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SPOILERS: Urgo, In The Line of Duty, The Tok'ra

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AUTHORS NOTES: Think of the squiddy alien who's in charge of the ship in 'Star Wars: Return of the Jedi', for the Stellakans. I couldn't get all the Turkish words, so I made some up, so don't blame me! Daniel has long hair (he let it grow again!) again. I'm not entirely sure of Martouf or the Tok'ra's, Mark or Jacob's details, cause I didn't see those episodes, so bear with me!

CRACK!!! Jack grimaced in pain when he felt his knee give way, as he was pushed into kneeling position on the floor. Sam gave him a sympathetic smile as the same was done to her. They had arrived on this planet less than five minutes ago and already they were in trouble. The minute they came through the Stargate their weapons had vanished, then they were transported to this white room.

"We're only peaceful - AAGGHH!!!" Daniel was thrown against a wall. These fish-like aliens had the Asguard technology idea, but went one step further. They could transport objects and people using mind power alone. Jack looked at Sam. He could almost see her brain making calculations as she watched the leader alien.

"We do not-" Teal'c was also thrown against the wall.

"Hey!" protested Jack "I'm in charge here, and if you've got a problem you can take it up with me! Okay?"

"Be silent human." The leader spoke for the first time since they had arrived.

"We are far more advanced than you, therefore superior to you. We will let you go as soon as we are finished with you."

"And. How long might that be?" queried Daniel painfully as he was pushed back into kneeling position.

"10 months." Jack's head jerked up."10 months?!" Sam and Daniel's jaw's dropped, and Teal'c (who was being held upright against the wall) raised his eyebrow. The alien ignored their reactions and proceeded to scan each one with his big eyes, in detail. Jack recovered first.

"You can't do that!" he protested. Again, he was ignored. The alien stopped in front of Daniel and spoke.

"This one is wise." He moved on to Sam.

"This one is wise and brave." And on to Jack.

"This one is strong and courageous." Jack sneered at him. "Oh thank you!" The alien glared at him, then pointed to Daniel. In an instant, he was flung against the wall. Then things started to move quickly. He stretched his hand towards Jack, who immediately bent double clutching his stomach and groaning. Sam watched, helpless beside him, horror in her eyes. The alien closed his fist then turned to Sam. Jack raised his head painfully.

"Leave her alone!" he said through gritted teeth. The alien opened his fist at her and she was thrown backward screaming. She curled sideways on the floor and clutched her stomach, moaning. Daniel and Teal'c watched on, almost feeling their friends pain. The alien clicked his 'fingers' and four of the aliens behind him stepped forward and got SG-1 into standing position. They then pushed them out of the room and down a corridor. Daniel glanced at Sam and Jack, who were still in obvious pain, before getting a sharp poke in the back.

As they were walking, they passed a few windows, behind which were what looked like elaborate incubators. There were small creatures inside all of them, with an alien guarding each. Just before they turned a corner, Daniel saw what seemed to be a human child in one of them. The alien poked him harder in the back and he snapped his head forward again with a yelp.

They were brought into another white room with at least thirty small, white cubicles. The aliens turned them around to face them. Daniel risked another look at his friends. Sam seemed to be unconscious and Jack was very close behind her. Suddenly he felt his mind going blank and a white light spread across his vision.


".ackson? DanielJackson? Are you awake DanielJackson?" Daniel shook his head and sat up straight. He was in a small white room on a small white bed. The only other pieces of furniture were a small white chair and a small, silver, bucket.

"Must have taken a lot of thinking." he muttered as he stood up. He brushed himself down and looked around.


"I am here DanielJackson."


"In the cubicle adjacent to yours." Daniel bent down and peered under the space below the walls the separated them.

"Díkkat!!!" Daniel jerked up and looked around cautiously.

"W-who said that?"


"DanielJackson. Do you understand that language?" Daniel wheeled around on the floor and shoved his glasses up his nose.

"It's a sort of Turkish dialect.I think." He looked under the wall on the left this time.

"Merhaba. Adim Daniel dir. Earth denim. Adiniz ne?"

"Adim Abel dir. Adah denim." They exchanged a few more words, before Teal'c interrupted.

"What are you saying?" He sounded confused. Daniel licked his lips and knelt up.

"I told him my name and that I'm from Earth. His name is Abel.that's Hebrew for son, and he's from Adah.which is Hebrew for ornament.I don't know why.but their planet must be a Palestinian mix of Turkey. He's wearing Turkish style clothes and." He stopped at a groaning sound.

"Jack!!!" A lump landed on the floor in the room beside Daniel's.

"Ow." it stated.

"Are you okay? What happened? Is Sam there?-"

"Daniel stop. You're makin' my headache worse." He got up off the floor and peered at him.

"Why didn't you come and wake me up?" He moved as if to crawl under to him.

"Don't!!!" ordered Daniel. Jack looked at him in surprise.


"Jack. These aliens are highly advanced, remember? The walls are made of some substance called gratel. It can't be broken by anything except more gratel. The spaces have a force field on them which sends a shock, strong enough to knock out a human, through to the being that touches it." Jack stared at him blankly.

"And how, pray tell, do you know this?" he asked.

"Turn around." Jack gave Daniel a quizzical glance before obeying. On the floor one room over was an oldish man with a long beard.

"Hi!" Jack said raising his hand. Without turning around, he spoke to Daniel.

"Some friend of yours Daniel?"

"His name is Abel. He's a.permanent"

"Ah. Another prisoner." Jack turned back and looked round.

"Luxurious. Where's Carter?"

"Ah.I asked you the same thing."


"I am here O'Neill."

"Have you seen Carter?"

"I have not." Suddenly Abel began to talk again. Daniel concentrated hard, then looked at Jack.

"She's next door to you." Jack looked from Daniel to the room beside him, then pointed over his shoulder. Daniel nodded. Jack crawled over and tried to see the bed without getting electrocuted, but failed.

"I can't see her! She must be in far on the bed." The old man started fumbling in his pocket, then pulled out a glass sphere. Jack and Daniel watched intently.

He started to roll the ball around in his hands, and it started to go purple. Soon, little sparks were coming out of it. Suddenly, a bright blue cloud of smoke shot out of it and the man shoved it into the force field. The whole room started to light up with sparks and the force field glowed yellow. The man yelled at Daniel again, then dove through to Sam's room.

"What did he say!!!" yelled Jack above the noise.

"He said 'Get her quick and run'!!!" Daniel yelled back. Jack shot him a look, before shoving himself through to her cubicle. The man was hopping from foot to foot and pointing from Sam to the door. Jack looked at him once before picking Sam up off the bed.

"Carter!!! CARTER!!! You've got to wake up!!!" Her eyelids fluttered open and she looked up at him.

"Good. That's good. Now, we've gotta move fast! I'll explain when we're outta here." He let her down gently and she tested her legs. She wobbled a bit, and had to grab onto him for support. He pushed her onto the floor and out through the space beneath the door in front of him.

"Sam! You're okay!" Daniel grabbed one of her arms and put it round his shoulders. Teal'c took the other and they ran out of the room with Jack close behind.

After many twists and turns, they found the exit and ran outside. But they could hear the sound of running feet close behind. Teal'c let go of Sam to return fire on the aliens with Jack, and Daniel went to dial home. She still felt dizzy and could only walk after Daniel. Soon, there were too many aliens for Jack and Teal'c to fight off and they had to abandon that plan. They went to run after Daniel and Sam, but Jack suddenly felt very dizzy.

Daniel had just entered the last glyph when the other three reached him. Suddenly Sam fell to the ground.

"Sam!" Daniel jumped down to her, but stopped in his tracks when he heard a thump behind him. He turned around and Jack had also fallen down. He looked from one to the other, then at Teal'c.

"I will take O'Neill, if you can take Major Carter." said Teal'c, picking up Jack. Daniel looked unsurely at Sam.

"I don't-" He was stopped short by a shot zooming past his ear. He looked back at Teal'c.

"Yeah I'm fine with that LETS GO!!!" Teal'c supported Jack with one hand, and reached into his pocket with the other. He pulled out a grenade and threw it at the aliens. With the smoke for cover, he and Daniel jumped through the gate, but just before he was through, Daniel heard one shouting something.

"We'll come to collect in 10 months!!!"


"Oh.God." Sam raised her hand to her head and blinked a couple of times. The room she was in was grey/brown. She wasn't on Stellaka anymore.

"Hi! How you doin'?" Daniel was sitting beside her, fiddling with some books.

"I think I'm gonna puke." And she promptly did.


"Your tests all came out're due for a full physical sometime next month.I don't see what could have caused you to get sick?" Janet flipped closed the file she was holding and looked at Sam.

"Well, I didn't have food since breakfast yesterday morning.or maybe the aliens fed me something?"

"Could be. Well, you should go get something to eat now, tell them I cleared you." She smiled at her friend as she left the room. SG-1 surely won the prize for getting into the most.unusual.situations.


"Hey! Can I sit here?" She didn't wait for a reply, just sat down beside Teal'c. Daniel looked at her, then at her tray.

"Gonna eat all that?" Sam looked at him, puzzled.

"Yeah. I'm hungry."

"I thought you were sick this morning?"

"That was just in the morning."

"Morning sickness Major?" Sam halted, spoon halfway to her mouth. Daniel slowed his chewing, and Teal' c raised one eyebrow. Jack waggled his eyebrows at her. Then she smiled, and completed the spoons journey.

"Janet thinks it could be something the Stellakans gave me.or the lack of food. Anyway, I'm fine now, so it doesn't matter." They continued eating in companionable silence for a few minutes.

"Could I borrow your knife Teal'c?" Sam queried. Teal'c bowed his head and handed it to her. She proceeded to chop the fruit she held in her hands with it.

"Mango?" Daniel raised his eyebrows. Sam looked up at him.

"Yeah. What's wrong with that?"

"Nothing.just.I thought you didn't like mango." Sam bit into a slice of it. Jack turned his eyes down to his plate and re-buttered his toast.

"I just felt like one this morning, that's all." Daniel shot Teal'c a look before wiping his mouth with a napkin.

