Story Notes: sequel to '310 Days'

Spoilers/Season/Sequel Info: Episode addition to 100 Days/ season 3

Story warnings: language

Author's Note: Okey dokey, some of you wanted a sequel, and fast. I've tried really, but I had exams. And for a week I was stuck on the ending. Hope it isn't too crappy. I'd appreciate some honest feedback. You can also throw some tomatoes at me if you don't like it. ;) This story is NOT beta read, so all mistakes that Word hasn't been able to correct are mine and only mine.

A/N 1: I used the same 'technique' on the title as before (60 days- the sequel's extent-without the epilogue) Continues where the story left off.

Sam closed her eyes. She felt sick. Her world collapsed around her in the matter of few minutes. She didn't want to look at Jack right now. Finally, she took up all her courage and looked at him. His mouth was open in a disbelief, then he turned his head to look at Sam. He saw tears in her eyes and mouthed 'Sam', but she just shook her head and ran away. "Sam!" Jack shouted after her, but she didn't stop. He buried his face in his hands-he didn't care who saw him at that moment. Then he remembered the visitor, but Daniel and Teal'c were already greeting Laira.

"And where is Jack, Daniel?" Jack heard Laira say. "I'm here." He spoke up as he strode towards them. Laira made a move to hug and kiss him, but he jerked away. She looked at him questioningly. "What are you doing here, Laira?" he asked coldly. "I wanted to give birth to your son on your home planet." Daniel looked at him disbelievingly, then shook his head and made his way to find Sam. "What are you talking about?" "Can we please talk somewhere else?" Laira begged. Jack led her to the briefing room.

"Laira, what has gotten into you?" "Jack..." "No, Laira. I don't want to hear it. I don't know what you were thinking when you went through the gate, but this is just...!" Jack was at loss of words.


Meanwhile in the infirmary

"Sam, calm down. It isn't healthy for you at the moment." Janet ordered Sam. "I don't care right now, Janet." Sam said with tears in her eyes. "But it's important. You shouldn't lose your temper or..." "I know, I know. It isn't healthy. But I can't help it. That....woman....just came through the Stargate. Pregnant." With that she broke down. "Sweetheart, I'm so sorry, I didn't know they..." "Don't. I don't want to hear it." "Sam?" Daniel rushed to the infirmary. "What?" "Are you alright?" "What a stupid question is that?! Of course I'm not alright. He lied to me. He LIED to ME." "Sam, calm down." Janet instructed. "Sam, I'm so sorry." Daniel put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Yeah. What does she want?" "She told us she want to give birth to Jack's child on his home planet." Sam closed her eyes and let the tears fall freely. Daniel embraced her softly. Just then Jack came rushing through the infirmary door. Janet saw him and walked towards him to stop him. "Sir, I don't think this is the best time. Please go away." "No. Sam?" "Go away." She murmured to Daniel's chest. "Jack...don't be an ass. Leave her alone for a while." "OK. But we have to talk." He said sadly and turned to go away.

"What is with Major Carter, General?" Laira asked the General as they walked through the other door moments later. Sam looked up and immediately she wanted to kill this woman. "I don't know. Doctor Fraiser?" "She's fine, General. Don't worry." "Alright. Doctor, can you please check Laira over? She wants to stay here until her child is born." Janet looked at Sam questioningly. She gave her a reluctant, slight nod. "Alright."


Sam and Daniel walked out of the infirmary. "Sam?" Jack asked. He was right behind the door. "Yeah?" "Can we talk now?" "Sam?" Daniel assured himself. "Go, Daniel. Thanks."

There was an awkward silence hanging between them.

"Can we take it somewhere more private, please?" Jack begged. "Sure." She replied coldly. They went together to her lab.

"What did you want to talk about?" "Sam, I really didn't sleep with her." She looked at him uncertainly. "Sammy..." he took a step towards her. "No. Don't 'Sammy' me." She backed away. "Sam..." he reached out to touch her arm. "Don't touch me!" she jumped back. "You lied to me!" "I didn't, Sam, please believe me! I did not sleep with her!" "How can I believe you? There she is, walking around the base very pregnant, along 8 months. How can I? Just tell me one good reason why should I believe you!" she yelled at him with tears in her eyes. "I love you." "That's not the reason and you know it!" "Sam..." he tried softly. "Go to hell, Jack O'Neill!" she yelled. "Get out of here!" Jack hung his head and turned to leave, but a sudden cry got his attention. He turned around and saw Sam, leaning against her desk, clutching her stomach in one hand, look of pain etched on her face. "Sam? Sam! What's wrong?" before she got to response, she passed out, falling to the ground, only to be caught by Jack. He decided to pick her up and carry her to the infirmary.

