Story Notes: WHat Should Have Happened? Just remember, I KNOW the clones died ... BUT ... THIS is AQ!'s world, where everyone is happy ... including the clones! Just remember this is NOT canon based!

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"Are you sure we should be doing this, Sir?" Clone Sam asked Clone Jack in the ship on the way to their planet.

Clone Jack grabbed Clone Sam's hand, and looked into her eyes. "How do you feel about me?"

"You know. I love you."

"Yes, and I love you, too. But, we can't be together because of the regulations. Now, if we do this, we'll be able to make love, and if we get caught, you can say you thought I was Real Jack, and I can say I thought you were Real Sam, OK?"

"Yeah." She avoided his eyes.

"Hey!" He raised her chin to look into her eyes again. "We can do this, OK? We'll know what it fells like to be together if only just one time. Won't it be worth it?" She nodded affermative. He kissed her lightly on the cheek. "But, there's only one problem ... our hair."

"I am NOT cutting my hair! No offence to Major Carter and all, but I like my hair like this!"

"Sam, we have no choice here." She closed her eyes, and shook her head. "Please?"

"OK! OK!" Clone Jack found a knife. "What?! YOU'RE gonna do it?! NOW!?"

"Yes, of course!"

"Oh My!" Sam Clone closed her eyes tightly, and whimpered as Clone Jack chopped off her hair.

"All done. See?" She looked in the mirror, and grinned. She looked just like Major Carter.

"Good. Now, what about you? How are you gonna make yourself have gray hair overnight?"

"Easy." He began cutting his hair. " It's all gray at the roots."

The clones walked in the holding room where their Real counterparts were resting.

"Hi!" Clone Jack said, grinning.

"He ... " Real Jack looked up at the clones. "What the hell have you done?!"

"Oh, My! " Real Sam said, smiling. "Yau'll look nice."

"They look just like us!"

"I think it's kinda cute! Besides, they're *supposed* to look just like us!"

"Thank you , Major Carter." Clones Sam and Jack said together.

"We shall be there in three hours." Real Teal'C stated.

"Great, then I'll be alone." Real Jack said to himself.

The real SG-1 and the Clones SG-1 (Minus the decapitated Damny, of course!) Arrived on the clones's planet from Earth in Chronus's "Borrowed" mother ship.

"Why did you have to come with us, anyway?" Clone Jack asked real Jack.

"I don't know, *Jack*, probrably to make sure you don't go out into the universe again. When we leave here, we're taking your gate with us." Real Jack answered his counterpart. Getting a look from Real Sam, he added, "Besides, we were gonna be in the neighborhood anyway." He looked at his Sam, and whispered "Satisfied". She just smiled her 100 killowatt smile.

"Well, you're no fun!" Clone Jack wined.

"Let's go!" Real Jack told Real Sam, Real Teal'C, and Daniel.

"Aww! So soon? Why don't you stay for dinner?" Clone Jack suggested.

"What are you doing?" Clone Teal'C asked Clone Jack. Clone Sam just looked at the wall.

"You eat?" Real Sam asked the clones.

"No, but We can cook something. " Clone Jack said.

"It IS a long trip to Vorash, Jack." Daniel said.

"OK! We'll eat, then we're leaving." Real Jack ordered.

"Don'tcha wanna rest a little?" Clone Jack asked.

"NO!" Real Jack answered. Real Sam grinned. "OK just a little while!"

"Great! Major Carter, you come with me. Captain, you can take care of Jack, right?" Clone Jack said.

"Yes, Sir. Come with me, Sir." She said to Real Jack.

"Where are we going, anyway?" Real Jack asked Clone Sam as they walked down the hallway.

"We're going to my sleeping quarters, Sir."

"Please, just call me Jack. It's enough my Sam has to call me Sir, you shouldn't have to."

Sam clone smiled the same smile his Sam would give him. "Ok, S ... Jack."

He grinned, and put his hand at the small of her back while the walked the rest of the way to her quarters. They arrived at room 1A.

"Here we are, Jack."

"You wanna come in for a few while I get settled?" He smiled at her ... her heart would have melted ... if she HAD a heart. "I'd like the company."

"OK. Just till you're settled." He opened the door for her, and she proceeded him into the room. "Sir ... uh ... Jack, have you and Major Carter ever ... you know ..."

"No! You know as well as I know, it's against regulations." He looked at her, and raised his eyebrows. She was blushing. " YOU'VE never gotten together?! There's no military here, no regs."

"I know ... but Colonel O'Neill is so ... well, you know how he is."

" Stupid? Idiotic? I know if Major Carter and I would be somewhere where there's no military or regs in our way, we would have made love ... or at least really kissed ..."

"Do you want to do it ..." He glared at her, surprised.

"I can't! It's against regulations!!!"

"I meant with me." Clone Sam pointed out.

"With YOU?! It's still ag ..."

"I'm not her, Jack. Haven't you wondered what it would feel like to make love to her?"

"Yes, of course I have ... every night in my dreams."