"DanielJackson. We have to be in the debriefing room in under fifteen minutes." Jack started to cough.

"Fifteen minutes?!" he squeaked. Sam sat there, surprise written all over her face.

"How come I didn't hear of this?"

"You were unconscious Jack. But General Hammond said he'd allow a bit of leeway if you two -" he pointed at Sam and Jack for emphasis "- weren't up before nine, and you weren't so don't worry." He turned back to Teal'c "Will you come with me to help me find my report? I lost it somewhere between my quarters and the infirmary."

"Indeed." The two of them got up and headed out of the room. Daniel turned, and gave them a small wave, before running off after Teal'c. Jack turned back to Sam.

"So. What do you think those. Squidlikans.did to us exactly?" She smiled slightly and took a sip of tea.

"I don't know for sure, but whatever it was, only you and me got it, and they want it back in ten months."


"Very unlikely."

"Some kind of.Urgo.thing?" She smiled.

"I doubt it. All I know stomach hurt." Jack nodded to his coffee mug.

"I know what you mean." They sat there for a while, then Jack spoke.

"We'd better go." He stood up and stretched. Sam got up, then sat back down quickly. Jack stopped his stretch and looked at her.

"What's wrong?" She put her hand to her head and shook it.

"N-nothing. I just feel a bit dizzy, that's all."

"Maybe you should-"

"I'M FINE!" She glared at him, then stalked out of the room. He watched her go, shocked, then looked around the cafeteria - which had suddenly gone silent. Everyone immediately turned back to their tables and the talk started up again. He gave one last look to the table, then headed off in the direction of the debriefing room.


"Continue Dr. Jackson."

"Ah.yes. Well, there were a lot of windows and." Daniel couldn't understand why Sam and Jack had decided to have a stand-off right here, right now. They just sat glaring at each other across the table, making the odd face at the other in conjunction with what he said, and distracting him from his report!

"Colonel, perhaps you would like to continue?" Silence. Smirk from Sam.

"Or perhaps you Major?" Silence. Smirk from Jack.

"Well then, would you mind not making faces at each other and concentrating on Dr. Jackson's report? Good."

"Yes, thank you, well, Teal'c threw a grenade and we managed to make it through the gate under cover. But as I was leaving, I heard one shout 'We'll come to collect in ten months!'"

"And what, precisely, are they collecting?"

"Ah.we don't know."

"Colonel?" Jack shook his head.


"Well, sir.I'm not sure what it is, but only the Colonel - " Glare. " - And I got it. It's not a Goa'uld or Tok'ra or even an exploration device - Another glare. " - and nothing unusual showed up on any of the scans Dr. Fraiser ran."


"Yes sir. All the tests were clear. Bit of bruising, small cuts, Daniel pulled a muscle in his arm and Teal'c pulled a"

"How did you manage that?"

"I twisted my finger in the wrong direction as I was throwing the grenade." Sam just about stifled a grin and Daniel had a coughing fit. Jack turned away and grinned at the wall while the General twisted his mouth in strange directions. Janet gave Teal'c a sympathetic smile. He politely bowed his head to her, a bit confused by the actions of the others.

"Alright, dismissed -"

"Ah, sir?"

"Doctor?" Janet gathered her courage. "Sir, I think all of SG-1 should be put on downtime until Sam's little illness passes."

"What?!" exclaimed Jack.

"You're sick Major?" Sam shuffled her feet.

"Just a bit in the morning sir. It's no big deal." General Hammond sighed.

"Well, as long as you're under any alien influence -"

"It might not be -"

"I said Major, if there is any probability that you, or any other member of your team, is under any alien influence, then I can not let you go through that gate or out of this facility. Understood?"

"But sir -"

"Understood Colonel?"

"Yes sir." Jack glared at Sam again, and she glared back.

"Good. And would you two stop with the faces thing? It's driving me crazy. Dismissed." Daniel had another coughing fit and Janet rolled her eyes.


"It must have been the mangoes." Daniel stated. They were in the gateroom, ready to go and explore P3X487, their first mission in at least a month.

"It was a bug. I like mangoes." retorted Sam. She had been sick every morning for two weeks, but always seemed fine in the afternoon. Janet could find nothing wrong with her, but General Hammond insisted that it could be an alien virus, and the whole team had to stay at base for a month, until they were sure she was better. During that time, Sam and Jack had been at war. Sam wasn't exactly in a good mood for the last few weeks, and had picked out Jack to be her person to pick on. He in turn was way more sarcastic than usual about every little thing she did, and both were extremely grumpy, so the whole base tried to avoid them as much as possible.

"SG-1, you have a go."

"At last." said Jack, just loud enough for his team to hear.

"Well, if we had let SG-4 go to Stellaka in the first place." hissed Sam. Daniel sighed. It was gonna be a long day.


"Alright." said Jack, as they passed through the gate on the other side.

"Daniel? Would you tell the Major to set up the naquadh reactor, in case of emergency?"

"Sam! Reactor."

"Daniel? Would you tell the Colonel that I'll need the cord he's holding if I'm gonna set it up?"

"Jack! Cord."

"Tell her she can have it!"


"Tell him.never mind!"

"Never mind!"

"Fine by me!" said Jack, folding his arms.

"Fine by me!" said Sam, throwing down the cord.

"Tell her to set up the god damn reactor!"

"Tell him if he wants it so bad he can do it himself!"

"TELL 'EM YOURSELF, I QUIT!!!" They all stopped and looked at Daniel. He was panting from the exertion of shouting.

"You're both in the military for god's sake! Grow up! I'm not gonna be your solicitor anymore! I quit!"


"Shut up Jack! I'm sick of it! Can we just get this job done and go home?" Suddenly there was a rumbling sound and the sky darkened. A huge bolt of lightning struck the ground, only a few meters away from Teal'c. Daniel gazed at the sky, and Sam got up off the ground.

"Nasty weather!" It started to pour sheets of rain. More lightning bolts hit the ground.

"Quick! Run for cover!"

"There's a cave over there!"

"Go for it!"

They all headed in the direction of the cave, as the ground started steaming with all the heat being injected into it. Suddenly Sam fell down on the ground and lay still.

When they reached the cave, Daniel and Teal'c continued to the back. Jack turned round.

"You go a. Carter? CARTER!!!"

"Where is she?" said Daniel coming up behind him. Teal'c also came forward. They each scanned the smoking horizon, each finding nothing.

"It's too. Jack?" Daniel watched as Jack ran out of the cave, into the storm.

"What's he. Teal'c? Don't go out there! Wait!" He just about managed to restrain him.

"It's too dangerous Teal'c! We've got to stay here!"

"But Major Carter and O'Neill may be in trouble." Daniel looked up at him.

"No kiddin'?"

About ten minutes later, a soggy bundle flung itself through the entrance, past Teal'c, who was standing guard, and Daniel, who was sitting down, and hit the back wall.

"Jack! What happened?!" Daniel and Teal'c rushed over to their friend and crouched down beside him. He was breathing heavily, and clutching tightly to something.

"What happened!?" Daniel repeated.

".don't.know..found.her.unconscious." He nodded towards the bundle in his hands.

"SAM!" squealed Daniel "Is she alright?!" He rolled her gently out of Jacks arms and onto the floor of the cave.

"I don't see any burns." He looked up suddenly.

"I think something is really wrong with her."

"What?!" Jack did a perfect impersonation of Daniel.

"No, I mean.back on Stellaka.those aliens must have done something to her.she was sick for, what, three weeks? But only in the morning. That doesn 't happen normally, does it?" Jack shook his head.

"What are you saying DanielJackson." Daniel paused and bit his lip.

"I'm not sure.but we should get her back to Janet as soon as possible."


".certainly make me do my job!.Good morning Major!"

"Ow! Janet?" Janet leaned down and shone a light into Sam's eyes.

"What happened?"

"Well." she said, flipping off the torch "You fainted on P3X487, had us really worried, but you seem to be fine now. Mango?"

"Thanks." She watched he for a moment, then folded her arms.

"You know, you're eating a lot more, lately." Sam stopped, mid-bite. After a moment, she continued eating.

"I'm just hungrier."

"Tight pants and baggy jackets can only do so much Sam. I can see you're getting fatter."

"I'm not!"

"You are!"

"I'm." She inspected her tummy "Okay, I admit, a little. It's from lying around too much though. I'll work it off." Janet sighed and sat down in a chair beside the bed. She rested her head on her arms and looked at Sam.

"What are we gonna do with you, huh?"

"I'm fine. Really."

"Well then explain why you were sick for two and a half weeks, and why you passed out on P3X487?" Sam sighed.

"I've been feeling kind of dizzy recently.I don't know why.But I stood up too quickly back there and.and.that's all I remember." Janet stood up and shoved the torch into her top pocket.

"The guys took care of the debriefing, so you can rest. I'd advise staying in bed till tomorrow morning. If you feel better, and if I think you are, then you'll be released." She smiled and moved to the end of the bed.

"Oh! And don't forget! You have a full physical tomorrow at three!" She grinned. Sam groaned.

"We won't have that Dr. Jones again, will we?"

" 'Fraid so! But she's the best doctor for women on this whole planet -" she stopped and Sam smiled. "- Wrong thing to say. Anyway, she can diagnose anything, so hopefully your little problem will be all cleared up tomorrow!" She grinned evilly. Sam grimaced.

"Go away! Go torture some other poor soul, so wrongly put into your care!"


"Scars.scars.and more scars. He wasn't too happy with me." Jack sat back and folded his arms. Daniel grinned and whirled his chair around.

"What about you Sam? Heard you had the infamous 'Dr. Jones' again?!.You okay?" Sam was looking down and twiddling with her fingers. She looked up suddenly at Daniel's question.

"Yeah fine why?" Daniel wasn't fooled for a moment. Jack leaned forward.

"What did she say?" He enunciated every letter carefully. Sam sighed and looked down at her hands again.

"I didn't get my report back yet." Daniel gave her a questioning look. She sighed again.

"She says there is a problem.but she can't pinpoint it yet. They ran every test possible on me."

"Duh! It was a full physical!" Sam glared at the Colonel.

