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"I still think that this is a bad idea Jack"

"Daniel, for cryin' out loud, quit your moaning. It's only a Skiing competition!"

"Yeah, between the whole of the SGC! You've both been skiing for years, I have had precisely three days experience and yet you still want me to race!"

"Daniel, it's not that hard, and its a *reasonably* straight course" Although she was doing her best to support Daniel, Sam's grin was hidden from no one.

"I should've figured that you'd stick up for him. You know, I think I preferred it when you guys weren't together, at least then you used to stick up for me Sam!"

Neither Jack nor Sam could hide the grin that spread across their faces. They knew that Daniel was only lashing out cause he didn't want to ski because when they had told him, the mild mannered, calm and normally restrained archaeologist had punched the ceiling and gone off whooping up the corridor announcing to everyone who'd listen that 'it' had *finally* happened. Turning to face each other, their smiles said it all. For six months nothing and nobody could stop them floating (not even a *very* pissed off Apophis) and Jack wasn't going to screw this one up.

"Look, Daniel. All's you have to do is to keep your knees bent and your skis straight, the corners will take care of themselves" Muttered Jack, a little more thoughtfully.

Sometimes Sam had the worst effect on him… I mean… since when was he openly sensitive? //Since the night she told you she loved you too// prodded his conscience, bringing another one of those smiles to his face.

"That's easy for you to say, you can SKI!" Mumbled Daniel, who had by this time all but accepted his fate.

As Sam helped Jack put on his gear (a job which could of course do on his own, but wasn't exactly ungracious about the 'help') they both offered Daniel last minute advice.

"Don't forget to face the corner and lean into it" Sam as ever was helpful. Jack on the other hand…

"And whatever you do… at least *try* to stay on your feet! You spend enough time in the infirmary as it is!"

Just as Daniel was throwing Jack a look, General Hammond and Teal'c walked over to them.

"Colonel, Major, Doctor. Are you all ready?"

The General's enthusiasm could have been described as bias towards his front line team, but who was going to argue with him about it? Hell, it *was* bias, all the other teams under his command meant a great deal to him, but the relationship that he had with a very cocky Colonel, a super-intelligent Major, a supposedly 'geeky' archaeologist and a man mountain of an alien was one which no other could touch.

"Yes Sir, as you can see, ready and raring to go!" Jack sent a pointed look at Daniel, who was still trying to buckle up his boots, which Sam thought was slightly unfair and gave him a quick elbow to the ribs.

"General" interrupted Daniel (who was still struggling with his boots) " Why do I have to race and Teal'c gets to watch?"

"Because Son, you weren't quick enough to tell me that you couldn't ski and each team has to have a minimum of three. As it is Colonel O'Neill will be racing twice"

"DanielJackson, it was my understanding that you wished to learn to ski" the Jaffa raised a quizzical eyebrow "had you not already asked O'Neill to teach you?"

"Yes I had Teal'c, but I hadn't expected to be 'taught' in three days!"

"What's up Danny, don't ya trust me?"

All knew that the question was rhetorical, but it earned Jack another glare from Daniel and another dig in the ribs from Sam, a raised eyebrow from Teal'c and an indulgent smile from Hammond. But Daniel was by no means beaten; he knew a sure-fire way of getting Jack off his back…and now was a good a time as any!

"Of course I do Jack" came the beguilingly sweet toned reply "Just about as much as you trusted me earlier on to…" the rest of the sentence was lost in the pointed cough and sudden rush of words for our now flustered Colonel.

"Erm, well… right… Shall we get on with it sir?"

Jack sent Daniel an evil, but the only thing it accomplished was to make Daniel smile the smile of a man who had just won at least one contest that day.

"Ok, Colonel. You are racing first, Major Carter second, you again third and finally Dr. Jackson will race last."

As Hammond left, Jack turned to Sam and said in what was probably his most smug tone

"How about a victory kiss, Major?"

Sam couldn't help but smile. " Don't be so cocky, O'Neill. You are up against some good skiers who I might add don't have quite so many grey hairs!"

Daniel could not hold back the sharp bark of laughter and Sam just smiled a sweet and innocent smile.

"Ouch! Sam, that hurts!" His grin never leaving his face "Ok, how about a *good luck* kiss then?"

"Now *that* I will be happy to oblige Flyboy, come here"

What started out as a simple kiss, rapidly grew into something more. Daniel, being *very* used to the effect they had on each other politely turned away.

When the need for air finally outweighed their desire, Jack finally left to take up his position at the start.


