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SPOILERS : Teeney tiney mention of a certain revelation from D&C, and a certain event in WoO. (I ain't talkin' 'bout the pottery either!) We all know what that is, so it's not gonna spoil ya.

CHALLENGE ANSWER: This is in answer to the challenge given on the Dan and Jan List for Christmas 2000. "Your story must include the following: 1. Mistletoe 2. Dan & Jan kiss 3. A symbol of Christmas: i.e., an angel, Santa Claus, reindeer, a star, a snowman, etc. 4. Someone from the SGC serenading Dan & Jan with a Christmas carol (bonus points if it's someone from SG1)."

NOTE: I know "I saw Mommy Kissin' Santa Claus" is not a Christmas carol, but it just fit with the rest of the challenge. (The mistletoe, kiss, and Santa.) Thanks to Alli for reading over this , and correcting my mistakes. Maybe I should buy a dictionary. LOL!

Janet smiled as she and Cassie finished stringing popcorn to put up on the tree as garland. It was Christmas Eve, and Cassie, Janet and Janet's boyfriend, Daniel, were hosting the Christmas party the following day.

"Mom, where's Daniel?," asked Cassie. "It's almost 2100 hours! I need to be getting to bed before Santa comes, and I wanted to kiss Daniel good night."

"Honey, Daniel had to finish up some stuff at work. He'll see you tomorrow. Now get up to bed, young lady."

Cassie kissed her mom good night, and went up to bed. Janet continued decorating the tree until she heard a noise at the door. She looked at her watch ... it was 2300 hours.

"Honey! I'm home!" Daniel called from the front door.

"Shhhh! Cassie's sleeping." She turned and saw him for the first time that evening. "Oh, my God!" He was dressed in a Santa suit, complete with fake white beard and shiny black leather boots. "WHAT are you wearing?!"

"Why, a Santa suit, of course!" He grinned at her. "Ever kissed Santa Claus before, pretty lady?" He reached in the side pocket of his Santa suit, and produced a piece of mistletoe. "Where should we put it?"

Janet looked around. "How about at the front door?"

"No, we need someplace inconspicuous, so when Sam and Jack are under it we can make our little plan work. We need to use the element of surprise. They'll expect it to be at the front door. I know! How about in the arch from the kitchen to the living room?"

"Perfect, Doctor Jackson!" Daniel hung the plant in the arch of the doorway going to the kitchen. "We can send Sam in the kitchen, then, when she's coming out, we can send Jack in to get her. They'll run into each other..."

"And have to kiss. We can make a rule of the house. No little pecks on the lips." He grinned. "Wanna try it out, Doctor Frasier?"

"Well, yeah ... " She walked over to him, standing in front of him. He lowered his lips upon hers...

Meanwhile, upstairs on the balcony, Cassie was preparing to go down to the kitchen to get a glass of water. She looked down towards the kitchen, and saw something shocking! It was Santa Claus! And he was kissing her MOM! // Oh, My God! Where's Daniel?! // She thought. // Why is Mommy kissing Santa Claus?! // She ran to her room, closing the door, confused.

Meanwhile, down under the mistletoe ...

"Mmn ... Daniel," Janet purred as Daniel rubbed his hands up her side from her waist to her breasts. She gasped as he lightly squeezed her breast thru her shirt. "Cassie could wake up any minute."

Daniel released her lips, and looked at her, grinning. "Shall we retire to the bedroom, Doctor Frasier?" He asked, kissing her neck.

"Yes, we shall, Doctor Jackson," she said, grabbing his hand, and pulling him up the stairs to her bedroom.

(Snippage of Jan and Dan making love)

The next day, Sam, Jack, Teal'C, Jacob, and General Hammond came over for the Christmas gathering. Cassie was melancholy.

"What's goin' on, Cass?" Jack asked her.

"It's nothing." was the somber response.

"Obviously, it's something for a little girl to be so sad on Christmas Day."

"I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus."

"WHAT?!" he asked, unbelieving.

"I saw mo ..."

"I heard you." He thought about her revelation for a minute. He grinned. "So, what's the problem?"