"Well they gave me an even fuller physical. I was pushed and prodded and poked all afternoon. She kept me over half an hour extra."

"But they're only supposed to last fifteen minutes!" Daniel objected.

"Yeah, well, the others after me weren't too happy about being delayed either, but she kept mumbling about something not making sense.I just wish I knew." A brief silence descended on the group, until General Hammond, closely followed by Dr. Fraiser, burst into the debriefing room.

"As you were. Now -" He sat down into his chair "Dr. Fraiser has all your reports for me and -"

"Do you have mine?" asked Sam worriedly. Janet nodded.

". So, Doctor, what's the situation?" Janet flipped open the first file in her hand.

"Teal'c.everything's fine. Junior's still as resilient as ever.Teal'c is still as resilient as ever, no problems, but maybe not to be so dependant on your symbionte's ability to heal?" Teal'c bowed politely.

"Daniel.Dr. Willis suggests that maybe the rough.for this 'gentle young man'.hmm." Daniel frowned at her indignantly.

"I'm not that y-. Well. I blame Jack."

"Thanks a lot junior!" said Jack, just as indignantly.


"Here we go!" he said, leaning back and rubbing his hands.

"Hmm.Doctors not too happy with you.too many scars for his liking."

"See? What'd I tell ya?"

"He states that if wasn't for you having such a strong immune system, you'd have a really bad cold right now." Jack pointed at Sam.

"I blame her." It was Sam's turn to look indignant.

" last thing Colonel."

"Yes?" he blinked innocently. She ignored him.

"He states that perhaps you should change partners."


"He writes that 'your last sexual encounter was less than enjoyable, and hurt you and your partner more than anything else'" Janet looked up, a little red. Everyone was staring at her. General Hammond blinked and turned to Jack.

"Colonel? Can you explain this?" Jacks eyes were wide as he shook his head.

"Sir.the last time.I was married to Sara.I don't understand?." There was an awkward pause.

"What about me?" Sam asked softly, taking the attention away from Jack. Janet started to fiddle with her papers again, a strange expression on her face. The General shook his head and looked at the table. Jack gave her a half smile, silently thanking her for saving him from further embarrassment. She acknowledged with a nod.

"Sam.yes." Janet looked up at her "You had her really confused. You kept answering 'no' to one of her questions, but she figured it should have been a 'yes'. So, we told her about your little.encounter.on Stellaka, and she figured she had it all worked out. We ran some tests, which proved her theory." There was a long silence.

"Doc, you're killin' us here." Janet looked down at the papers in her lap, then back at Sam.

"Sam. You're pregnant." You could almost hear the shock when she let off that bomb. Everyone just sat there with stunned looks on their faces. A knock on the door bought them all back to earth.

"D-doctor Fraiser? Sorry, Dr. Jones t-told me to d-d-deliver this str-straight to y-you." He handed her a brown envelope.

"Thank you.Sergeant Pepper." She sat back down.

"'s Pepé.n-not.P-p-p-pepper."

" time." The sergeant stood awkwardly for a moment, then came to.

"Ah.y-yeah.n-n-next time." He left hastily at a glare from General Hammond. There was another silence, the only sound being Janet opening the envelope. Finally, Sam spoke.

"Janet.I never.I mean.GRR!!! HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME??!!" She broke down, and started crying openly. Daniel bit his lip, and Teal'c and Hammond tried to find something else to look at. Janet reached over and rubbed her back. Jack just sat there. The only other time he remembered her crying so much, was when they thought Daniel was dead, but never so openly and heart-wrenchingly.

"Sam?" Janet spoke gently, more a friend than a doctor now. Sam lifted her head and faced her.

"It wasn't your fault. These papers can tell me how, exactly, it happened." Sam sniffed while Janet flicked through the pages.

"I'm trying to find one that tells me.Ah!" she drew her finger down along the lines of writing while she was speaking "Here we are. This shows that the father was." She looked up, shock written all over her face



"I don't care! I want an explanation now!" General Hammond marched into his office, closely followed by the members of SG-1 and Dr. Fraiser. Teal'c, the last one in, politely shut the door. They had left quite a few stunned personnel in their wake. The General picked up the phone and pressed a button.

"This is Hammond! Send Dr. Jones straight to my office!" He slammed the receiver back into the cradle and laced his fingers. He let out a breath, and tried to calm down.

"Major, do you want to sit down?" Sam was still red-eyed and in shock.

"N-no sir. I'm."

"I think you should, Sam. Traumatic ex-."

"I'M FINE!" Janet closed her eyes, opened them again, and took Sam's arm.

"Look, I'm the doctor, but you should have enough sense from you medical training. You've got to sit. That's an order." Sam sat reluctantly and glared at Janet, who just smiled back.

"Being pregnant can cause severe mood changes. You'll like me again in about five minutes!" There was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" barked Hammond. The door opened quickly and a young woman, with wild red hair, walked in. Hammond stood up.

"Dr. Jones?"

"Yes sir."

"Have a seat." She took the seat next to Sam and smiled sympathetically at her.

"How are you?" She had a surprisingly soft voice.

".Okay." whispered Sam. Daniel moved from one foot to the other.

"This is the dreaded Dr. Jones?!" he smirked.

"I've never run a test on you honey bunch." she retorted, without turning around fully. Daniel's smirk fell off.

"Can we get back to the matter at hand?" interjected Hammond.

"Which, I'm guessing, is about the pregnancy thing."

"Damn right!"

"It's as I said..." Hammond stared at her.

"Are you expecting me to believe that my best Colonel and Major."

"NO! And if you'd just let me talk I'd explain. Geez Janet! How do you put up with this every day?" Janet looked worriedly at Hammond and shrugged, more by way of having something to distract her, than an answer.

"Well this is not an everyday occurrence!!!" yelled Hammond standing up. Dr. Jones also stood up and looked him in the eye.

"That didn't happen. It was the aliens." Everyone stopped moving and looked at her. Daniel turned to Janet.

"I thought you said it was Jack?"

"The paper said."

"Never mind that paper!" shouted Dr. Jones. Daniel looked at Jack who went from looking relieved to extremely concerned.

"You mean.she has an alien inside her?. Jollinar won't be too happy, 'less she wants company." Always the sarcastic. Dr. Jones hung her head and covered her eyes in exasperation.

"This could take time." She walked over to Jack and picked up his hand.

"Name's Ciara. Let me be the first to congratulate you on your new baby. Because it is yours, and it will be born." She dropped his hand and walked over to Sam.

"Honey, I know you're scared at the moment, huh! Who wouldn't be?! But I don 't want you to make any rash decisions at the moment, so when this little reunion is over I want you to go to bed and sleep on it. Tell me what you think tomorrow morning." She got up and stood up in front of Hammond.

"Sir. Remember Dr. Jackson told you about the windows with the little aliens inside 'em? And the baby human? Doesn't it make sense?" Suddenly something clicked with Daniel. He moved forward.

"Yes! They capture a male and female of every race and."

"Create a life! You got it!" Ciara smiled at him, then turned back to Hammond.

"You see sir, it's like the Harcecis. If they have a child from every culture, and raise them as their own, I figure they dispose of the parents some how, they'll be able to receive detailed knowledge of every planet, without any effort."

"Yeah, but how could a small child tell them about a planet he's never been to?" Daniel protested. Ciara walked in a circle with her finger to her mouth.

"That's where the alien genes kick in, I figure. They'd have highly advanced senses, great memory, and obviously all their parents' knowledge of their home planet."

"That's why they didn't pick me!" supplied Daniel.

"Because you were wise, and she was wise.and brave." said Jack. Ciara raised her eyebrows.

"Yeah. That's it. She had his quality and another. All adds to the kid." Sam closed her eyes.

"You know, I wish you wouldn't talk about me as if I wasn't here. Because I am.and it hurts.God! It hurts!" She bent over and squeezed her eyes shut. Janet and Ciara raced over and crouched down beside her. They started talking in 'doctor language' and Jack winced as all the big words started to clog in his ear.

"Ladies! Please!" They both stopped and looked up at him.

"He can't.take.too many.big once!" gasped Sam from underneath them.

"Thank you." Jack nodded.


"Sir, permission to."

"Granted! You take her Dr. Fraiser. Dr. Jackson, help her. Colonel, Dr. Jones I want a few more words with you. Teal'c.dismissed." Teal'c nodded, and exited the room, rather confused about the events which had just taken place. He decided he needed a good, long, meditation.


"Good mo-o-o-rning!" Sam turned over slowly.

"Go back to bed Daniel!" she groaned through the pillow.

"Sorry! No can do. General Hammond wants you up and."

"Dr. Jackson!" He spun around, only to come face to face with an angry Dr. Jones.

"I was just."

"Leaving! Out out out! She's a sick girl and can't be annoyed!" she grinned, shooing him out of the room. She closed the door and went back to Sam.



"How you feeling 'bout all this?" Sam rolled back onto her back.

"I still feel sick. Can you give me a minute?"

"As long as you want. It is your baby, you know. You are the only one who can make decisions about it."

".I know." There was a brief silence.

"You like Daniel." Ciara looked up at her.


"I can see it!" smiled Sam, sitting up. Ciara grinned.

"Yeah, I guess. He's cute. And so innocent!" Both women started to giggle. Suddenly Janet flew in the door, but stopped in her tracks when she saw them laughing like two kids.

"I guess.we're over.yesterday." Sam caught her breath.

"Never. I'll never be over yesterday. I can safely say that that was the worst day of my life.But Daniel.Ha ha ha!!!" The two of them burst out laughing again.

"Okay.maybe we should give Dr. McKenzie a call." began Janet.

"No!" cried the other two in unison.

"We had enough with three doctors, three military and one alien in the room yesterday Janet, I don't think I can stomach any more!" groaned Ciara.

"Right.So, what's with Daniel?" Sam and Ciara glanced at each other before breaking into fits of laughter, yet again.

"Oh boy. I'm outta this one." sighed Janet, sinking into a chair.


"Sorry sir, but being the doctor I have to object. She got pretty joggled around on P3X487, because we didn't know, but now that we do, I just can't authorise her to leave base." Janet looked around cautiously and leaned closer to General Hammond.