Daniel was getting nervous, Jack had won both of his races and so had Sam, that meant that SG-1 where tied for the lead with SG-5 and it was upto him to finish ahead of their skier. Not even his mantra of "I will not fall, I will not fall" was helping.

He could hear his team-mates cheering for him, but the only thing that could hold his attention was the idea that in a few more seconds he was gonna be hurtling down that slope at breakneck speed with a distinct inability to turn!

Suddenly he heard the call… Ready… Set… and then the gun blast. He pushed off and prayed to whoever was listening for the ability to at least not break a bone.


From their vantagepoint, Sam, Jack and Teal'c could see everything.

"Hey Jack, he's doing well! GO DANIEL!" she cheered.

"Yeah, but he hasn't come to the turn yet!" Jack knew that Daniel would be fine, he could see that even after only a few days of coaching that Daniel was perfectly good at skiing, he just had a little trouble with corners!

"O'Neill it appears Lt. Dixon is gaining" (Teal'c had taken to giving a running commentary)

"I know Teal'c…" Jack's attention was back on Daniel "ERM, DANIEL… DO YA THINK THAT YOU COULD MAYBE…? I DON'T KNOW… *STEP* ON IT!"

Sam smiled. Jack was like a little kid when it came to competitions and winning them. Not that he was a bad loser, he wasn't. He just didn't like it.

"It seems Lt. Dixon has passed DanielJackson, O'Neill"

" I can see that Teal'c!" Jack was virtually bouncing on the spot "Come on Daniel, here comes the straight, you can catch her here!" He advised to no one in particular.

"I don't think he'll be able to make up the distance Jack" Sam knew she was right. The speed he was going, the distance he had to travel and the time he had to do it in did not make for an equation that Jack would like to know the answer to.


"Jack, leave him alone, considering it's only his third day on ski's, he's doing really well" rebuked Sam laughingly.

"I know, but…he's…BEING BEATEN BY A GIRL!" Jacks voice rose to a volume that no one could fail to hear, so by the end of the sentence, even our intrepid little skier heard the comment.

Daniel, heard but ignored it, he was too bust trying to keep from breaking his neck. Sam however gave a response… a very painful elbow to the ribs of the man stood with his arms wrapped round her.

"What? I was only trying to motivate him" Jack said with mock innocence.

Sam didn't fall for it for one second, but the look in his dark eyes stopped any further argument, so she reached up to kiss him instead.


Their passion was this time interrupted by a huge cheer. Resurfacing, both realised that Daniel had come a very respectable second. But Lt. Dixon's victory meant that for once SG-1 had to settle for second place.

As Danny came back to the group, all could see that he was happy just to be able to 'walk' back to them.

"Oh, Danny… Danny…" Jack droned "At least you don't have to visit the infirmary! Or is that a *bad* thing?" the glower from Daniel and the glare from Sam for once actually stopped any further comments. Jack didn't want to get into anything more with Daniel. There was too much to risk on baiting Daniel today…tomorrow however, was a completely different story.

"It wasn't my fault Jack… She can do that turning thing!" Daniel's voice betrayed the humour in his statement.

"Want me to teach you Dr. Jackson?"

The un-noticed voice startled SG-1, but as they turned they saw a very happy Lt. Dixon. Soon followed by Janet Frasier, who had come to 'console' Daniel on his loss.

"Good race, Lt" Daniel sportingly acknowledged.

"Thanks. I will teach you to turn though, if you like"

"Erm, that won't be necessary Lt. Dixon… Dr. Jackson and I… have something to discuss" interrupted Janet, just a little bit to quickly and a little bit too forcefully. Causing Jack and Sam to burst into laughter and a very confused Lt. Dixon to be physically dragged away by her friends.


"Quit dragging Flo!"

"I will Annie, when we've saved your butt"

"Huh? What's she talking about? And why was Doc Fraiser so… well… mean?!"

"Haven't you heard Annie?" asked AJ incredulously

"Yeah, Annie the whole base knows!" Chimed in Angel

A general consensus of nods and smiles told Annie, that she had indeed missed something, something big.

Seeing the confusion on her face, Sonya, a medic with absolute knowledge of *everything* that happened in the infirmary decided they had better tell her the biggest news since… well… A certain Colonel and a certain Major.

"Annie, Daniel Jackson and Janet Fraiser have, um…how can I put this?

"Simple Sonya" Alex provided "Danny and the Doc have done a Sam and Jack!"

The look that crossed Lt. Dixon's face was priceless…

"Alex, you're kidding! Why am I always *always* the last to know!?"

