Story Notes: The Sam and Jack fluff series 01 - Follows Jackass O'Neill

*Jack POV*

My heart pounds wildly in my chest as I step into her lab. I haven't been here in.months. Those she spent working non-stop to get me home. And for all her efforts she got a punch in her stomach, metaphorically speaking. Jackass O'Neill. Duh. Sam's sleeping at her table, head on her arms. She must be exhausted. A fly buzzes by, disturbing her sleep, and she scrunches up her nose. So damn cute. I gently smooth her hair back and she doesn't even flinch. I risk touching her again, and graze her cheek with the back of my hand. "I'm sorry."

*Sam POV*

I come back from restroom break to find the door to my lab resting ajar. And I'm sure I had closed it. There's indeed something on my desk that wasn't there earlier. A mess hall tray with pasta, chicken salad, and a bowl of blue Jell-O. And leaning against my unfinished project is a teddy bear in dress blues. Someone had drawn an eagle on each shoulder. My stomach churns. We've been avoiding each other since.well, then. Between his front paws he holds the naquadah wires I needed and a simple card. Just two words in Jack's messy handwriting. 'Forgive me?'


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