"I'm afraid that if anything else.rough.happens to her she might.miscarry." Hammond stared at her.

"It's that bad?!"

"Well, there is also the fact that the child has alien properties."

"Now, we don't know that for sure doctor."

"Yes! But it's very possible. I mean, the Stellakans weren't going to wait until the child was ten or twelve, or even five or six for the information! It's going to be very intelligent very fast. They could even have speeded up the gestation period. We don't know. We're just going to have to take things as they come." Hammond sighed.

"Alright. I'll assign a new member to SG-1, and I'm giving you the authority to make the decisions about Major Carter. That team have a knack for finding trouble." He went to leave, but turned back again for a moment.

"How does she feel about this?" Janet shuffled her feet.

"I think she wants to keep it sir."

"And Colonel O'Neill?"

"He hasn't really spoken much, so I can't tell. Daniel was the only person he'd let into his quarters last night, and just going on a hunch, I don't think he feels too good at all sir."

".Okay. Send both Major Carter and Colonel O'Neill to my office at about, 1600 hours today. I think we'd better clear up this matter now before it gets too messed up altogether. Go ahead Doctor."


The tension in the room was so high, you could almost cut it with a knife. Eventually Janet walked in. She stopped just inside the door, and looked from one to the other cautiously. Sam was slouched in a chair, twiddling her fingers. Jack was intently inspecting the trophies in the shelf behind the desk.

" everything alright here?" They both jerked their heads around to her. Jack made a face.

"Everything's just peachy!"

"Dr. Fraiser?" Janet spun around and looked down the corridor. Hammond was walking up towards her. She went out and stood to attention.


"It's alright Doctor. I won't need you for this meeting. A soldier was sent down to the infirmary a few minutes ago. Fell off a ladder. Sergeant Pepper I think the name is?" Janet grimaced.

"Yes Sir." And with that she headed off in the opposite direction to the infirmary. Hammond gave a small smile, then went into his office and closed the door. Sam got up and Jack tried to pretend he hadn't touched anything. They both stood to attention.

"As you were." He went round to his desk and sat down.

"Colonel, would you like to take a seat?" Jack obliged. Hammond laced his fingers and looked at his desk.

"Major. Dr. Fraiser tells me you want to keep the child?" Sam licked her lips and thought for a moment.

"It's a life sir. I don't think I can kill it." She bit her lip and her eyes glistened. ".But I think the Colonel.should also get a say." She looked down at her hands and a tear fell onto them. Jack looked at her in surprise, then turned and rubbed a hand over his mouth. Hammond watched them carefully. Eventually Jack turned back to her.

"It's up to you Major." he said, matter-of-factly. She looked up at him, a hurt look on face.

"You don't care at all, do you?"

"It's not my problem Major." She stood up suddenly and shoved the chair back fast.

"YES IT IS!!!" she yelled. He stayed sitting, but looked her straight in the eye.

"I didn't mean for it to happen. So I don't think I should be blamed AND, I think that you should get rid of it if you find it such a problem." Sam was in shock. She mouthed the word 'What?!' but the sound didn't quite reach her lips. She suddenly felt very weak and had to sit. She covered her face, and, after a moment, began to cry silently. Jack watched her for a moment, and then realisation dawned on him.

"Carter." He squeezed his eyes shut and covered them.

"I'm sorry.God I'm sorry!.I shouldn't have said that." He turned his chair round to face her.

"I'm sorry." She looked up at him. There was silence for a moment.

"Are you really?" He reached out and took both of her hands in his.

"Yes." They sat that way for a moment, then Sam reached over and put her arms around his neck. She started crying again on his shoulder. He wrapped his hands around her, drew her closer, and started to rock her gently.

"'s gonna be alright.everything's gonna be alright.shh."

Hammond suddenly felt very out of place. He looked at Jack, made eye contact, and gave a small nod. Jack nodded back. The General got out of his seat and left the room quietly.

"I'll take it the meetings over?" came a muffled voice from Jack's shoulder. He smiled and looked down at the blonde head lying against him.

"Affirmative." he smiled. She pulled back and looked up at him.

"So what are we going to do?" He paused for a moment, then leaned over and took one of her hands again.

"If that kid is as smart and brave as you, and as strong me, it's gonna make one heck of a soldier!" He smiled again. "We'll keep it." She looked at him in surprise, then a small smile crept slowly over her face. She threw her hands around his neck again and hugged him.

"This doesn't mean I'm gonna pick out curtains or anything you know?" He was rewarded by a muffled giggle, and smiled.


"General? I.Jack?!" Daniel stopped in his tracks at the door. Jack was sitting in a chair in the Generals office with Sam in his arms.

"She fell asleep. Give me a hand here?" Daniel came in and shut the door.

"I don't wanna seem like a spoil sport here, but isn't there some kinda.rule, against this?" he hissed.

"Of course there is Daniel. You don't think they'd actually allow us have any real fun here, do you? Now, could you move her head? My arm's starting to go numb." Daniel gently lifted her head out from Jacks shoulder.

"Agghh!" He shook his arm and straightened up in his chair.

"Now what?"

"Well.I guess, we wake her up?"

"I'd better go. I've got to find the General." He stopped and turned round at the door.

"And Jack?." Jack raised his eyebrows.

"You were enjoying that, weren't you?" He didn't wait for an answer, just grinned and walked off. Jack stared after him for a moment, then a sound from the other chair brought him back to reality. Sam was stirring.

"Mornin' Major!" he whispered. She shook her head and wiped the sleep from her eyes. She looked up at him in surprise.

"I fell asleep?" Jack nodded.

"W. For how long? What time is it?"

"An hour. Five o'clock." She looked out the window for a moment.

"And you.stayed here? All the time?.Sir?"

" were lying on my arms. I couldn't really move. Besides, Doc.well, both of 'em, told us not to be too rough with you, or wake you up unnecessarily. So I didn't." Sam twisted her mouth into a small smile, before getting out of her seat.

"I'd better go. I've some lab work to do." Jack also got up and stretched.

"Yeah. I've some.well, I'll find something to do." She smiled again and they both left the room.

"What are you going to do sir?" Sam asked as they walked down the corridor. Jack shrugged.

"Daniel needed the General. I guess I'll go find out what's up." They continued on in silence for a few minutes.

"General was back there." said Sam.

"What?" said Jack, turning around. He looked back for a moment, then ran to catch up with Sam again.

"I thought you wanted to see him?" Jack looked at his feet.

"No, Daniel did." There was another silence.

"Where are you going Colonel?" she asked, hands on hips. Jack stopped at the corner and toed the wall.

"I just thought.maybe you'd need help?" He looked up at her. She watched him for a moment. He looked for all the world like a lost puppy. Hands behind his back, fiddling with his fingers.his boot making circles on the floor.dark pleading chocolate brown eyes gazing at black holes sucking her in. She shook her head.

"Sure sir. I can always use an extra hand!" He gave her a classic Jack smile, and they strolled off down the corridor discussing the differences between hockey and hurling.


The next few months were all pretty much the same.

Dr. Jones left, but not without planting a smacker on Daniel first. It was a kind of 'now or never' thing, which took Daniel totally by surprise.

SG-1 got a new member, who was relatively new to the Stargate project, and annoyed the hell out of Jack. His name was Sergeant Pepper and he always seemed to end up in the infirmary after every mission.

The cafeteria lady was a bit angry, because General Hammond had ordered her to keep plenty of mangoes in stock for Sam, and since they had just been a surprise one day, they were now taking up the place of her base baked brown bread.

Sam didn't want to be told the gender of her baby, so Jack nicknamed it T.J., or 'Junior Two', because Teal'c already had 'Junior'.

Janet didn't like to tell her, but it was becoming increasingly obvious that she was pregnant, and the women on base were running a bet on who the father was. There were only four contenders, and last time she checked, it was: Daniel 1%, Nareem 3%, Martouf 30% and, wonder of wonders, Jack 66%. She had decided not to vote, or help anyone because that was cheating.and if Sam ever found out.

There was only one really interesting incident during that whole time.

Sam, of course wanted to tell her father, so they used the Tok'ra communication device to send out an invitation. A few days later, the gate opened, and Martouf and two other Tok'ra stepped through. Sam went up to him, Jack hot on her heels.

"Martouf. Where's Dad?"

"He was unable to come, so he sent me instead. Can I be of assistance Samantha?" He took one of her hands in his and kissed it.

"No. Sorry. We wanted Dad. Bye bye." said Jack, yanking Sam's hand away from him. Sam looked at him in surprise.

"Oh.sorry." said Jack quietly, letting go of her hand. Daniel and Hammond watched with suppressed laughter. They too had heard about the bets, and though Daniel was a bit peeved (Sam was like a sister to him, he'd never do anything to hurt her), they thought it funny. Martouf gave her a strange look.

"Are you ill Samantha?" he asked, taking in her size. Sam blushed and crossed her arms over it.

"Actually, that's why I wanted to see Dad."

At that moment, Janet walked into the control office. She grinned when she saw Martouf. All the women in the room who had betted on him were watching carefully. She shook her head and went over to Graham Simmons, who had called for her because a soldier had cut himself badly. He pointed her in the direction, and over she went. There, sitting in a chair with a blood smear down his cheek, and a sappy look on his face, was Sergeant Pepper. Janet groaned.

"I beg your pardon?"

"She said she's pregnant!" pronounced Jack. Sam glared at him.

".Sorry." Daniel snorted. Jack gave him a threatening look that only made him laugh out louder. Martouf watched, mildly confused. Sam cleared her throat and glared at both of them.

"Ahem!. Martouf, will you tell my Dad that I'd like to see him as soon as possible? Tell him why and that it'll probably be about four months. Will you do that for me?" She took both of his hands in hers and looked him in the eyes. Jack shifted uneasily. The women who betted on Martouf smirked at the others. He looked at his feet then up at her face.

"Who was the father?" The smirks fell off their faces. Jack coughed. Sam looked at Jack, then at Hammond. Hammond nodded and Jack shook his head.

"I see no harm in telling him Major. It might also make your father less anxious."