"Cause you're always off-world when the good stuff happens." Reasoned Ann "You missed Sam and Jack too, didn't you?"

"Yeah how was I supposed to know that he'd *finally* have the guts to do something. I tell you guys, it's times like these when you wish you had a playback and pause function! Anyway, don't blame me…Hammond gave the orders!"

None of the group had noticed an eves dropper walk by and where all startled when he jumped into the conversation.

"Who gave what orders?" Smiled a confused Colonel O'Neill.

At the sound of his voice, the whole group turned so abruptly that even if they hadn't been guilty of something, you wouldn't have believed them.

"So Ladies of our Sweet Little Grapevine, what's the latest?" he asked casually. Never let it be said that Jack O'Neill doesn't listen to gossip!

It was the one Jack recognised as Dr. McCloud who recovered from her composure first.

"Oh, not much Colonel. We were just wondering when you were gonna pop the question?"

Jack was not the only individual in the group who was thoroughly stunned by the question, but the face of the asker was a picture of innocence. Never one to show he'd been baited, it was Jack who continued the 'interesting' conversation.

"Hmm, I know that the grapevine needs *feeding* but, don't you think that that is between myself and Major Carter, Dr. McCloud?" his face betrayed no emotion, but his voice revealed the laughter. Jack belatedly realised that he had just played right into their collective hands as AJ spoke up.

"Yeah Angel. Have some manners" Jack recognised that the rebuke was not severe because Alex continued

"But seeing as how you brought it up… you may as well tell us Colonel"

Jack could still walk away; he knew that. So he wasn't phased until Ann decided to whip the rug from right underneath him.

"Or… do we have to inform a certain General about a certain incident with a can of spray paint"

//Uh-oh, this is *not* good// thought Jack as the blatant blackmail was continued by Flo.

"Or, maybe, it would be best to tell a certain archaeologist that the *Roman* artefact he brought back from an *Aboriginal* culture was in fact 'planted' by someone we all know after having been borrowed from storage room 32?"

//Ok, really not good!// Jack realised that he wasn't going to get out of this unless he conceded, and normally such an action would not have been an option. But for a very good reason, he was in a *very* good mood, so he decided that for the second time that day, he wouldn't mind coming second best.

"Ok, Ok, you evil women. I hope you realise that blackmail is a federal offence" He replied in a voice tinged with laughter.

"Spill it Colonel!" came the equally jovial response from Flo.

He turned and began to walk away, smiling a smile that literally shouted ' I know something you don't know!' After a few paces he turned his head and looking over his shoulder he presented the group with yet another piece of very juicy information that'd keep the grapevine going for a while.

"Tonight's the night!"

After taking in the stunned expression of the group, Jack's initial smile, turned into one of complete satisfaction and finally into a nervous but cheek splitting grin. "My work here is done" He thought and with that he headed off to find Daniel to make sure that all the *special* details had been taken care of.


"Daniel, is everything ready?" Asked an eager Colonel.

"Yes, although after the sarcasm I have endured today, I don't know why I helped you" Daniel smiled.

"You helped cause you want this result as much as I do!" Jack replied as he made to leave. "We'll see you tomorrow"

"Ok, Have a good time Jack, and make sure you bring me the news that I want to hear or else I may have to get Janet to use her anatomical knowledge to my advantage!"

Jack smiled back at Daniel's 'threat' and left the room, only to return almost immediately. Popping only his head around the edge of the door, Jack said what he had come to say.

"Thank you Dr. Jackson" with that he left as quickly as he had reappeared and Daniel was left to stare at a closed door as he uttered.

"You're welcome Jack. Good luck"

Normally, you would wonder why Daniel, didn't go find Teal'c. But tonight, he just sat and waited patiently for his own result. Sure enough, about fifteen minutes later, A small knock was heard and accompanied by the entrance of a rather stunning Janet Fraiser.

"Well Good evening Dr. Jackson, and how are we today? I trust that you have no injuries from the skiing this afternoon" They both shared a smile and as the door clicked shut, not much else was said in that room.


"So Jack, where we going? Sam was getting restless, she wanted to know what was happening, but the more she asked; the less information Jack had been willing to tell her. He just kept on answering her questions with a goofy grin.

"Sam, I've told you all I am going to. Just have a little patience and trust me. You'll enjoy the surprise! Just think of it as a little Apres-Ski!"

She knew that he was upto something, but she had to admit that she was completely intrigued. After six months together and numerous years *wanting* to be together, he was still capable of surprising her and she loved that about him. Actually she basically loved everything about him, even the sarcasm.

