Story Notes: By My Side Series 03: Author's Notes: Yep, two stories in one day! I hope you like them!:)

Sam and Jack sat together in Sam's kitchen, eating breakfast. As neither of them were much for cooking, they had settled on cornflakes and toast.

"So how exactly is your brother going to take this?" Jack questioned Sam the day after the had been given permission to pursue a relationship.

"Fine... he's been trying to set me up with friends of his for years." Sam answered.

Jack didn't look impressed with that (so Sam had to bite back a giggle). "So, he'll be fine with you turning up with a guy he's never met?"

Sam giggled, "More like it will be Dad you'll have to worry about!"

"Hey, no giggling. That's a very scary thought." Jack replied in mock horror.

That only served to make Sam giggle harder, "Nah, he'll be fine. Especially when he hears that his little girl is getting married."

"Yeah, Dad loves me." Jack bragged, starting to make a move to get up, and headed to the shower.


Upon leaving the bathroom, Jack heard what sounding like Sam speaking. As he followed her voice, he saw Sam, sitting in her couch in the living room, on the phone.

"Hey Mark, it's Sam here." Jack heard Sam talk into the phone. "Yeah, I'm pretty good. Actually I was ringing to let you know that I've just been given some leave... mm, hmm, yeah... There's just one thing... I was hoping to bring someone, actually my fiancé, Jack..." Jack grinned at those words. Sam giggled at Mark's response, and continued, "Can you believe it?... Yeah, that's him! And I do *not* always talk about him!... If it's okay, I was going to try for the day after tomorrow. I still have to book the tickets though, so I'll let you know if there's any changes in plan, and I'll let you know our arrival time... Okay, see you then. I hope... Bye"

"So, I'm guessing that caused a bit of a stir!" Jack grinned at his fiancée, sitting down next to her, and putting his arm around her.

Sam fell into his embrace, grinning, replied "Yeah, I think they're pretty excited for me! Oh, and to satisfy the inevitable questions, I think we'd better work out at least an approximate time, to when we want to have the wedding."

"Oh my, I ask you to marry me, and you already want to play house." Jack teased.

Sam poked out her tongue, "Well we have to tell them something. Besides, you don't want to wait too long do you?"

Jack conceded, "Yeah, I suppose. When do you think?"

Sam though for a moment, "Hmmm... How about April? Things will be pretty that time of year, and it's only a couple of months away... enough time to plan a small wedding."

"Yeah, that'll be fine. I still can't believe that you agreed to marry such a cranky old Air Force Colonel, though."

Sam chuckled, "And just think of how Janet, Cassie, Teal's and Jonas are going to react when we tell them!! Actually, we ought to visit Janet and Cassie this evening to spread the word. That way, we'll only have to tell everyone about it the once!"

Jack replied, "It's a plan!"


After booking the tickets to San Diego, ringing back Mark and leaving a message on his machine, eating lunch, and making a few inquiries into what needed to be organised for the wedding, Sam and Jack headed back to the Mall to do some shopping.

Sam wanted an idea at least, of what she wanted to wear for the wedding, and to look into what else they might need.

They soon left the mall (much to Jack's relief), and separated briefly to pack for the trip. However, they planned to meet at a small café for dinner, and from there, they would go to Janet's.


That evening, as they had decided, Jack and Sam met to share a quiet meal together at the small, charming café. It was a favourite of Sam's, but Jack had never eaten there before. They sat outside, enjoying the cool evening air. It was a chance to relax, and they both enjoyed that.

Jack looked undecided at what to eat. "What's good here, anyway?" he asked Sam.

"Well, I'll have the chicken parmigiana, that's my favourite here... however, you'd probably like their steak," Sam grinned, "And when it comes to dessert, they have terrific cake!"

"Sweet", commented Jack.

At that moment, the waitress came, and took their order. They grinned at each other, and Sam grasped Jack's hand.


"Well, that wasn't too bad," commented Jack, as they left the café, "it sure beats what Nirrti had on offer."

"Usually does, especially when in some Goa'uld prison. Although Hadante had the be the worst." Sam quipped.

"Don't remind me... it could have done with some salt," Jack reminisced.

It didn't take long to reach Janet's, and they were soon greeted by an exuberant Cassandra. "Hey guys, what are you doing here?" She greeted them each with a hug.

"Is that any way to speak to guests," Jack teased, "Is your mother home?"

"Yeah, come in, I'll just get her", She replied, followed by her shouting up the stairs, "MOM! SAM AND JACK ARE HERE!"

Janet soon entered the room, "Hey, how are you both? There's no medical emergencies, I presume." She said, smiling.

Sam burst out grinning, "No, it's nothing like that... we just came to let you know, that well, Hammond has arranged a few things for us and the SGC, and we've been given permission to have a relationship."

Janet pulled Sam into a hug, "I'm so happy to hear it! If anyone deserves it, it's you two." Then her voice took on a teasing tone, "But, Jack, do anything to Sam, I'll hunt you down with my needles! I won't show you any mercy!"

They all laughed, and Jack continued off where Sam had begun, "There's also some more news... We're also engaged!" He said, as Sam displayed her hand.

Cassie shrieked with delight "OH MY GOD! YOU'RE KIDDING!" Cassie had watched the pair for years, and she though it was about time they 'got together'.

Janet went and hugged Jack this time, followed by Sam once again, "You're not wasting any time, are you? The best of luck to both of you!"

Cassie started the onslaught of questions, "When are you going to get married? Where? Whose invited? What will you wear? How did Jack propose? Was it romantic?"

They all headed towards the couches, and sat down, so they could comfortably dicuss everything. Jack and Sam cuddled up together.

Sam beamed, "Well, since Jack actually asked a few weeks ago, but it wasn't official until Hammond gave us permission to be together." She glanced at Cassie. "He proposed when he returned after being missing. Yes, it was romantic" Sam chuckled, and then continued. "We'll probably have the wedding in late April, but I don't know where yet, although I have a few ideas I'm going to look into. You're both invited, in fact, Janet, Cassie, I'd love for you two to be my bridesmaids. Janet would you like to be my matron of honour? And as for what I'll wear, I haven't even looked yet!"

Cassie squealed at the news, "You want me to be one of your bridesmaids!!! That is so cool! Wait till I tell everybody!"

Janet took on a more practical role, "I guess you'll be busy organising this during your downtime." She knew since Sam didn't have much in the way of female family members, she would probably need help from Cassie and herself.

Sam grimaced, "Actually, most of that will have to wait until I get back, although if you could help me out with a few things, that would be terrific. I have started looking into some things though. But now that we've arranged to spend some time at Mark's, it's about time he met the rest of the family," Sam smiled softly at Jack.

"I can't believe you're actually calling him 'Jack', now. Jeez, it took you long enough." Cassie observed.

They stayed and chatted for a little while longer, but Jack and Sam soon had to leave - it had been a long day, and tomorrow was going to be longer. Bidding their goodbyes, they got into their respective vehicles, and headed to Sam's place for the night. They still had phone calls to make, and they had to tell Teal'c and Jonas about everything.

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