Story Notes: Warnings: Sequel to "Trespassers... Tortured!" and "Repercussion"

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"What?! You can't quit! No!" Sam exclaimed angrily. "And why not?"

"Because you can't. I won't let you. Why? Why do you wanna resign anyway?"

"The SGC doesn't need me anymore Sam. And besides, look at me."

"I'm looking. What am I supposed to see apart from my husband?"


"Don't, *Sam* me. The SGC does need you. It does. Don't look at me like that, it's true. You know it is."

"No it isn't. I'm useless now. They need new people. Not me. You'd be a better CO now."

"No! You are. Look at our last mission. You probably saved me from being injured pretty badly, or even killed."

"Yeah, and look what happened to me. You ended up saving me. I'm the one in the hospital bed. I'm here again. Same as last time. Two missions in a row. Doesn't that say something to you?"

"Ok, so that was a bad example, but you've saved us on numerous occasions. You're a great CO. Don't say you're not. Ok, so you ended up getting hurt again, but there were so many of them Jack. You didn't have a hope in hell of getting out of there. That was just the way it happened. And it certainly doesn't make you a bad CO."

"Sam, it'll just keep happening like this. We'll come back from missions and I'll end up here. I'm no use to anyone in here."

"It wouldn't happen like this all the time. It was just unlucky, that's all. How do you know it would happen again? You're the most important member of the team Jack. We need you."

"Yeah, and if I'm in here all the time, then I'm not gonna be on the mission. A mission's no good if you've got a CO who can't go because he's injured in the Infirmary every day. I'm resigning Sam. Nothing you say will change my mind. I'm sorry."

"I'll quit if you do. I'll go too."

"Sam. The SGC *does* need you. You're a physicist. You're important here. I'm just an officer. Plenty of them around."

"Jack, the SGC needs you. SG1 needs you. Why can't you just believe that?"

"Because... I can't."

"I'll be back later. Stay in here. Rest. Think about what you're doing. Bye." Sam kissed his cheek and then left.


"General." He looked up and smiled. "Sit down Jack."

"Sorry sir. I'm not staying. Just came to give you this." Jack handed him a yellow envelope and then left. Hammond knew what it was before he opened it. He wasn't staying, in more ways than one. He slowly broke the seal on the envelope and pulled out the contents. Colonel Jack O'Neill's resignation. Hammond sighed. One week after his first mission after having nearly six months off, and he had just recovered from being injured again. Admittedly, not great for your confidence, but the General thought he would have stuck to it for a bit longer than that. So now what? Hammond had just lost his best officer. And his friend. He couldn't refuse the resignation, but he could hold it for a while, just to be sure, he wouldn't change his mind. He didn't. Three days later, Jack was gone from the SGC, for good. Much to Sam's disapproval. She was going to get used to the idea, eventually. Missions weren't going to be the same anymore. Everything was different. They were all used to his ways. They were all used to everything he did. Their first mission was going to be under Sam's command, until they could find a new CO to take over. Sam didn't want to do it. She didn't feel right being in command of SG1. She had to do it, but she didn't want to.


"SG1, you have a go" the General called over the PA. "Major Carter, are you ready?" he asked. "Yes sir" she replied uncertainly with a nod. She didn't want to be called Major *Carter* anymore. She was Sam O'Neill now. She had to keep Carter as her title at the SGC though, because Jack was there. He wasn't anymore though. She didn't even want to think about that. The mission went better than she hoped, and they all returned safely. The process continued for many weeks, while the search for a new CO for SG1 continued. Sam continued as Commanding Officer while they waited. She missed having Jack with her all the time, but embraced the time they shared at home together. She told the General that she wanted to be titled Major O'Neill, now that Jack wasn't there. He accepted. Missions continued. Sam was almost sick of being in command after three weeks. But the procedure sustained while they awaited their new CO to arrive.


"Incoming wormhole." Was announced at 18:30 hours. "Any signal comin' through?"

"Colonel O'Neill?"

"Hey. Just visiting. I can do that can't I?"

"Hello Jack."

"Hey General. How's things?"

"Good. And yourself?"

"Fine thanks. So, who's comin' home?"

"SG1 signal coming through sirs."

"Open the Iris" the General instructed. "My favourite team" Jack commented as the Iris slid open. The General and he stood, waiting for the team to walk through the Gate. They finally did. Jack walked down the stairs to greet them. "Jack?" Daniel acknowledged incredulously. It had been nearly two months since he and Teal'c had seen their friend. "Hey Daniel. No, you're not seeing things. It's me. Hey Teal'c" Jack said. "O'Neill. Why are you here?" The Jaffa questioned. "Nice to see you too. I'm just visiting. Hey sweetheart" Jack said as he hugged his wife warmly. She smiled. "Hi baby" she countered, hugging her husband back, just as warmly. "How are you?" she asked quietly. "Ok. You?"