"Why should he know? It's none of his business!" Sam paused for a moment, then leaned into Martouf and whispered into his ear. First, his eyes grew wide in shock. Then, they contracted to their original size in concentration. Finally, they narrowed in anger.

"How could you let them do that to you? Why didn't you destroy it?"

"Martouf!" He looked at the floor, then back up at her.

"You should go to the Toll'an. Perhaps they could help." The women who voted for Nareem smirked.

"It's a human, Martouf." The smirks fell again. She lowered her voice "It's just got some alien properties."

"So you are going to keep it?"


"Samantha. I do not think this is such a good idea."

"Hey! Snakehead! It's her decision, not yours, and she's already made it. She's keeping it. So would you mind getting your little alien butt off our planet and telling Dad? Hmm?" Martouf looked at Jack and cocked his head sideways.

"Do you have a problem with me Colonel O'Neill?" Jack nodded.

"Yes, as a matter of fact I do. You come here trying to claim stuff that isn 't yours, then you start telling us what to do. Who wouldn't have a problem with that?" he said angrily. Martouf smiled mischievously.

"And what have I ever tried to claim that belongs to you Jack."

"It's Colonel O'Neill to you snaky! And I didn't necessarily mean belonging solely to me. general."

"Would you care to give me an example?"


"Well then, give me an example." Silence.

"Things like.Samantha?" Sam blushed. A strange look crossed Jacks face. There was another pause.

"Didn't I just tell you to leave?" said Jack finally.

"Yes. A few minutes ago I believe."

"Well then, would you mind going?"

"No." Martouf faced Sam again.

"I don't see why you are keeping his child. You should have destroyed it."

"Look, just go. Go on, go!" said Jack in frustration, waving them towards the gate. Just before he left, Martouf turned to Sam, and his eyes glowed. Then he was gone.

"Good riddance to bad rubbish." said Jack, wiping his hands together. Then he stopped. Sam was just standing there, staring at the gate.

"Carter?" He waved his hand in front of her face. She shook her head and looked at him.

"Sorry.I.I think I need to go to bed." Then she turned and walked off to her room.

Jack went down to Daniel, who was holding his side.


"Pain. Laughing. At you." And with that, he promptly burst out laughing again.

Daniel's diehards finally gave up.

Jacks followers tried not to sneer at the others.


4˝ months later.

Jack sat bolt upright in bed. He held his breath and listened for any sound. Nothing. He lay back down, but couldn't put away that apprehensive feeling. Finally, he got out of bed and pulled on his blue pants, black tee shirt and army boots. He swore silently as he closed the button in the pants. This damn military material was so rough and coarse. He didn't know how Sam could bear it at all. Not just since she was pregnant, but before as well. Her being a woman and all.

He sighed and walked towards the elevator. He knew where he was going, but he didn't know why. 'Damn elevator! Always so slow!' he thought to himself. It was only on floor 25, the infirmary floor, now. 'Some poor soul in pain.' Eventually, it reached him. He walked in and pushed the button of where he was going. The doors closed, and he leaned back against the cool metal wall. DING! The doors parted and he stepped out. An airman was closing the door of a room, about ten doors down the corridor. There was that uneasy feeling again. It was Sam's room. The airman looked at him expectantly.


"I was sent to check on Major Carter."

"Oh, she's not in there sir."

"Well.where is she?"

"She was just rushed to the infirmary on a gurney sir." Jack didn't need to hear anymore. He took off down the hall at lightning speed. This time, the elevator was waiting for him. As he ran in, his mind went into overdrive. What had happened? Was she just sick? Did she pass out?.Was it.labour?. or.had something terrible happened.. DING! He could hear a lot of noise coming from the infirmary, even from this distance.

"IV in."

"I need some B+."

"We're losing her!."

"Sam! Come on, stay awake for me!" Jack marched quickly toward the commotion.

"Janet! What's wrong?" Everyone looked up at him momentarily, but went back to work immediately. Janet squeezed out of the group and walked over to Jack, pulling off her face mask as she did so.

"What's happening?" asked Jack, trying to disguise the worry in his voice.

"She's going into labour Colonel." She gave a small smile "How did you know?"

"I didn't. I just felt.kinda.uneasy." Janet smiled again. "My mom always told me that a piece of the mother, always went with the father when she was pregnant, and that he could almost feel her pain during the worst times."

"Yeah that's all sweet and nice Doc, but how is she?" Janet stopped smiling.

"Well, sir."

"Spit it out Janet."

"Not too well sir. Remember how Ciara told you the kids are used for fast information? Well, this is all moving too quickly. The contractions." At this, a shrill scream emerged from the crowd around the bed. Jack shifted nervously.

".contractions started less than an hour ago and keep getting worse. It won' t be long until it's born at this rate. But the pain is all being squished into a small time frame as well. And she." Another scream ".can't take it. To tell the truth sir, I'm worried."


"Fraiser, we need you."

"Coming!" Janet pulled on her mask again. Then she stopped and turned to Jack.

"Colonel, maybe it would be a good idea if you would stand by her?"

"Sure." Janet and Jack went over to the bed.

"How's she doing?"

"Hold on.there! She should be alright now Doctor."

"Good. How you feeling Sam?" Sam looked up at her, with obvious pain in her eyes.


"Hey!" She turned and looked in the direction of the sound.

"Colonel?" He bent down on his hunkers beside the bed.

"How you doing?"

"I've been better." He smiled. Suddenly, she let out another agonised scream. Jack gripped her hand.

"Okay people! I think this one is just about sick of waiting! Bring the tray over here and clear the area." ordered Janet. All but three of the nurses stepped back from the bed, but stayed watching. This had never happened on the base before, and they certainly weren't going to miss it!

"Sam, I want you to listen carefully to me. Okay?" Sam nodded, but her lips were pressed tight together in pain.

"Right. Now, these contractions are coming very close together. When I tell you, push. Okay? And between the pushes, take a deep breath and hold it for ten. Colonel, could you move back a bit please? Thanks." Jack obediently did as he was told, but kept hold of Sam's hand.

"Colonel?" He looked down at Sam.


"W.will you.stay with me?" He reached out and gently brushed a piece of hair back off her forehead.

"Sure." She looked down at Janet who was inspecting a dangerous looking instrument.

"I'm scared." she whispered. Jack bent down beside her again.

"Don't be. Doc's a good doctor.most of the time." Sam gave a small smile. He looked back at her again, serious this time.

"And I'll be here. All the time."



There was silence for a while, then Sam let out another ear piercing scream. She scrunched up her eyes and grabbed Jacks arm.

"Ah, Doc? I think we got some action here!" Janet ran over, the three nurses behind her. She took one look at the situation before giving out her orders.

"Right! Let's get this show on the road! Sally stand by! Sam? On the count of three, I want you to give a big push. Okay?" Sam nodded, beads of sweat standing out on her forehead.




"Do you think you could."


"AAGGHH!!!" There were two 'AAGGHH's' simultaneously. Everyone looked at Jack.

"My arm! Let go of my arm!" Sam had her nails dug into his flesh so hard, that it had actually begun to bleed a bit.

"Doctor! We're losing her!"

"Right. Colonel? I want you to keep talking to her, keep her awake. Understood?"


"Fraiser? Hammond and a few others are outside."

"Keep them there. Right Sam. Deep breath. And count to ten." Sam took in a sharp breath.

".nine, ten. Okay, now PUSH!"


Outside the infirmary Daniel was almost doing a dance in anxiety.

"She'll be alright son. Dr. Fraiser is a very capable doctor."

"She doesn't sound alright!" Hammond smiled.

"You wouldn't either, if in the same circumstances!" Teal'c watched on in bewilderment. Why was such a fuss made over a birth? On Chu'lak it was a private affair in the home.

"I wonder where Jack is? Teal'c, you're sure he wasn't in his room?"

"I am certain."

"I can't wait to see it! Is it a girl or boy Daniel? What are they calling it? Huh huh?" Cassie was also doing a dance outside the door. Daniel smiled. She made it sound like they were a married couple. The image of Jack in an apron, cooking, suddenly came to mind, and he couldn't help but laugh. Hammond and Teal'c watched, confused, and Cassie giggled, as if she could read his thoughts.

"We wouldn't be far off though, would we?" whispered Daniel conspiratorially to her, with a big grin. She giggled again.

"Come on Sam! Just a few more pushes should do it!"

"AGH! Janet.are you know.what you're doing?" panted Sam.

"I'm giving a human delivery to a kid that's 1/6 alien! Of course I know what I'm doing!" sighed Janet.

"Come on Carter! You can do this!"

" I can't.I'm not able." Suddenly Jack stood up.

"Yes! Yes you can and you will!" he shouted, almost angrily. Sam stared up at him. One look at her made him sorry. She was covered in sweat, very pale and panting. And now her eyes were full of tears too. He bent down and stroked her cheek, but she turned her head. He sighed.

"Sam." She stiffened.

"Sam, ever since I met you, you were full of that 'girl power' attitude. I didn't believe in it that time, but now.well, I've seen it. And right now is when you need it most. You can do this!" Janet stepped nearer.

"He's right Sam. You're always the one to get things to work. The quicker you do this, the sooner it'll be over."

"It's gone awfully quiet in there." said Daniel anxiously. By now quite a few people had gathered outside the infirmary, but Jack still hadn't appeared. The base grapevine had spread the news like wildfire and at least two representatives from each level were waiting outside. Sam's brother, Mark, had also been called. He wasn't given any details and had to be guarded by an airman, in case he went near level 28.

"Was her father called?" Daniel looked up at him.

"What? Oh two don't get on."

"Was he called?"

"Someone is placing a call now." said Daniel slowly.



"Come on Sam!"

"OH SHUT UP!!! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!" Jack looked up at the assistant standing beside him

"Don't worry. They always say that." he smiled.

"Oh." said Jack, hesitantly.



"AAGGHH!!!" She grabbed onto Jacks shirt and pulled.

"She's choking me!"



"My fault?!"


"What's who's fault?" asked Cassie with her hands over her ears. Daniel smiled.

"They always say that dear!" laughed Hammond. Teal'c raised his eyebrow.

