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Spoilers: Illusion to 2010

Sequel: This is the Sequel to 'What Do I Have to Do?', 'Put Your Arms Around Me', 'I Want You', 'Sweetest Day' and 'Fear'

Summary: Daniel, a song, a restaurant, and his friends.

Disclaimer: I can promise you I don't own SG-1 or anything by THISWAY

Authors Notes: I would like to apologize to everyone for my transcription of these lyrics... they were no where to be found on the internet so I set my CD player to repeat and after listening to the song about 60 times I came up with 4 different versions of what they could possibly be saying... I chose the one that made the most sense and that fit what I needed to be said. The song is 'Nice' by THISWAY. the song's kinda fast, not too happy but nowhere near as depressing as all the others. If you can, I recommend you DL it even though the CD got horrible reviews.

Thank You: Anyone who sent feedback

It's Sunday... I'm supposed to be on downtime, I guess I still am, I just like to oh I don't know, sleep in sometimes. But no, Jack called me at 0600 this morning and invited me to breakfast, I couldn't refuse my best friend so I called up Teal'c and Janet and inflicted the same early morning wake up call on them- Janet was already up, Teal'c I thought was going to try a Zat through the phone.

So here I am at the restaurant, on time for once, and I'm the only one here, why do these fun things always happen to me? Finally Janet comes through the door and joins me at the large table, she has brought Teal'c as she said she would and I'm glad to see that the staff has stopped laughing over my invisible friends.

"Did Colonel O'Neill say why he wanted to see us?"

"No, he just said he wanted to share a meal and some news with his good friends." Teal'c processes this information while adjusting his baseball hat, he opens his mouth to speak but closes it as Sam and Jack walk through the doors holding hands. This *really* must have been one interesting weekend, last I saw them they wouldn't even look at one another.

They join us, sitting next to each other in the booth across from us, his arm around her shoulder, well at least they're not trying to hide anything from us.

*He's really nice but much too old for her, she didn't like to be that cruel, and if his scars had not shown through to her she might be labelled a fool.*

I look at my best friend, he looks the happiest I've ever seen him, and he's relaxed... really relaxed. Somehow in the last two days he's found happiness, and by the way he's got his arm around Sam and lightly stroking her shoulder I'm pretty sure it's with her... if not I think I'm going to have to hang out on the ramp when the Stargate activates. Somehow Sam's been able to see past everything in Jack's former life and see exactly who he is, I've known him longer, but I think she knows him better than I do.

*She's really nice but nice ain't every thing. She'd like a man to pull these strings, to loosen up every inch of her. She might be living her dreams*

Looking at Sam I can tell she's finally gotten what she wants. Sam is one of the best people I know, constantly coming up with yet another way to save the planet- she deserves all the happiness she can find... I'm just glad she found it with Jack, because if she hadn't he'd have probably locked himself up in the woods and never come away from his cabin again.

*They're really nice, they're really nice.
It's really nice, falling into place, it's really nice to be heard.*

"So Jack, what's up?" I ask, attempting to break the maddening silence that descended when Sam and he joined us at the table, the reason for our early-morning get-together blatantly obvious.

"We felt that we owed you the benefit of knowing about 'us' before the rest of the base. We're going to tell Hammond about our 'romantic relationship' tomorrow morning, we're not going to hide this and allow SG-1 to suffer for our own duplicity just so that we can cover our own asses."

"We also wanted you to know that we understand if you don't want to be implicated in this at all... there 'will' be a court martial and even being suspected of assisting us in hiding our relationship would look bad on any service record." Sam's speaking to Janet now, considering that Teal'c and I aren't in the military.

*It's really nice, fall and fade away.

I'm feeling low, I feel my insides burn, I'd like to take a chance with you now and if it could reconsider me. I'd be just for you. I'd be just for you. And really nice, and really nice.*

Despite how incredibly serious the situation now is, I'm happy for Sam and Jack, they've been able to find happiness. Sam's still talking to Janet and I can tell she's assuring her that no mater what she'd support her friends. Janet really is an amazing woman, she's just told Sam that's she's willing to give up everything for her- her career, her military rank which she's worked so hard to gain; she claims that she is an MD and that she will still be able to support Cassandra. Cassandra is another thought, would they take her away? Janet did legally adopt her, but could the government manoeuvre it so that they could get her away? I won't let it happen, if it comes down to it we'll work something out... all five of us.

*It's really nice, falling into place, it's really nice to be you, it's really nice fall and fade away.*

We keep talking and somehow things start to make sense... we can get through this if we stick together. Janet looks to me and smiles a brilliant smile... I believe she is perhaps the only woman who I could come close to loving like I did Sha'uri. Sam and jack are happy, Teal'c has even pledged his support and claims to already be in preparation for the 'battle ahead'.

*Wish everyone was just like me, wish everyone was what they seemed. Wish everyone took my advice, wish everyone was really nice.*

Our plan: go in there as honest as possible, as blunt as possible, and as compliant as possible. If there's something any one of us can do to keep SG-1 intact then we'll do it. In the few minutes we've been sitting at this table we've all committed ourselves to this cause, whoever can be happy, will be happy. Friday Teal'c and I were afraid that our scheme to get our friends together had backfired and caused the downfall of SG-1, but alas, we were right in our reasoning that if given the proper opportunity and of course enough time for them to come to their senses they would take the gentle kick in the ass from us.

*It's really nice, falling into place, it's really nice to be heard. It's really nice, fall and fade away.*

This is it, we're going to do something that could either destroy SG-1 or cement its position in the SGC.



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