Suddenly, Jack pulled of the road and leant over her. Reaching into the glove box he pulled out a small strip of material. As he turned to place it over her eyes, she momentarily pulled away, only for him to kiss her sweetly and whisper "Trust me". With that timbre of his voice and that look in his eye, Sam knew that she'd let him do whatever he wanted.

She heard and felt the sound of the car start again, but her eyes where now sightless, so she concentrated on the senses she had left. The sounds and the smells, the feel of the air, and she surprised herself by actually enjoying the added element to her surprise.

All to soon, the car came to a stop and she heard Jack tell her to wait and that he would come to get her and that she was not to take of the blindfold off. True to his words, a few minutes later, she felt her door open and two very familiar arms pull her out and set her on the still snowy ground.

"Can I take the blindfold off yet?" She pleaded, desperately wanting to see where he had brought her.

"No, not just yet. Please Sam, do this my way"

His voice yet again sent a deep resonance straight to the pit of her stomach, so as she felt him take her arm once more to guide her, she did not argue.

Knowing that they had entered a room, Sam became even more impatient, she could feel a heat in the room, so knew that a fire must be lit. It was the very distinct heat of naked flame. Her stomach flipped once more as Jack leaned into her ear to whisper.

"Stay where you are, and when I tell you. You can take of the blindfold" her only answer was a nod. She had never heard his voice sound like this before, it sent shivers down her spine and she liked it, a lot.


According to Sam's internal timekeeping, about ten minutes had passed since Jack had issued the last instruction. Sam was fighting with herself about whether or not she could get away with a peek under her blindfold. Just as one side had won the argument, she heard a familiar voice.

"Don't you dare Major and that's an order!" She laughed and could sense that his lips had curved into an answering smile.

A few more minutes ticked by and then finally, he spoke again.

"Ok, Sam. Take it off" Her ears still picked up on the change in the nuance of his voice. If she didn't know him better, she would have sworn he was nervous.

As she pulled of the blindfold, her eyes gradually grew accustomed to the light. She had been right about the roaring fire. She smiled to herself and as she let her gaze take in the room, she was robbed of all speech and all formal thought.

Stood before her, in a mass of candles was her Jack. He was leant on a table set for two, a bouquet of red roses the centrepiece, champagne and strawberries on silver service, and he had changed his clothes. He was now dressed in all black, jacket, shirt, tie and trousers that showed of every muscle, every nuance of his tall strong body to perfection. Just looking at him was enough to triple her pulse.

He leaned behind him to flick the control on the stereo, and suddenly one of Sam's favourite love songs was heard around the cabin. Looking back to his eyes, his electric gaze captured hers. She knew that he could see her feelings, he always could, but she didn't care. She wanted him to realise how wonderful she thought this surprise was. What she didn't know, however, was that this surprise hadn't even begun yet.

He knew as he looked into her amazing eyes, that now was the time and being a man not to waste his chances he began.

Taking a step towards her, he pulled his hands out of their previous position in his trouser pockets, keeping one hand discretely hidden, he pressed a small tender kiss to her lips. He could sense that her confusion was growing, but he didn't want her to speak just yet. This was a moment that he had rehearsed a thousand times in his mind and now he as actually doing it, he couldn't remember a damn word that he had planned. So he relinquished control from his brain to his heart and continued.

"Sam, I want to ask you something. I *think* I know what you'll say, but I'm too nervous to rely on my brain.

Seeing Sam's eyebrows draw together, he gave her the clue that she needed. As he knelt down before her he opened his hand to reveal a small square box. Opening in time with her gasp of joyous shock, he smiled into her eyes and took hold of the appropriate hand.

"I love you Sam. You make me laugh and you can make me cry. You know me better than any other living person and I can't imagine having to spend another minute of my life without you. So if you will take pity on a man who can only offer you the guarantee of his heart and soul until the day he dies…Will you marry me?"

Her answer was vigorous nodding, as from the moment he had knelt in front of her happy tears had clogged her eyes and her throat. Seeing her forceful nods, Jack smiled once more.

"I guess I'll take that as a yes" His only answer was more vigorous nodding, so he stood and pulled her into his strong arms until she regained her power of speech.

"Of course I'll marry you, I love you so much"

She smiled a smile that he would go to the end of the galaxy to see and as he slid the diamond ring onto her finger, he pulled her into a strong and powerful kiss.

All thoughts disappeared and sensations took over.

The grapevine would be buzzing tonight!

The End.

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