number on this?" Janet pulled out a piece of paper and a pen. " And by the way, my name is Janet" she smiled at him. " Daniel. Was nice to meet you, Janet" he smiled up, while he was scribbling down his number. Janet waved him goodbye and then she headed back to the lobby. " Excuse me, Ms."

"Sir?" she turned around to face the soldier. " Have you seen a blonde, beautiful woman here. Somewhere, around?" he asked unsurely. " Just before."

"Where was she?"

"She is over there" Janet pointed towards a blonde woman. " Oh, she is blonde, but she is not my wife."

"There is a woman just walking in."


"There, sir."

"No, she isn't my wife either. She is too beautiful and way too young." The girl walked in and took a look around. She saw them looking at her and embarrassed she turned her head away. " Maybe this woman, sir?"

"No, she is too small" he shook his head. " Where is she? She was supposed to meet me here and my plane was already called." Janet looked at him sympathetically and helped him to look for his wife. But she wasn't amongst the travellers. " My plane" he sighed, after the ElAl called his travellers to board the plane. " Sir…"


"Have you got a picture of her?"

"Yes. Why?"

"Show me, and I will deliver your message to her."

"You would do something like that for a complete stranger? You don't even know me."

"I have seen you before, as you were talking to the young man."

"Did he find his friends?"

"I guess, yes. If they were really in the bar, then yes."

"Please, tell my wife, that I will call her, as soon as I'm able and allowed. And, please, give her this letter."

"Yes, sir."

"Oh, and here is my phone number and adress in the States. If you shouldn't meet her" he said and pulled out a blue napkin out of his pocket. He wrote down his adress and phone number, then gave Janet a peck on the cheek and left. Janet looked down at the note and noticed, that he was living in Colorado Springs. " Excuse me" came a female voice behind her. " Yes?" she turned back and saw the young, beautiful, blonde girl. " Were you speaking about me?"

"Not exactly. He was waiting for his wife and she is beautiful and blonde like you."

"I see" her face getting even more rosy. " You are looking for someone, too?"

"For my Dad. Or for his 2IC. First I have thought that he would be."

"Your Dad is in the Air Force, too?"

"Yes" she nodded, and Janet could see, that she didn't liked the fact. " You are waiting for someone, too?"

"For my husband. He went to buy some papers and mags for the homeflight."


"Yes" Janet nodded without any enthusiasm. " Excuse me if I tell you this, but are you not too young to marry?"

"I'm 21."

"Really? I have thought you for 17. I'm 21, too."

"What are you doing here?"

"Visiting my Dad. I haven't seen him for ages. We had a disagreement. But soon he will be transferred back to the States and I want our relationship working better."

"Where are you from?"

"From Seattle."

"Nice town. Have been there recently."

"And where are you from?"

"Colorado Springs. But I'm studying at the Johns Hopkins."

"I'm at the MIT."

"What is your major?"


"Is it interesting?"

"Sometimes" came the laconic answer. " There is lot of stuff we shouldn't study, but I think this goes for every university."

"Sure" Janet nodded. " I think your ride has arrived."

"A Brigadier General?"

"A Colonel."

"Dad's new 2IC. But I thought he were a Major. Nevermind. My name is Sam."


"Here is my card. Call me up, if you want a guide tour around the MIT. It's practically my home."


Present Day

Sam looked at Jack and with her head she imitated to move out. Jack looked at Daniel, who was just staring at Janet and nodded in agreement. They both said their goodbyes and left. Janet and Daniel haven't even noticed. Well, they have of course noticed, but they didn't care at this moment. " You were that?" Daniel finally found his voice. " Yes."

"You know, you were my first love, Janet."


"Exactly" Daniel nodded and looked her into the eyes. " I fell for you in the first moment I saw you. I was so much disappointed, that you were already married."


"You don't have to say anything."

"You know, at the airport I was thinking about how stupid I was to marry Michael. I was right, as it showed later. I thought about you many times."

"Why didn't you give me a call?"

"I have so often imagined you, that I forgot your face and you became someone out of my fantasy world. But I knew, if I would call you, I could have an affair with you and I didn't want to cheat on Michael."

"But you are not married anymore."

"No, I'm not." Daniel stood up and went over to Janet. He pulled her up and took her in the arms. " You have changed so much" he whispered. " But from the first moment on I saw you again, I have trusted you. Janet, can I kiss you?"

"You want?" she asked unsurely. Daniel didn't answer, but did. He bent down and placed a light kiss on her lips. She placed her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, so the kiss deepened. " I have dreamt about this so many times" Daniel whispered. " In the last three months I have avoided you…"

"I have noticed" her voice sounded hurt. " Why?"

"I always had to think about your lips. Sometimes the longing for your kiss was so strong, that I just wanted to jump up and hurry to you, take you in my arms and kiss you."

"You have dreamt about my kiss recently?"

"What did you think? Oh, I see. I have dreamt about it then, too. But I wanted to kiss you, because of my feelings towards you in the present."

"Feelings towards me?"

"Janet, I like you so much. Sometimes I just want to hold your hand and sometimes I want to kiss you. I need you. I miss you on long missions, when I couldn't see your face and your smile. And your eyes" his voice deepened and quieted. He kissed her again and she gave herself to the kiss. " Daniel" she whispered. " I…"

"You don't have to say anything…"

"But I want" she protested. " I like you, too." They were both afraid to tell the OTHER word, but Janet could see the love in his eyes and her feelings matched his. She hoped, that Daniel could see it in her eyes, too.


" I hate to have a secret, Janet doesn't know."

"Did she tell you, that she is in love with Daniel?"

"Of course she did" Sam nodded. " Jack?"

"Hmm?" he asked absent-minded. " What are you thinking about?"

"Nevermind" he said and looked carefully around and simply turned back. " Hey, what are you doing??!" Sam asked him. " Driving you back to Janet's, so you could tell her."

"Jack… We shouldn't…"

"Sam" he sighed. " You are right. She has to know, she is your best friend."

"What about Daniel?"

"He knows. Hey, I didn't tell him a word!" he defended himself under Sam's glance. " Since when?"

"He told me yesterday" Jack said. " He told me, that we are very good, but we forget, that he is our friend and he can read the signs."

"Maybe he has seen something."


"C'mon, you can't hold back your hands. Yesterday you have put my hair back behind my ears."

"It was disturbing you at work" Jack shrugged his shoulders, embarassed by being caught. " I have noticed, but I needed my both hands."

"That's why I have done that. Did you mind?" he asked unsurely. They had an agreement, that at the base, they should hide their feelings. No touches, no looks. " Not at all" came the reply and a slight kiss on his cheek. Jack parked his car and helped Sam out of the car. Sam leaned on him and smiled up at him with full of love in her eyes. " I love you" Jack whispered. " I love you, too" Sam whispered back.

End Notes: THE END Lt.Colonel Joanna O'Neill SG-6 - Search/Rescue

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