"Jack, Mom's with Daniel!"

"Oh, I see!" He smiled. "Honey, Daniel , Sam, Teal'C, and I went to the Children's Hospital in Denver last night. That's why he was so late getting back. Sam and I were elves, Teal'C was a reindeer ... Rudolph, to be exact ... and Danny-Boy was Santa. The Santa you saw ... it was Danny."


"Yeah, ask him."

"Where is he?"

"I think he's in the kitchen. I'll go get him." He walked toward the kitchen. "Danny-Boy! Come out here! Cas ... oops!" He ran into someone. It was Sam. "Sorry, Carter."

She smiled. "It's okay, Sir."

Janet and Daniel came out the kitchen grinning.

"Look up, guys. You're standing under the mistletoe." Danny teased.

"Oh, no," Jack and Sam said simultaneously.

"You have to kiss her now, Jack. " Danny was really enjoying this.

"Daniel, I can't!"

"It's tradition, Colonel." General Hammond informed him. "Do I have to ORDER you to do it?" He said with a big grin on his face.

Jack looked at his CO like he was crazy. Sam walked over to Jack. Jack lowered his lips to hers for a brief, chaste kiss.

"You call that a kiss?" Jacob joked.

"At least it was on the lips." General Hammond joked.

"You can do better than that, Colonel." Janet pointed out.

"Do you think that is wise, DoctorFraiser?" The stoic Jaffa asked the doctor.

"Why wouldn't it be? It's harmless." Daniel answered.

Jack and Teal'C walked up behind Janet. Jack whispered in her ear. "Teal'C's right, Janet. You and Teal'C both know how I feel about her. Should we be opening THAT can of worms?"

Janet sighed. "I guess you're right ... but, don't you wanna just see what it feels like to kiss her?"

"I already know," said Jack wistfully.


"Uh ... nothing." Jack looked at Teal'C, who just cocked his head, and raised his eyebrow. "Okay, okay!"

Jack walked up to Sam. "You ready, Sam?"

"What were you three talking about so quietly?" she asked suspiciously.

"Oh, nothin'."

"Would you two quit the chit-chat and kiss already!" Cassie giggled.

"Yes, Colonel. Kiss me." Sam said with a grin.

Jack put his hand on her cheek. She lost her grin, and closed her eyes at his touch. "Breathe, Sam," he whispered to her. He lowered his lips to hers. His arms went around her waist, hers around his neck. He tightened his grip on her, and passed his tongue over her closed lips, asking for entrance. She moaned, and parted her lips, granting him the access he desired. Forgetting where he was, and with whom, Jack lowered his hands, and lightly passed his hands over her bottom. This made her pull his head down, and intensify the kiss ...

"Okay! That's quite enough, Colonel. Release my daughter!"

Releasing her, he said, "Oh, sorry, General!"

Sam looked up at Jack, then turned away, putting her hand up to her burning lips. // Oh, God. What have we done?// She thought, looking at him. // You shouldn't be enjoying kissing your commanding officer like that, Sam. You're asking for trouble.// Their eyes met, and he smiled at her. She turned away from him, confused by what she was feeling.

Jack, trying to show that he was unfazed by the kiss stood up infront of his friends, and cleared his throat. "Guys, may I have your attention, please? I was gonna sing jingle bells for our lovely hostess and geekey host, but Cassie gave me a better idea ...

Doing his best Elvis Presley impersonation he sang:

I saw Mommy kissing ... Santa Claus Underneath the mistletoe last night. She didn't see me creep, down the stairs to have a peek, She thought that I was upstairs in my bedroom fast asleep."

He walked up to the two doctors, grinning. "Before making out with Santa, Doctor Fraiser, make sure your daughter isn't up ..."

Then I saw Mommy tickle ... Santa Claus, Underneath his beard so snowy white. Oh what a laugh it would have been, If Daddy had only seen Mommy kissing Santa Claus last night."

He bowed at the cheering and laughing. "Thank you, thank you! No encore requests please!"