"Colonel! What happened?" Janet asked him, worry creeping into her voice. "I don't know! One time she was yelling at me and when I was about to leave, she cried out in pain and held her stomach." "This is what I warned her about! I told her not to lose her temper." "Doc, you know what's wrong?" Jack asked worriedly. "Yeah. But not now. Please, Colonel, leave. I need to examine her."

10 minutes later

Jack was getting really impatient. He paced the hall in front of the infirmary. He was so worried about Sam. How could Janet know what was wrong with her? Didn't they tell him something? Finally, Janet walked out of the infirmary.

"Doc?" "She's okay, as long as she doesn't lose her temper." "I don't get it, doc." Jack confessed and hung his head. "Sam told me she wanted to tell you today..." "What?" "She's pregnant."


Jack stood there with his mouth hanging open, eyes bulging from his skull. "I...I...what...I....but..." Jack took a calming breath to get over the shock. " was the baby that..." "Yeah." "How long?" "Along 3 months." "Already? Why didn't she tell me anything?" "She feared she will lose her baby because of the naquada in her blood after Jolinar. We weren't sure the baby will survive. We don't know what that might do to a pregnancy, so we have to watch her closely and better keep her calm." Janet explained and Jack nodded his head. "Are they both alright?" "Yeah as far as I can tell." "May I see her?" "OK. But just a few minutes, she needs to rest. And I remind you, Colonel, absolutely no getting her upset, do you understand? That also includes keeping Laira from her as far as possible. By the way, I did a regular check-up on Laira and she seems to be along 8 months pregnant. I need to run some test to see when the baby was exactly conceived." "Doc? Can you please do the DNA test?" "I'm sorry, but her pregnancy seems to be a risk, so the DNA test in this case won't be possible to run before she delivers. What, Colonel, are you questioning your fatherhood?" She stated coldly. "In fact, doc, I do. If you excuse me..." he left the hall and went to the infirmary.

Sam sat on the bed, looking anywhere but at Jack who just entered. "Hi." He said softly. "Hi." She replied. "Doc told me everything." "Oh." Jack sat on the chair near her bed and took her hand in his. She tried to pull it out of his grasp but didn't succeed. "Sam, please listen to me. I don't want to upset you and lose our baby." She gave up trying. "Okay." She said in a defeat and looked at him. She squeezed his hand and he ran his thumb across her soft skin. "Janet told me the DNA tests on Laira's child can't be run before she delivers." "You wanted to say 'your' baby." "Sam, it isn't mine, I swear." "We've already discussed this, Jack. I don't want to get all upset." "Okay, we won't discuss it anymore." "Jack, it's not that I don't trust you. I do, with all my life, but I need to have some evidence, do you understand?" "Yeah." "And I will be patient and wait for the tests, as long as it takes." "I'm glad." Sam studied him carefully. He seemed very sad. "Jack?" when he didn't look up she lifted his chin. "What is it?" "Nothing." "Jack...I can't read your mind. What's going on in that thick skull of yours?" "I'm scared." He confessed. Sam never saw a look like that on his face. Look of utter fear. "Why?" "That I will lose you and our baby." "You will never lose me. Or our baby." She reassured him. "I love you, Jack." "I know. And I love you too." He paused. "But what if Laira's child is really mine?" "Jack, if you didn't sleep with her..." "I know, but what if she drugged me and then..." Just then Janet came to them. "Colonel, I've run the tests." "And?" "Sam, do you want to hear it? I don't want to upset you." "Janet, just tell us. We've made up." "I'm glad to hear that. So, Laira's child has been conceived the day before the Colonel was rescued." Sam reached out and took Jack's hand tightly in hers. "What happened back then?" Sam asked him cautiously. "Well, they had some feast. I drank something, but it wasn't alcoholic. Then me and Laira kissed. Nothing else had happened." He reassured Sam. "Okay. We will have to wait until she goes into a labour. You two take it easy. General Hammond gave you some needed downtime." Janet ordered them.


1 month later, Jack's house, 06:00 am

Sam stood in front of the mirror in Jack's bedroom and studied her profile. Jack snored slightly on the bed, making Sam smile to herself. She studied her belly carefully. She noticed the top with spaghetti straps she wore to bed was slowly rising up and above her belly. She smoothed her hand across her stomach and just then Jack woke up.

"What are you doing in front of my mirror at..." he blinked his eyes several times to focus on the clock on his nightstand. " 6 o'clock in the morning?" he mumbled sleepily. "Come back to bed."

