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CATEGORY: Sam and Jack


SEASON/SEQUEL: Set after Divide and Conquer / Sequel to Because I didn't say 'I love you' and Because she said it, third in the Because... Series



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AUTHOR'S NOTES: So here is part three of what is now officially the Because... Series, thanx for the name Flo! I have no idea where this is going and I work on two other stories so please be patient for new parts.

The next part of Saviors and Survivors is currently with my beta reader, god bless Karen, who has to endure my spelling... anyway as soon as I get it back I'll post it.
Thanx to Little Miss for the betaing.

Teal'c practically carried a subdued Sam to her quarters. Her cheeks are stained with silent tears, as I watch her sitting on the bed, staring into nothing.

Suddenly I realise something about Samantha Carter.

She's just as human as the rest of us, except for that little protein marker, of course, but that's not what I meant.

I mean she is a woman like Janet, a soldier like Jack, a scientist like myself, and warrior like Teal'c. I knew all of these things, but only now do I know that this is the right order.

Whatever fate throws at Samantha Carter, she throws it right back, and a grenade after it. That's what she wants us to believe. She never fooled me with that act. Just about the depth of her pain.

As much as she wants us to believe she's the soldier first, her heart bleeds every time she has to act as one.

And today, her heart bleeds because the woman once again, fought her way to the surface.

She was all soldier when she pulled that trigger, killing Martouf, but as soon as he fell and she ran to catch him, she was the woman, not the soldier or the scientist, no part can explain that what she did was right. Well maybe one part could or rather someone could. Someone who's a part of her.

Something happened today, I haven't had the chance to find out yet, but the grapevine is buzzing. That's NEVER a good sign.

But, even without the busy gossipers, I would know that something changed.

They act different, more aware of each other, painfully aware.

It's a pain they could easily resolve together, among other pains.

But they won't. Because they never talk.



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