Story Notes: Author's notes: Ky wrote fluff. Ick.

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Dedication: As always, for LEW. For Sarah, cause she asked.

Date: 11/02/05

Copyright © to Venom, 2005




"Not a chance."




He glared.

"Well what am I supposed to call you then?"

"Well, Jack works ok for me."

Sam pressed her body against his, moving her hips in what he decided was a completely evil method.


He groaned- and he wasn't sure if it was because of the horrifically bad name or the pressure of her hips on his. "No."

And the hips stopped moving. Damnit.


Eyebrows? Meet hairline. "Have you been reading Harlequin again?"

Sigh. "Fine. How about Jonathan then?"



"Yeah, as long as you don't mind me thinking of my mother every time you say it."


Foot? Meet mouth. Time to get aquatinted.


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