"I needed to pee. And I noticed something while I was going back to bed." "Wha?" "Come here." She smiled at him. He rose from the bed, complaining, and walked to Sam. She turned so they were standing with their sides to the mirror. Sam lifted up her top above her belly. "See? I'm starting to show." She took his hands and placed them over her stomach. "Wow." Was all Jack could say as he gently smoothed her growing belly. "Yeah. I need to buy new clothes." She started to giggle. "What have I said about giggling, Major?" he mumbled into her shoulder while nipping at her soft skin. He pulled her closer to him and his mouth assaulted her throat. "Jack..." she moaned. Just then the telephone rang. "Oh, for cryin' out loud." They said simultaneously and laughed afterwards. Jack walked over to the phone and picked it up. "O'Neill." "Jack, it's General Hammond. Did I wake you up?" "Sir! No, you didn't. What do you need, General?" "Well, Doctor Fraiser wanted me to inform you and Sam that Laira is in labour." "Really? How long?" "From yesterday's night. She will soon deliver. Doctor Fraiser wants you both there." "Okay, we'll be right there." He hung up. Sam walked up to him and hugged him from behind. "What was that about?" "Laira is in labour from yesterday's night and she will soon deliver. The doc wants us both there." "Oh, wow! I can't believe this is happening." "Me neither. Sam?" Jack turned around. "Hmmm?" "I want you to know that if the child was mine, I...." "Jack...again having doubts? Don't worry."


SGC, 08:00 am

They rushed to the base and to the General's office. "General?" Jack spoke up first. "Sorry we are late, Sam had a morning sickness..." "It's okay, son. Let's go to the infirmary to find out what's new." They all went to the infirmary, Jack holding Sam's hand all the way. Janet stopped them in the hallway. "General, Colonel, Sam." Janet greeted them. "Laira just gave birth to a boy. Both are healthy and she needs to rest." "Doc, when will you be able to run those tests on him?" Jack asked. "We can do it immediately. Some of his blood has been taken from him, so we just need yours blood, Colonel." "Okay." Jack sighed, looked at Sam and squeezed her hand. The three of them went to Janet's office. "Okay, roll up your sleeve, Colonel." He obeyed. Janet stuck the needle into his vein. Jack winced. "You know how I like those needles." He smiled at Sam and she squeezed his other hand, smiling reassuringly. Janet took some blood sample and cleaned the puncture. "Now you two need to be patient. It may take a while. Probably just a few days."

The day was there. Sam was really nervous. It has been nearly two months since Laira came through the Gate. She gave birth to her son at the base. The DNA tests came out today. Janet had called her. Jack didn't want to know from the doc, so he sent Sam. And here she was, standing in front of Jack's door, ready to knock.

"Hey." He greeted her as he opened the door. "Hi." She kissed him on the cheek. Jack became alarmed. She even didn't smile at him. She kept a straight face all the time she's been speaking. " did it go?" Jack rubbed his palms nervously against his thighs. "It went...well." There was an awkward pause between them. "So..." " gonna tell me the result?" She nodded and took his hand in hers. "Jack..." she paused and looked at their joined hands. "The baby is..." she took a deep breath. "...not yours." She started to smile. Her words slowly sank in and he lifted her up and spun her around, laughing happily. "Jack! Jack! Stop! I'm going to be sick!" he put her on her feet. "Sorry." He gave her an apologetic smile. "It's not mine....I knew it." Jack kissed Sam passionately. "Oh, I love you, Sammy!" he cried out suddenly. "I love you too." She responded as they embraced tightly.

Back to SGC, 1 day later

"Laira, I need to speak with you." Jack told her sternly. She just nodded.

"Why did you tell everyone that the baby's mine, when it's not true?" "Jack, I wanted to know how would you react." "Well, that was very nice of you." He remarked sarcastically. "But you've nearly ruined my whole life. Sam didn't believe me at first and nearly she lost our child because of your arrival." "Oh, I didn't know you and Sam were engaged. How long?" "Yeah. And that's not your business. Laira, I have to send you back, with your son. In fact, I want to." "Alright. I should've seen that coming." Laira sighed then hung her head and went to pack her things and with her son, they left Earth, 2 days later.


5 months later, Jack's house, 23:51 S

am and Jack slept peacefully on their bed, cuddled together. Sam was lying on her side because of her protruding belly and Jack was spooned up behind her, their joined hands resting where their baby slept. Past the few months Sam's pregnancy was very calm with no complications. They joined the Lamaze classes and they had been going on them together, learning how to breathe correctly.