".Ten! Now Sam, one more big push should do it. Okay? One.two.three.PUSH!!!"

A glass-shattering scream tore through the level. Everyone outside stopped moving. Cassie and Mark stared at Daniel. He gulped and faked a smile.

"I-I'm sure Janet has everything under control." 'I hope.Where are you Jack?.'


"There's a message coming through for Jacob Carter." Selmak's eyes glowed and Jacob smiled.

"A message for me?"

"Come with me." The Tok'ra guard motioned for him to follow.

They reached the room where the communication devices were kept.

"What does it say?" asked Jacob. The guard studied it for a moment, then looked up, slightly surprised.

"Your daughter Samantha is with child. It is soon to be born."

"WHAT?!" yelped Jacob, stunned.

"That can't be right.can it?"

"It is the truth. This message came from your home planet five earth minutes ago." Jacob opened and shut his mouth, looking like a dying fish, for a few moments before he came to.

"I-I have to go. Get the gate ready. Find Oonasha, he has the code device. Hurry!"


"WAHHH!!!" A huge cheer went up, both inside and outside the infirmary. Sam looked up at Janet, her eyes heavy with exhaustion, but full of relief and joy.


"It's a little girl Sam! And she's perfectly normal! No webbed feet or anything!" She smiled at her, then turned to the nurse coming up behind her. She was carrying a small white bundle. Janet took it off her and went over to Sam.

"Congratulations.both of you." She smiled, then stepped back.

Sam pulled the towel down a bit. A small head of brown/red hair peeped through.

"Oh!" she gasped. "She's so beautiful!" Jack leaned over her shoulder and gazed at the little package.

"Can I hold her?" Sam smiled up at him.

"Sure." He lifted her up gently and cradled her in his arms.

"Hey kiddo! How are you?" Suddenly he stopped rocking her. Sam watched him.

"What? What is it?" she asked worriedly, sitting up.

"She opened her eyes." Janet pulled off her gloves.

"That's good news. What colour eyes has she?" Silence.

"Colonel?" He looked down at Sam.

"Purple." Both women stared at him. Sam reached up and carefully lifted her daughter down. She gasped, then looked at Janet with tears in her eyes.

"I thought you said she was normal?!" Janet reached over and lifted her up. She examined her carefully, then smiled.

"No Sam. She is fine. I'm not sure why they're purple, but it's not affecting her in any way, other than making her cuter! Isn't that right cutie!" She made faces at the little bundle and was rewarded with a raspberry in the face. She handed her back, and wiped her face.

"I think there's a few people outside who'd like to see you now?"

"Sure. Let them in.and Janet?" Janet turned back.


"You're welcome. Just doing my job!"

Jack sat down in the chair that had now been put back by the bed. Sam smiled up at him as she rocked her daughter gently.

"That, was an.experience." he stated. Sam smiled, then blushed.

"Ah, sir? I think I said some things back there, I didn't mean.I guess."

"Forget it Carter. The guy nurse." Sam smiled. ".said you all say that."

"We all?" Jack shrugged.

"Don't ask." There was a slight pause. Then Jack turned to her.

"How you feelin'?"

"Tired, a bit sore - the painkillers are working on that though - but." She looked down at the bundle in her arms ".happy. Really happy." When she looked back up, Jack was staring ahead of himself, lost in thought.


"Yeah?" He shook his head and turned to her.

"Are you okay sir?"

"Yeah fine. Just thinking. Ah, listen.with all the fuss, I think I forgot to congratulate you." Sam smiled and looked down.

"Thanks sir." What he did next took her totally by surprise.

Janet opened the door of the infirmary and looked in surprise at the crowd that had gathered outside. There were at least fifty soldiers, men and women, waiting for news.

"Janet! What happened?" Daniel jumped up and tried to see over her shoulder.

"It's okay Doctor." she smiled. Everyone looked at her expectantly.

"Well?" Hammond prompted.

"It's a little girl sir. A beautiful little girl! And the Major is fine." Everybody burst into talk and the soldiers started to disperse, with a nod at Daniel and company, knowing that they wouldn't be allowed entry.

"Can we see her? Please mom?!" begged Cassie.

"Cassandra! How did you get here?" Cassie looked up at Daniel and he looked at the ground.

"I.ahem.brought her.when I heard." Janet shook her head and stepped back to allow them in. Daniel and Cassie practically bounded in, Mark almost ran, and Teal'c and Hammond followed much more sedately. Janet sighed. There were far too many kids on this base.

.He leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek. She jerked her head up and faced him. For a moment neither could say anything, but just as Sam opened her mouth to say something, she was cut short by a shout.

"SAM! Can I see? JACK! Where were you? We couldn't find you anywhere!" Daniel and Cassie ran up and gave her pleading looks. She nodded, and he pulled back the corner of the towel.

"Oh Sam!" he whispered.

"She's beautiful!" breathed Cassie.

"SAM!" She looked up in surprise at the sound of the voice.

"Mark?! H-how did you get here?"

"They called me. How are you?" He placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Look Mark!" whispered Cassie, tugging at his arm. He bent down and looked at the infant.

"Sam she's."

"Major? How are you?" Hammond and Teal'c now came to her bedside.

"General?!" Sam struggled to sit up straight and Jack stood up. Hammond sighed.

"For two of my most troublesome soldiers, you can really take the regulation thing too far sometimes." Sam glanced at Jack nervously and he straightened up more. Mark watched curiously.

"No, I meant. Never mind. Sit down, sit down. Congratulations Major!" Suddenly the others realised that they had forgotten to give her their best, and the room was filled with 'Congratulations' and handshakes. Mark watched suspiciously, as Daniel gave Jack a slap on the back. He bent down to Cassie and cupped a hand around her ear.

"Cassie.are soldiers allowed to get married?" She looked at him, puzzled, and shook her head.

"But aren't you married already?"

"Oh I didn't mean for me. It's this other person I know.he's in a bit of a predicament." he lied.


"Ah, Sam? I think you should look at her eyes." Daniel handed the baby back to Sam.

"It's okay, it's just." she looked cautiously at Mark.

"An excess of something in Sam's diet. It's no harm." finished Janet. Cassie leaned over and waved her fingers in front of the baby's face. She giggled as only a baby can, and made a sucking noise with her lips.

"Hello. What's her name?" asked Cassie. Sam looked at Jack in surprise. He shrugged back. Mark's suspicions were confirmed.

"W.I haven't picked one yet." smiled Sam.

"Hello cutie! Eh-o! Look! There's mama! See mama?" Cassie pointed at Sam, and Sam smiled at her.

"Mama!" Everyone within range stopped and turned towards the bed.

"Cassie.tell me that was you." said Janet quietly.

"No.that was." She looked down at the baby. Mark stood up.

"She's just been born. How could she understand what Cassie meant?" He walked over and tickled her chin. He was rewarded with a giggle.

"Hey baby! Hey baby! Who's this? Who's this? Hmm?!"

"Mawk!" This time, everyone was watching Mark. There was an awkward silence.

"She's very intelligent for a 10 minute year old. Look, something's up here, and I'm being left out. I wanna know what's going on." Janet stepped towards them and pretended to examine the baby.

"I can't see anything wrong with her.maybe it's just genes." She stressed the word 'genes' and everyone except Mark got the message. "Were any of your family very intelligent very early?" She directed her question at Mark and Sam. Mark laughed.

"Sam was doing multiplication at three!" Everyone else laughed as a wave of relief washed over them. They all started talking again and once more a contented atmosphere settled over the room.

"SAM!" Everybody's head turned in the direction of the voice.

"Dad! You're here!" Jacob hurried over and pressed a kiss to Sam's forehead. He looked at the white bundle in her hands, then back at her.

"May I?"

"Sure." She carefully turned down the corners of the towel to expose more of her baby's face.

"Oh Sam.She's beautiful."

"Hi Honey! Look who's here. It's Grandpa!" cooed Sam softly. She carefully handed the bundle to Jacob, who received it just as carefully.

"Hi sweetie!"

"Gampaw!" He nearly dropped her in fright. Jack came to the rescue, and took her off him.

"Did she just."

"It's a long story dad. I'll tell you later." There was a small pause.

"How come you didn't come before this?"

"I came as fast as I could honey. Traffic was murder. I just wish you'd told me sooner." said Jacob with a 'why-didn't-you?' look.

"But we." Sam looked at Jack.

"Snakehead." Jacob looked at them in puzzlement. Mark looked at them in bewilderment.

"I asked Martouf to tell you! I don't know why he didn't?"

"I'm just going on a hunch, but I'd say I do." remarked Daniel.

"Who's Martouf?" asked poor Mark. Jacob looked up at him, seeing him for the first time.

"Hello Mark."

"Hello Jacob." There was another awkward silence.

"Oh for cryin' out loud you two! Don't do this to me today!" Everyone stared at Sam. Jacob sighed and turned to Mark.

"Look Mark, it's been a long time, and I'm just as sorry as you are that it happened. But you don't have the guilt that I have. I'm asking - no - I'm begging you, please forgive me?" There was total silence, and everyone watched Mark and Jacob. Sam clenched her jaw.

"Jacob." began Mark. "I'm always going to see it as your fault.and you can't ask me not has been a long time.I forgive you." He said the last bit in a whisper and they had to strain to her it. Jacobs jaw fell. Then he regained his composure.

"Y-you do?" Mark rolled his eyes and smiled.

"Yeah dad, I do!" He reached out and caught his father in a bear hug.

"Thanks Mark. Thank you." whispered Jacob. They pulled apart and Mark scanned him up and down.

"Ah, offence, but your choice in clothes has really gone downhill." Everyone burst out laughing.

"I was negotiating with some natives in Ecuador and had to be dressed in 'proper' clothing before I could confer with the leaders!" he laughed. They all talked for a few more minutes before Janet clapped her hands.

"Okay people, it's five in the morning and this little lady needs to rest!" she said, taking the baby gently from Sam.

"And you need to rest too, Sam. As from now, you are confined to this bed until I release you. Okay?" Sam smiled and nodded.

"Right everyone! Let's get a move on!" she paused for a moment to listen to a whisper from Jacob, then nodded. Everyone else left the room.