"Well, I'm an exact replica of her, Jack. I have feelings for my Jack, but he doesn't want to make love because of the regulations. I really want to know what it fells like to have him inside of me."

"But I'm not him."

"You're the closest I'll ever get to him." She looked down. "So ..." She looked up into his eyes shyly. "Do you want to do it?"

"Of course I do, it's what I've dreamed about for years ... but we shoul ... " He looked into her beautiful eyes. "OK ... just once, right?"

She smiled. "Yes, just the once." She went to the door.

"Where ya goin'? I thought you wanted to make love to me."

"I do, I just want to go get some candles. Romance and all. I'll be back in about 10 minutes, OK?" She stopped at the door. "Oh, Jack? Please don't mention the fact that I'm her clone. Just look at me, and see her, OK?"

"Yeah, OK." He laid down on the bed. "I'll wait for you here."

"OK. Just remember, no mention of me being a clone. Just call me Sam, and I'll call you Jack, OK?"

Meanwhile, on the B level ...

Jack Clone escorted Sam to his room 1B.

"Where are we?" She asked as he opened the door for her.

"Sam's quarters. I stay downstairs in 1A."

"Ok." She walked in the room, and sat on the bed. "So ...?"

"So, um, can I ask you something?"

Sam smiled at Clone Jack. "Sure. What's on your mind?"

"Have you and Jack ever ... "


"Do you have those kind of feeling for him."

Sam looked down, then back up into his eyes. "Yes, we both have feelings for each other, and we know about it ... apparently, so does General Hammond."

"GEORGE knows?!"

"According to Colonel O'Neill, yeah. A couple weeks ago, I "died", and was brain dead ... Colonel O'Neill said that the way General Hammond acted, he figured out that he knew."

"Well, if your Commanding Officer knows, you SHOULD be together."

"Even if he knows, and doesn't say anything, it's STILL against regulations, Sir."

"Please, call me Jack. I'm not him."

"OK, Jack." She smiled at him.

"Have you ever wonder what it would be like to be with him?"

"Yeah, all the time."

"Do you want to find out?"

"Jack, Colonel O'Neill and I can't do that! It's against ..."

"Regulations, I know. I meant would you like to make love with me." She raised her eyebrows in question. "I know I'm just a clone, but I do look just like him, have his memories. With me, you can see what it feels like to have him inside of you, and not have to worry about regulations." He put his hand on her cheek. The contact made her hold her breath, and close her eyes. His DID make her feel good when he touched her like that. "I am in love with you ... uh, her. We can't be together either. It's a shame ... we really should take advantage of this, Sam."

"No one will find out?"

"No, I won't tell anyone. I want this just as much as you do, Sam."

"OK." She laid on the bed.

"No! Not here. This is Captain Carter's quarters. Come down to my quarters, room ..."

"1A, yes, I remember."

"Yeah, 1A ... here. Give me a few minutes, and ... " He went in the drawer, and got out some candles. "Bring this." She smiled. "For romance." Sam blushed, and put her head down. "OH! One more thing! Please don't mention the fact that I'm a clone, not really him. Just look at me, and see him, OK? Call me Jack, and I'll call you Sam, OK?"

"Yeah, Jack."

"See you in about 10 minutes down in 1A."

She smiled. "OK, Jack."

Sam waited a few minutes, then walked out the room, and headed down the hall to the stairs. Clones Sam and jack giggled behind the wall, and went into his room when Sam left. They kissed, and closed the door ...

Sam walked down the stairs, and knocked on room 1A. "Jack?"

"Come in , Sam." She opened the door, and saw him lying on the bed. He had his shirt off, and had a sheet over the lower part of his body. " Come in, Sam." She walked over to the bed, nervously fiddling with the candles. "Here, let me. Do you want me to turn my head while you take off your clothes?"

"No, that's OK. I'm just nervous."

"I am too, Sam." He said, turning his head, and lighting the candles. "I never thought I'd ever be able to make love to you. This is an oppertunity for both of us." He felt her sit on the bed, and pull on the covers. "Hey? You're OK?" He asked her, turning to face her. She nodded, and turned her head away from him. He put his hand under her chin, and turned her face up toward him. She's so beautiful! "You're so beautiful." She went to turn away, but he kept her looking at him. He kissed her, lightly.

The made love ...

Afterwards, they layed in each other's arms.

"Oh, Jack. That was great." She purred.

"Yeah, I'm glad we didn't keep it in the room. Stupid Anise ..."

Sam's eyes widened. "Colonel? Is that you?!"

"Of course it's me, Carter."

"No, I mean REALLY you, not the clone."

"No, you're the clone."

"I'm not a clone, Sir."

He looked at her serious face, and it dawned on him. "Oh, my God! They set us up!" Sam and Jack both got up and began dressing. "I'm gonna kill em. Where are they?"

"I think I know. Room 1B."

Sam and Jack ran up the stairs, and opened room 1B. Laying on the bed in each other's arms were their counterparts, naked, sleeping. Jack smiled. "Come on, let's go..."

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