Story Notes: Enough is Enough 06: SPOILERS: Set S8, but no real spoilers

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is an tag to my `Enough is Enough' series, written for my friend sarae64's birthday, but she's MUCH younger than that ;)

She sat with her twilit head resting on her knee, her foot tracing lazy circles in the cool water. How long had she waited to come here? Too damn long. She grinned; she was beginning to sound like him already. A calling loon echoed across the rippling pond, each water-fold gilded by the sunset.

Holding out her left hand, she marvelled at the way the other golden ring that fitted so well was also illuminated. Shiny. New. Exciting.

At last, it was over, this was the end.

She felt his hand on her shoulder.

No. It was only the beginning.

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