Story Notes: Hate is Such a Strong Word 07: Season/sequel: Part 7 in the "Hate is such a strong word" series.

Author's notes: Please tell me you're all happy with this being the end… ;-) *feels whip cracking* *looks in the general direction of Lauren, Rosemary and Aud* Yeah, I didn't think so.

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Dedication: As always, for LEW.

Date: 11/01/05

Copyright to Venom, 2005


A good heart these days is hard to find
True love, the lasting kind
A good heart these days is hard to find
So please be careful with this heart of mine.


"I've been a real bitch for the last few months, haven't I?"


"Impossible to live with?"

"Absolutely impossible."

"Horrifically abusive?"


"Do you hate me for it?"

He didn't have to look up from the paper to see the fear on her face.

He could hear it.

Ever since they'd brought Heather home, she'd been nervous of doing something wrong. It was a new mother thing, he guessed, but even after two weeks her fears hadn't seemed to be put to rest. If she wasn't worried about hurting Heather or scarring her for life, then she seemed to be worried he was going to leave her for the next 'pretty young thing not carrying all this weight.'

"Not a bit."

"Why are you so patient with me?"

"Because I love you." He told her so every day, multiple times.

No matter what grade of ass he was being throughout her pregnancy, she had always said it back. Always. The other women at the pre-natal classes had thought they were hilarious; She would threaten to castrate him and then declare her love not thirty seconds later.

"I love you too." She was smiling at him over her 'New Mothers' magazine.

"You're doing really great, you know."

"Reading? Yeah, I picked up on that skill a while ago."

A month ago that would have been really snarky and a direct attack on his manliness. Today, however, it was back to being one of her cute little remarks. He loved it when she played with him. "I always said you were the brains of this relationship."

"And you're the beauty?"

He snorted. "Nope, you win first choice for that one too. Don't give me that look Sam, you're beautiful."

"I'm fat." She was being self-deprecating, but she wasn't blaming him for it.

"And you have Heather to show for that, you know."

"She is beautiful." Yep, she would so kick ass if anyone dared to even *think* that their kid was cuter.

"She takes after you." He'd said the same thing to her after the birth, and she'd been her Physco-Sam self at the time. He didn't need to hear her response to know that it would be different this now. He fear of screwing up might still be there, but she was returning to her Pre-Pregnancy-Self.

"Thank you."

"You know I mean it."

Sam smiled a brilliant smile. One Jack had thought that he would never see again. And he, his evil dick of doom, the wounded shoulder, recovering hand and bruised ego were all relieved. "I want to marry you."

Aw crap. "You're not supposed to say that."

"I'm not?"

"It's meant to be my line."

"Well, I beat ya too it." She poked her tongue out.

"We'll make an O'Neill out of you yet."


End Notes: *Please* let it be over now?


Cheers, Venom

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