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CATEGORY: Sam and Jack


SEASON/SEQUEL: Set after Divide and Conquer. Sequel to "Because I didn't say 'I love you'", "Because she said it", "Because they never talk"


ARCHIVE: Wherever you want, just let me know so I can boost my ego a bit :)

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I have a question for you , should I continue this in those little point of view parts or do you want a third person's view conclusion, which would be longer, just let me know, 'kay? Again hugs and chocolat Colonels to Little Miss for her suggestions. On with the show...

I sometimes think that I finally understand how the Tau'ri mind operates.

And then there are days like today, which prove my assumptions wrong.

The concept of true love is one of the most desirable things on Chulak, due to our situation, 'love' is, in most cases, just a simple physical attraction, nothing more. But the rare times when one finds his or her true love, those people are celebrated and congratulated for their luck.

On Earth they are ashamed.

I've seen their telivision shows and half of them deal with love in some capacity, their minds are highly preoccupied with the subject.
But my two friends...

I like MajorCarter, she is a good and dear friend, and I do not enjoy to see her hurting, but as DanielJackson, I know that I cannot assist her, so I left together with him to 'get some air' I believe he said.

I restrained myself from reminding him that we are indeed getting the same amount of air inside the SGC as we would get on Earth's surface, instead I simply walked beside him.

We met DoctorFraiser on the way to the elevators, but she was unable to be detained much longer so we did not engage in conversation with her. I briefly wonder if I should ask her to speak with MajorCarter, but I decidenot to.

For two reasons, one, DoctorFraiser is a very persistant woman and good friend of MajorCarter's, she will talk to her regardless of my recommendations to do so. Second I am unfamiliar with the mourning rituals on Earth, DanielJackson demonstrated that occurance after the death of his wife. I would not want to intrude in what is a fragile set of friendships.

The only reason I would disregard those intentions are in the case of O'Neill. He, by all means, should be the one to help MajorCarter through this. I have witnissed something today, which I should not have, the words spoken were those of privacy

Granted those words may never would have been spoken otherwise, they were still private.

I like ColonelO'Neill as I do MajorCarter, they are, with Dr. Fraiser and Dr. Jackson, my best friends on this planet, my surrogate family and I can not help but feel their pain as if it was my own. And it's such an unnecessary pain.

I smile as I remember a converstaion I once had with Daniel Jackson, he said at one point, "I swear to you if those two don't resolves their issues in the next few weeks I'm gonna lock them into a room together until they talk to each other."

I smiled then and I smile now, the only bad thing is that DanielJackson was probably right. Maybe we should put them in a room and do not let them out before they are honest which each other.

I think we are obligated to do that, we have to help them, because we are their friends.



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