"Good. What are you doing here?"

"Visiting. Bored at home. Not happy to see me?" he asked with a smile. "Always."

"Major O'Neill, sorry to interrupt, the General said to notify you of the de-briefing in one half hour" an Airman interrupted. She looked at him and nodded. He left. "Major O'Neill now huh?" Jack smiled as he held her in his arms. She smiled at him. "I liked it better" she replied. "Well then, you'd better get ready for your de-briefing, Major O'Neill" he told her. She smiled at his slight, light hearted mockery. "I'd better. You gonna sit in?"

"Am I allowed to?"

"I think so."

"Ok then."

"See you in a few minutes."



After the de-briefing, Jack left for home. Sam still had a report to write up, and some research to complete, and told him she'd meet him at home. At 22:14, she was *finally* finished and headed home. "Jack?" she called as she walked in the door and dropped her keys on the table. She poked her head into their bedroom and saw no sigh of him there either. "Jack?" she called again. "Up here." Sam wandered out onto the decking and climbed up the ladder to the roof. "Here you are" she said as she saw him sitting in a deck chair on the roof looking through his Telescope. "Beautiful night. Lots of stars to look at."

"Really? Let me see" she said as she put her eye to the end and looked through the scope. He was right, as always. There were lots of stars to look at. An unusual amount. "Not half as beautiful as you though" he commented. She took her eye away from the star filled view and looked at Jack. In his deep brown eyes, she saw his love for her shining back at her. She liked it. "What are you saying?" she asked playfully. "I'm saying that stars don't compare with you" he replied. His words glowing with affection and sincerity. Sam smiled. "You're so flattering. I like that. I like you better" she said as she kissed him softly. "Like?"

"Mmm. Love."


"What, you didn't know?"

"Course I did. Just wanted to hear you say it."





"Big word."

"What? You think a stargazer can't talk fancy?"

"How about we go inside and do something fancy?"

"Such as?"

"I think you know where I'm going."

"If it's where I think, then stars can wait."

"Well, it is."

"See ya stars" Jack waved at the sky. Sam laughed. They went back down the ladder and into the house. It was a cold night. Windy. Probably not safe to be on the roof anyway. The windows rattled as the strong wind blew them. They shut them after a small battle of forces. Shortly after, lightning flashed around through the glass. Just adding to the mood for the pair. After quickly finding their room, it didn't take long for all attire to be removed and flung to the floor.


"Jack. I'm going. Jack" Sam said as she tried to rouse him. "Hmm?" he mumbled. "I'm going now" she repeated softly. "Oh. You have to?"

"Sorry. I'll be late tonight. Don't wait up."


"Yeah. Lots of paperwork and reports to fill out."

"Bring 'em home."

"Can't. I'll eat out too. Sorry. On stand-down tomorrow though. I won't go anywhere. Promise" Sam smiled and kissed him as she left the room. "Ok" he sighed. "Bye."

"See ya."


Three more weeks later, and SG1 were notified that they were recruiting a new CO. Sam was less than impressed. She would never accept the new officer. Never. And she would take a long to time to adjust to whoever it was. She knew she would probably be bitchy to the person. She didn't care. She almost pitied the poor guy already. She was almost used to being in command now. Whenever this new CO did something, she would always say, how their other CO would never do things like that. Or how she would never do that. Whatever the officer did, Sam knew she would always be comparing the two. Daniel, and even Teal'c, weren't looking forward to the arrival. "So, who's this new CO we're getting Sam?" Daniel asked, less than enthusiastically. "Don't know. General Hammond didn't say" Sam replied. "Is it a male officer?" Teal'c questioned. "Yeah. I think so" Sam answered. "It probably would be. Still, it won't be the same as Jack" Daniel commented. They all shook their heads solemnly. "No. It will not" Teal'c agreed. "When is he getting here?" Daniel queried. "Right now." Came a voice. They all turned. "Jack?!" Daniel questioned incredulously. "Hey folks."

"Jack? How..." Sam began as she walked closer to him. "I took back my notice. I was going nuts at home without you. And besides, I missed this place" Jack said as he hugged Sam. She smiled. She was so glad. "Are you ready to ship out SG1?" The General called over the PA. "Yes sir" they all replied in unanimity. They all smiled as they walked up the ramp and to the event horizon. Things, now, were just perfect again.


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