Story Notes: Good God this is dumb...

Date: 25/03/05

Copyright (c) to Venom, 2005

Teal'c hadn't known you could do that underwater.

It looked… rather painful, if he was honest with himself. But humans always had been funny creatures.

'Team bonding' O'Neill had called it, but Teal'c thought it was more like an obscure form of torture. He knew, naturally, that Colonel Carter was talented, but this was beyond an amusing tale, really.

Daniel Jackson was snorkeling near the obscene act, an odd sport if Teal'c had ever seen one, O'Neill was gliding easily through the tepid water with graceful strokes and Colonel Carter… well, she was being twisted into inhuman shapes.

It looked so *wrong.*

Every few moments, one body part would disappear only to be replaced by another breaking the surface of the water. Her nose was the most frequent as she sucked air into her lungs before vanishing again.

After what seemed like an eternity, she surfaced, her face breaking out into a smile of triumph.

"I haven't done that in years!"

"Is it not painful?"

She laughed, a truly happy sound. "Not at all. It's good for you. Does wonders for the body."

"I fail to see how an activity such as the one you were undertaking could be beneficial to the body at all."

"Sam!" O'Neill called, stopping his 'laps' to swim lazily over to her. "Shower?"

"Sure." She smiled and the both started the walk to dry land, hand in hand. Turning back to her still-stunned friend, Colonel Carter grinned. "Teal'c, relax… It's just Aqua Aerobics!"

Still looked like torture to him.


End Notes: Gah. Even *I* don't like it!

Cheers, Venom69

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