"I'll visit before I leave in the morning Sam!" Mark waved before disappearing round the corner. Sam waved and then turned to Jacob. He sat down in the chair and smiled at her.

"How are you?"

"I'm fine dad." Silence.

"She's a lovely baby."

"Thanks." There was another silence, then Jacob sighed.

"Sam, I don't want to seem intrusive here, but." Sam gave him a 'go-on' look.

"Who was the father?" Sam stared at him for a moment, then looked down at her hands.


"O'Neill. I was right." He sighed, shook his head, then hung it. Sam sat up and took both of his hands in hers.

"But it's not like that dad! You see, we were on this planet called Stellaka." His head shot up.

"No.You shouldn't have gone there!.Oh god!"


"They're going to want the child back! The next time earth dials through to any planet, they're going to come here and take her! They have, planted everywhere! They'll have seen the address when you dialled out, steal the code device off the team that comes through and come here!" When he looked back at her, Sam was smiling.

"How can you smile at a time like this? They're going to take her!"

"Dad, take it easy! Teal'c threw a grenade, so there was no way they could have seen our address. We had blue fatigues on that day, because they had to update the green ones, so even if they remember our clothes, we won't be wearing the ones they remember. There's no way anyone is going back to that planet again, after what happened us." she smiled softly as she said this, and that didn't go unnoticed by Jacob. "And we'll avoid an fishy-looking fish!" They both laughed, then Jacob took Sam's right hand and rubbed it as he thought.

"You love him, don't you Sam?" She looked at him in surprise.


"Jack. You love Jack." Sam struggled to sit up as her brain tried to work out what was happening.

"Dad I.

"No no no. Sit down. That wasn't a question. It was a statement."

"But dad! How could I lo. have any feelings for my Commanding Officer?!" He settled her back down as he spoke.

"It's quite easy really. Especially when you have a baby together." He put up his finger to silence her as she began to object.

"Even, if the baby wasn't either of your faults."

"But regula."

"Stuff the regulations Sam! If you love him, tell him!" Sam was staring at him, not believing what she was hearing. How could he know.

"Look," he sat down again "all I want is for you to be happy. I know Hammond, and I know that he's thought that there's something between you for a long time now. When I met him in Washington back then, he told me about your little debate across the table. He said he could see sparks, and if they had all left, you two probably wouldn't even have noticed." He sighed.

"If you do tell him, George isn't going to do anything. You're like a son and daughter to him, well, from two different families, in the present circumstances. But Sam, trust in your heart. I did, and I couldn't be happier." There was silence for a while, as Sam tried to digest all of this. Suddenly, Janet poked her head round the curtain.

"Still here, are we General? It's about time you let your daughter rest! And don't make me make it an order!" she scolded him.

"Alright Doctor alright! Anything but that!" he said, in mock fright. Janet smiled and walked out.

"Bye Sam." He pressed a kiss to her forehead.

"And think about what I said." He waved as he disappeared around the corner. Sam sighed and turned over. She closed her eyes and tried to think straight. The last few hours had so much happen in them, yet they were gone so quickly. She sighed again as she thought about the last conversation. Was he right? Did she love her CO? Did he love her back? Even if he did, would Hammond press charges? What about that kiss? Did it mean something, if anything? Eventually she drifted off to sleep, with visions of fish guarding gates, blue suits, purple eyes, facemasks, books of names, gentle kisses.and Jack.


"But Janet!"

"No buts doctor! She's asleep and I'm not allowing anyone in to see her! And that's that!" She slammed the door of the infirmary in their faces. Daniel sighed.

"Well, I guess we're just gonna have to wait Cassie." He sat down in one of the seats and folded his arms.

"But can't we just see the baby? I know she's awake, cause I heard her!"

"We'd have to have Sam's permission, and she has to rest." Cassie sat down hard on the floor and pouted. Daniel smiled at the look on her face.

"How 'bout we go see Jack instead? It's the next best thing!" he winked. Cassie smiled, stood up and caught his hand to pull him in the direction of the canteen.

When they got there, Jack was already sitting at a table on his own.

"Jack!" Cassie ran over and plonked herself in front of him.

"Did you see the baby yet? We asked but mom wouldn't let us in. Will you bring me to see her? Are you allowed in? Did you think of a name yet? W."

"Cassie, would you mind keeping your voice down a bit?" hissed Jack, as he got numerous smirks from the tables within range.

"Sorry. Can."

"Yeah, we'll go after a while okay? Doc says Carter has to rest, so we'll have to wait till then." Daniel walked over and sat beside Cassie.

"Hello Danny."

"Hello Jack." He buttered his toast and spread some marmalade on it.

"So," he said without looking up "How are you today?"

"I'm not the one you should be asking Daniel."

"But I'm asking anyway."

"I'm fine. How else would I be?" Cassie could see that this could turn into an argument, so she discreetly left the table and ran up to the dinner lady - who she had become good friends with - to wangle some candy out of her. Daniel sighed and looked up at Jack.

"Look Jack.why don't you tell her?" Jack looked up sharply.


"Tell Sam, Jack." Jack looked at him suspiciously.

"Tell her what?"

"You know what."

"Let's say I don't."

"Tell her you love her!" Jack dropped his knife and his jaw. After a moment, he found his voice again.

"I don't know what you're talking about Daniel."

"Yes you do! Jack." He looked around cautiously. "Ever since the beginning there's obviously been an attraction between you two. Then there's all the alternate realities - have you ever noticed that you're always together in them? - And now, you have a baby together! How much more convincing do you need?!" Jack sighed and put down his knife.

"I can't Daniel."

"But you do love her, right?" Jack rolled his head and his eyes.

"I guess I."

"You do! Oh this is great!" Daniel rubbed his hands and leaned back.

"Look! I don't want this broadcast to the whole base, so would mind being a little bit more discreet?!"

"Alright alright!" He got up and picked up his tray. "But just think about that Jack. Do what you think is right." He smiled at him, then walked up to the counter.

"Come on Cassie. I've got some paperwork to do, and I need help."

"Okay! Thanks Mrs. Macaroni!"

"It's Marconi dear!"


"Colonel? Come in! She's just awake, so you can see her now."

"Thanks Doc."

"No problem." She smiled, and went back into her office. Jack took a deep breath, and went round to the bed behind the curtains.

"Sir! Hi!" Sam was sitting up, bottle feeding her baby.

"Hi." He sat down in the chair and watched her.

"We really have to think of a name for her."

"I know. I, ah.I was thinking."

"Yeah?" he prompted. Sam smiled shyly.

"I was thinking of Marie." He looked at her for a moment, while he rolled the name around in his head.

"Marie, Marie.Marie. Sounds good."

"You like it?"

"Yeah!" he smiled. There was another silence.

"I was hoping you'd pick her second name." He looked up at her in surprise, then bent down again.

"Yeah, I actually had an idea for that." Sam gave him a 'go-ahead' look.

"Sha're. I know, I know, it's not exactly original,'s nice." Sam smiled.

"I like it. And Daniel'll be pleased as well!"

Daniel opened the door of the infirmary slowly. There was no sign of Janet. He sighed in relief. So far so good. He made his way slowly towards Sam's bed. He could hear them talking about names, so he decided to eavesdrop.

Janet looked out her window and saw Daniel sneak in the door. He tiptoed towards Sam's bed, then stopped abruptly. She got out of her seat and went out to investigate. He saw her coming, and stopped her with hand signals before she reached the curtain. He cupped his hand over his ear and pointed to Sam and Jack. She looked at him curiously, but he ducked behind the defibrillator. Without a sound, she moved right up beside the curtain. Luckily, the bed on this side was empty, so she could eavesdrop in peace.

"Well that's that sorted then." sighed Jack, as he leaned back in his chair. Sam smiled, and looked down at the baby.

"Marie Sha're." She stopped and looked at Jack with her mouth open.

"Surnames!" He slapped his forehead. He looked at Marie for a minute, then turned to Sam.

"I guess we give her yours." Sam worked her jaw muscles before finally closing her mouth.

"I guess.but that would kind of take away her identity to you."


"I never really liked double surnames."

"Me neither."

Daniel grinned at Janet and she grinned back.

"Well." began Sam, but Jack cut her short.

"How about just one. How about O'Neill?" She looked at him in surprise. His jaw was clenched, and he looked extremely tense.

"But that would." She stopped as took her hand gently in his.

"They'd still know she was yours if you changed your name too." Sam stared at him, gobsmacked.

Janet quietly slapped her hand to her mouth and Daniel's jaw dropped.


"Sam." He reached into his pocket with his free hand, and pulled out a velvet box.

"Sam.marry me?" He opened the box and held it out to her.

Daniel couldn't see, so he raised his eyebrows at Janet. She drew a circle with her fingers and put loads of small dots on top.

Inside was a gold ring with about ten tiny diamonds in a row on top. Sam just wasn't able to speak. Jack looked at her nervously.

"I'm dyin' here Sam." She looked at the ring one more time, then up at Jack. Her eyes were glistening.

"We could be court martialled for this." He raised his eyebrows.

"So you're saying.?" She smiled at him. Tears flowed down her cheeks.

"Yes sir!" she whispered. He blinked a couple of times.

"You will?"

"Yes! Yes I will!" she laughed through her tears. Jack stared at her for a moment, then reached out and hugged her.

"Wait!" He withdrew quickly. Sam took Marie off her lap, and lay her in the cot beside the bed. As soon as she turned around, Jack gently pulled her to him again. Sam put her arms around him, and sobbed onto his shoulder. After a while, he pulled back a bit and cupped her face with his right hand.

"I think I forgot to tell you.I love you."

"I know. I love you too." He drew her towards him, and gently kissed her. It was tentative at first, but soon each got used to the other, and it deepened.

Daniel winked at Janet, and she gave him the thumbs up.

After a while, they separated and he ran his thumb along her cheek.

"You don't know how long I've wanted to do that." he smiled. Suddenly, a sound stopped them. A defibrillator rolled serenely across the floor to the end of Sam's bed. Jack got up and went to investigate.