Sam woke up with a start. She hasn't been feeling well all day and now her daughter (as she hoped) was 'punching' her bladder all day, so Sam wanted to pee every hour. So, Sam waggled out of Jack's arms and went to bathroom. When she was returning, she felt a sharp stab of pain in her stomach and quickly realized what's going on.

"Jack!" she yelled to wake him up. He jolted up, confused. "What?" he blinked several times to focus on the form leaning against the doorframe, breathing heavily. "Sam? What's wrong?" "I think my water just broke." She looked at him desperately. Jack hurried to her side and helped her sit down on the bed and quickly put on some clothes. "Okay." He breathed out, taking his cell-phone and calling Janet. "Doc? Thank God you're still on the base! Listen, Sam's water just broke, I'm going to drive to the base, okay? Be prepared." They hurried (rather slowly, due to Sam's current state) to his truck and drove off to the base. "Jack!" she hissed in pain. "Don't worry, sweetheart, it will be alright. We're going to be there any second." "It hurts." "I know, Sammy. I love you." He pulled up into the parking lot on the base. Janet and the medical team was already there with a stretcher. Sam slowly climbed up on it and took Jack's hand, while they wheeled her to the infirmary.


"Sam, you're not fully dilated, do not push." Janet instructed. "What do you mean?" Sam yelled at her in frustration. Janet looked at her sympathetically. "You're only 6 cm. We must wait." "Only 6 cm? So why do I feel like a Grand Canyon?" Jack smiled to himself, but Sam noticed. "And why are *you* smiling, Mister? You were the one who got me into this." "I'm sorry. But we must wait." He kissed her sweaty forehead. Janet jabbed a sedative into her spine. Sam finally started to relax. "How long, Janet?" "I'd say an hour. Just stay here and I'll examine you next hour."

Hour later

"Sam, you're fully dilated now. Are you ready to meet the baby of yours?" "By all means, let's get started." Sam's contractions were very hard, so she was in a great deal of pain. "Okay, when I tell you to push, you will push, understand?" Sam nodded vehemently and licked her sweaty lips. Jack softly caressed her hair, whispered calming words and encouragements to her and held her hand, although he now and then thought she would break it.

"Sam, this is the hardest part-the shoulders. When I tell you, just push with all your might." Sam pushed as hard as she could, squeezed Jack's hand tightly and cried out. "Fine, you're doing fine. With the next contraction, push one more time." She obeyed and pushed again. Loud wailing noise filled the infirmary and Janet proudly announced: "It's a girl, she's beautiful." She softly took the infant and cut the navel cord and handed her to the nurse who examined the small baby quickly. Janet then took the baby from her and placed her in Sam's arms. Sam bit her lower lip and smiled. "She's so beautiful." The baby looked at her with the big blue eyes and mouth open wide, staring at her mother, suddenly forgetting to cry. "Hey baby." Jack stood there dumfounded with his mouth open, gazing at the baby-girl and her mother, unable to speak. "How will you call her?" Janet asked curiously. "We haven't decided yet. Jack?" she looked up at him and smiled at his expression. "Janet? Please, give her to him." Janet took the baby from Sam's arms and placed her in Jack's. Almost immediately he started baby talking to her, and the little girl just looked at her father in amazement. Finally, Jack was able to speak. "She's beautiful. Just like her mother. She has your eyes." He looked at Sam and smiled widely. Just then, the General, Daniel and Teal'c walked through the door. "Well...?." General Hammond asked. "It's a girl, General. Healthy, beautiful girl." Janet announced proudly. "I think congratulations are in order. Sam, Jack." General acknowledged and looked at the small baby in Jack's arms. "She is indeed beautiful. Just like her mother." Teal'c hugged Sam. "Thank you, Teal'c." "Wow. How did you decided to call her?" Daniel asked. "I think...Jack, what do you say...Abigail?" Sam looked at Jack. "Abby? That's a pretty name." He looked at his daughter once again and she held out her small hands to touch his face. He grinned. "Very pretty name, in fact. Abby..."



Just a few months later after the birth of Abby, Sam and Jack got married. It was a small, but beautiful ceremony. Only their closest friends were present.

5 years later, Abby turned to be a smaller version of Jack, however, with Sam's look. She had blonde hair and huge blue eyes, but she was really lively and totally restless. She often hide from her parents in Teal'c's room. She grown on Teal'c very much.

Jack's and Sam's marriage wasn't always perfect. They had rows sometimes, but they loved making up. They had been up and down, but still standing proudly together as a family.


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