Later that night, Sam couldn't sleep. After Jack had kissed her, she had avoided him the rest of the party. She kept replaying that kiss in her mind. "I have to talk to him." She got up, and dressed.

Jack was enjoying a bottle of Budweiser, when he heard a knock on the door. "Carter!"

"Sir, I know it's late ..."

"Come on in."

"Sir ..."

"What are you doing here so late?" he asked, closing the door.

"We have to talk."

"About the kiss," he said, motioning to the couch for her to sit down.


"I don't regret it ... I enjoyed it."


He walked over to her, sat next to her, and put his hand on her cheek. She closed her eyes, got up, and turned away from him.

"Please, Colonel." She took a deep breath, and fought the tears that were threatening to fall.

"Sam..." He walked over to her, and turned her around.

"I have to go, Sir."

"I love you, Samantha."

"I know..." She turned toward the door, and opened it.


She sighed. "I love you, too."

She closed the door, turned around, and leaned against the door, closing her eyes. He walked up to her, and raised her chin. She opened her blue eyes, and looked into his brown ones. The electricity produced between the two officers was enough to light the Eiffel tower ... for a year.

"Sir ..." He put his finger up to her lips.

"Shhh ... don't talk." He lowered his lips to hers. "We really shouldn't be doing this, Sam," he said against her lips.

"Yeah, I know, Jack." She moaned, and opened her mouth to his probing tongue. "Make love to me, Jack."

He released her lips, and looked into her eyes. "Ya sure?"

"Yeah, completely sure."

"You know, if we cross that line, I won't be able to stop making love to you, Sam. I love you that much."

"Yeah, I know, Jack. I want to cross that line."

He kissed her again. She giggled as he kissed down her neck, then on her shoulder.

"Oh, Sam..." He began unbuttoning her shirt.

"Let's go to your bedroom."

"Okay." He took her hand, and led her to his room. When they arrived, she began removing her clothes. "No, let me," she smiled. He kissed her lips, as he slowly unbuttoned her shirt. She backed up to the bed and sat on it. She pulled him down on top of her and he released her lips. "You sure about this?"

"Yes, Jack. Make love to me."

He grinned and kissed her neck. She moaned as he moved his lips down to her chest. He kissed her breast through the soft material of her bra. "Let's get this off." He removed the lacey material, and sucked her breast. She moaned, and threw her head back. "Oh, God, Sam. I want to taste you." He captured her lips, and removed the blue jeans she was wearing from her hips. He released her lips, then pulled the jeans down, but they were caught at her ankles. "Oops, gotta remove your shoes!" He grinned. He removed her shoes, and the jeans, and went lay beside her. "I love you, Sam." He kissed her briefly, then moved down her body, kissing her along the way. He reached her panties. "Gotta get these off." He removed the panties, and licked her outer lips. She moaned, and ran her fingers thru his short, greying hair. He opened her outer lips, and found her clit.

"Oh, God, Jack," she gasped out as he pleasured her to the edge. She couldn't take it anymore, and came in his mouth. "Jack please!" she begged, but he kept pleasuring her. She felt the build up again, and came a second time, he still licking her. Her breathing was quick and shallow. She felt him grin against her, yet he kept on licking her. "Oh, God, Jack! Please!" She screamed as she pulled on the back of his head. He took her clit between his lips, and sucked, making her cum with an intensity she's never felt before. "I want you, Jack. NOW!" She managed to gasp out.

He stood up, and removed his clothes. He lay down on top of her, and she turned them over to where she was on top. She slowly lowered herself onto him. "Oh, Sam." He said as her warmth surrounded him. "You feel so good," she moaned as she adjusted to his size. It didn't take long after all the preparing he'd done to her. "I love you, Sam." He caught her eyes. "I love you so much."

"I love you , too, Jack." She slowly rocked her hips, and they made love. "Oh, God! Jack" She gasped, and threw her head back as she felt the gratifying buildup in her groin. He put his hand between them, touching her clit, making her loose complete control. Her contracting body triggered his orgasm. They came together, screaming each other's name.

I saw Mommy Kissin' Santa Clause! Copyright 2000 BY: Deanna Moll-landry!
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