"Nothing here! It must have been 'shocked' at what it saw." Sam grinned.

Daniel, who was now hiding under the bed next-door, just about managed to stifle a laugh.

Jack was just sitting down when they heard Janet's office door open and close, and someone inside shout 'YES!!' Jack bent down and whispered to Sam.

"If I were you, I'd hurry up and get outta here as fast as possible. It's weird." Sam grinned again.


"Sam! Good Morning!" Jacob was the first to greet her out of the cavalcade that followed him.

"Hi dad!" He peeked into the cot, before turning back to Sam. He grinned at the big smile on her face.

"Well you certainly look like the cat that got the cream! Wotcha so happy about?" Sam shrugged.

"I have plenty to be happy about."

"Hey Sam!"

"Hi Sam!"

"Hi Sam! Where's the baby?"

"Hi Sam! I just wanna check your blood pressure. Okay?"

"Morning Major! Sleep well?"

"Hello Sam! Remember me?" After all that, Teal'c came in, and simply bowed. Sam smiled.

"Hi guys! Ciara?! How did you get here?" Ciara went over and sat on the bed.

"Ah, a little birdie told me, so I decided to investigate. Can I see?"

"Sure!" Soon, everyone was settled in for a good morning's chat. Cassie ran up to Sam and leaned on the bed.

"Wotcha callin' her?" Daniel overheard and turned to them.

"Yeah, it's kinda weird to keep calling her.her." Everyone else was now listening as well. Sam turned to Jack.

"Everyone? I'd like you to meet, Marie Sha're O'Neill!" He gestured towards the cot. They all started smiling and congratulating again. Jack winked at Sam. No one had noticed the lack of 'Carter'. Daniel smiled gently at them.

"Thanks guys. It means a lot." He reached out and gave Sam a hug. She hugged back, but immediately realised how unlike Jack's it was. Sure, all the care and friendship was there, but not the love and tenderness. That had been reserved for Sha're, and now that she was gone, it wouldn't come back again until he met the right person.

"Sam?." Ciara was standing up beside the bed.

"Did you get a new ring?" Everyone stopped, mid-sentence, mid-laugh, mid-whatever and looked at Sam's hand. There was total silence for a while.

"Oh my god." began Mark.

"Sam." Jacob couldn't finish either. Suddenly Ciara screamed and hugged Sam.

"Oh my god honey! Congratulations! Oh I don't know what to say!"

"Sam! This is great! Congratulations!" Daniel walked up beside her, Janet close behind. Teal'c watched confused. Cassie saw and pulled on his sleeve. He bent down and she whispered to him.

"That ring is an engagement ring. It means Sam is gonna marry whoever gave it to her!" Finally Jacob found his voice.

"Sam.who is it?"

"Hold on!" Mark put up his hand. "Before you say it, may I have one guess?" Sam nodded.

"Him." He pointed at Jack. Jack pointed to himself in feigned surprise.


"Yeah." There was a brief silence.

"Sammie!" Jacob smiled at her. "Who is it?" Sam looked towards Jack. He looked at her, then at Jacob.

"He's right. It's me." A cheer broke out from the group and the handshakes, backslaps and congratulations started again.

"Jack! I can't believe you did that!" laughed Daniel, shaking Jacks hand furiously.

"Hi. I don't believe we've formally met yet. I'm Mark."

"Jack." There was a brief pause.

"I don't know what Sam sees in you."

"Me neither." Suddenly Mark burst out laughing and Jack grinned.

"Colonel!" Jack turned around quickly.


"You went and asked my daughter to marry you, without my permission?"

"Yes sir." Jacob laughed. "Good on you Jack! I couldn't have picked better myself!" Jack smiled and turned to look at his fiancé. Janet, Ciara and Cassie had all settled around Sam and Marie, and were begging for more details. Women!

"Alright people! I think it's about time we got back to our lives! They're moving on without us!" General Hammond stood up and rubbed his hand together. Mark and Jacob went over to Sam to say their goodbyes.

"I've got to go back to.Ecuador, now honey. I'll call sometimes. Bye Marie!"

"Bye Gampaw!" The baby opened and closed her fist, so it looked as if she was waving. Jacob shook his head.

"She reminds me so much of you Sam!" He smiled, kissed his daughter and granddaughter, saluted his son-in-law-to-be, hugged his son, and left.

"Bye Sam! Be sure to call sometime!" Mark waved as he disappeared around the corner.

"I'm just going to leave Cassandra home."

"AWW Mom!!!"

"No buts dear! I'll be back soon Sam. Call one of the nurses if you need anything." She walked out, pushing a protesting Cassie in front of her.

"I do not entirely understand this ritual, but it seems necessary to extend my 'toga-shirone' to you both."

"Thanks Teal'c." said Sam and Jack in unison. He bowed, and went off to do some meditation.

"Sam, Jack. Thanks for calling her Sha're. It does mean a lot." Daniel smiled.

"No problem Danny!"

"Actually, Colonel thought of that. Marie was my idea." Daniel raised his eyebrows at Jack.

"Your idea?" Jack shuffled his feet. "Thanks Jack." He waved, then walked off to do some paperwork.

"Bye guys! I got some stalking to do!" Ciara wagged her fingers at them, then sauntered after Daniel with a gleam in her eye.

"Women." breathed Jack.

"Excuse me?" Sam put her hands on her hips and looked at him indignantly. Jack tickled her under her chin.

"Not you. You're great. She's just.strange."

"Ahem!" They both looked up to see General Hammond standing with his arms folded at the end of the bed.

"General!" they chorused. He walked closer with a serious look on his face. "You do realise that this is a court marshalable offence?" Jack stood up and faced him.

"Sir. I'm willing to do whatever's necessary. I'll retire, leave the base, le."

"Take it easy Colonel!" Hammond waved his hands at him, then smiled.

"I'm not a guard dog! I'm not going to press charges.I might be able to pull a few strings at the top - after the wedding - but, to be honest, I actually expected this to happen a lot sooner." He chuckled at the disbelief on their faces and left. Jack turned to Sam when he had gone.

"What did he mean by that?"

"Beats me."


3 months later.

A massive crowd was gathered on top of Cheyenne Mountain. Nearly every soldier on base was there. Teal'c and his family were there. Skaa'ra and his entire village, and Laira and her people were there. A huge crowd of Tok'ra, including Martouf - who was trying desperately to hide from Jack - were there. Nareem was there along with nearly every member of the Toll'an High Council, and a few Toll'an civilians. Kee'ra and a few more from her planet were there. A lot of the Nox had come and had disguised the many Asguard

that also came. Daniel's grandfather had returned, and he Daniel and Nyan were discussing ancient cultures. Over to one side Mark and his family, and Sara and her new family were watching in stunned silence. Over on another side, Colonel Maybourne and members of the NID watched with grim faces. Hammond's families were too busy talking to him to notice the many strangers that walked among them.

Suddenly, everything went silent. Cassie, who was wearing a beautiful blue dress, walked down the centre, spreading flower petals each side of her. Everyone stood up, and there were a few 'Aww's!' as she passed. She vowed silently to pay them back later. Next came Janet and Ciara in peach dresses, each holding a bunch of flowers. Suddenly, almost everyone gasped. Jacob was now walking down the aisle, and on his arm was what seemed to be an angel. It was Sam. She was wearing a long, flowing, white dress that shimmered with every move. There were white flowers and tiny jewels in her hair, and she carried a bouquet of white flowers. But the things that attracted most attention were her eyes. They were like deep sapphire pools, filled with so many emotions, you could almost drown in them.

"Woah." whispered Daniel, who - being the best man - was standing at the top beside Jack. Jack stood up straighter and clenched his jaw. He could hardly believe that this was Sam.his Sam. When she reached the top Jack offered his arm, and Jacob handed over his daughter. Jack smiled softly at her, and she smiled back.

Then the ceremony started.

A few of the aliens were puzzled as to the proceedings, but they soon got the hang of it.

It wasn't long until they got to the 'I do's'.

"Do you, Jonathon Jack O'Neill, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?" Jack made a face at the name 'Jonathan', but smiled at the end.

"I do."

"Do you, Samantha Louise Carter, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do." Daniel walked up with a red velvet cushion, and proffered it to Jack. He took the smaller ring, and turned back to Sam.

"Sam.antha Louise Carter.I give you this ring as a sign of my love for you. Wear it and think of me." It was clear that Jack wasn't one for the sappy stuff, but he really did mean what he said. Daniel held out the cushion for Sam. She took the remaining ring and turned to Jack. She took his hand and looked up at him.

".Jonathon.Jack.O'Neill." Daniel, Hammond, and the few that understood, smiled at this step. It was the first time she had called him Jack without being under any influence.

"I give you this ring as a sign of my love for you. Wear it and think of me."

"And that completes our ceremony. I now proclaim you man and wife. You may kiss the bride." Jack turned to Sam and drew her to him gently. Their lips met, and they kissed. A huge cheer went up and everyone stood and clapped wildly.

The party was also held on the mountain, and continued long into the night. At one stage, Daniel was cutting himself another slice of cake, when he heard something going on, on the other side of it. He stood on tiptoes and peered between the tiers. Through them, he could see Jack had Sam locked in a passionate kiss. He grinned, shook his head and walked off. He was thankful that Ciara and Martouf seemed to have hit it off, so she wasn't pestering him anymore. Laira and Nareem also seemed to be getting on well, and Janet and Nyan were deep in discussion about something. Kee'ra, a.k.a. Lynea, was getting a lesson on the properties of punch from one of the airmen, and seemed to be enjoying it. He sighed and thought of Sha're. Perhaps, someday, someone would fill that void. He was still young and had plenty of time left to find true love again.

Sam stepped out from behind the giant cake - that was quickly disintegrating - and fixed her hair. Jack followed her and put his arm around her waist.

"Congratulations Mrs. O'Neill!" he smirked.

"Don't be such a smart-ass Jack!" she grinned.

"Hey! I'm still your CO! Aren't you getting a little too friendly?"

"You're also my husband! And now, I can order you around!" She grinned and strolled off.

"But only for some things." said Jack under his breath, before catching up with her, and winding his arm around her again.


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