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"I am not being childish!" asserted Major Samantha Carter, USAF, while simultaneously folding her arms and stamping her foot, sending her Colonel an "eat shit and die" look for good measure.

She watched, fuming, as his eyebrows raised in that infuriating way, a sparkle beamed from his expressive eyes and a grin formed on his lips.

"Oh really?" he asked as his eyes looked her stance up and down.

Sam only just held back from striking a superior officer. The last thing she needed was to be up on charges, especially seeing as how they had already broke a certain non-frat reg… a good few hundred times already!

"Jack, it wasn't fair! There was nothing I could do… and if the General had noticed we'd have been in BIG trouble!" Sam's rant only served to widen Jack's grin.

"Sam, relax. I have more faith in you than to crack under a little pressure"

The smile he sent in her direction sent her stomach into somersaults and her knees to mush (yes that is a technical term!). Damn, she hated how he could make her go from mad as hell to hot as hell with a simple grin!

Although, what she hated more was that he *knew* that he could do it. Damn the man!

"But Jack, what if they find out?" Her tone was now less angry, but the confusion and fear that tinged her voice stole the smile from his lips. Eager to banish her melancholy, Jack replied quickly.

"Then they find out. Sweetheart, I don't really care anymore."

He sealed his announcement by pulling her towards him and taking her lips in a manner they had both grown *slightly* fond of over the past few months.

When finally they both came up for air, both smiled into passion- laced eyes. Pleased to see his ability to cheer her up hadn't diminished Jack continued in his usual "battering ram" fashion,

"Besides, the risk of court-martial and retirement was *so* worth it to see you squirm, Sammie"

This time the urge to strike a superior officer was far too tempting for even Sam to ignore, not just for earlier, but *SAMMIE*! ARGHHHHH!

Feeling a twisted pleasure in hearing his breath forcefully expelled from his lungs as a result of the well-aimed fist to the sternum, it was Sam's turn to smile as he whimpered.

"Ouch! What'cha go and do that for!"

"What's the matter? Can the poor little Colonel not take a tiny tap from a girl?"

His answering puppy-dog grimace told her that maybe she had employed just a little too much of that Level 3 advanced… so feeling slightly (only slightly) guilty, she put her hand to the spot on his chest that he was now cradling like a baby.

Still he pouted.

"Now who's being a baby?" she bantered

"I didn't say "baby", I said "childish"… and you where being" For effect Sam stuck her tongue out at her ranking officer.

"Don't stick it out if you don't intend to use it properly Major" Jack smiled.

Sam rolled her eyes.

"Well, in that case *Colonel* all's fair in love and war. Just remember, payback is a bitch!"

With that she kissed him lightly, tapped his cheek playfully and left the room, but not before Jack had noticed the evil glimmer in the eyes that he loved so much.

Standing to his full 6ft 2inches, and still rubbing his chest he grinned. 'So bring it on Major, bring it on'.


"Please sit, SG1" General George Hammond announced as he took his seat. "Now, mission briefing on P3C 956, Dr. Jackson, would you like to begin?"

As Daniel, with his usual flair and enthusiasm, launched into a detailed account of another pile of rocks on some other planet a trillion miles away from home, Jack (as usual) let his thoughts wander to his usual subject.

She was her usual gorgeous self and seemed thoroughly engrossed in Daniel's lecture. He had to admit her threat about payback had captured his interest, mainly because she had done absolutely nothing for the last five hours. That, as he had come to find out, was not like Sam. Underneath that cool, clinical, scientific exterior raged a woman who was as swift in her immaturity as he could be, neither was she that averse to employing some pretty evil ploys to get him back. Which made her even more addictive that she had already been.

Sam glanced very briefly at the man seated opposite her. How on Earth could one man look so sexy all of the time? But she could tell he was bored, his mind obviously not on Daniel's lecture.

'Like that's something new' her mind supplied. 'Now is the time for a little revenge. Let's just see if my hard-assed, Black Ops trained CO can handle some of his own medicine!'

Slipping her foot out of her previously prepared unlaced boot, she let her shoeless foot travel in Jack's direction, careful to keep her own expression neutral and nodding here and there to maintain the cover of listening to Daniel. All of a sudden her toes hit their target. Slowly and sensuously she began to treat her CO to exactly the same type of treatment he had bestowed upon her earlier that day.

Chuckling inwardly she knew what she was doing was going to hit him just as hard as it had hit her. During the earlier meeting, she had done her very best to hide the sensations he had evoked in her and only her bright blush could have given her away. Now she wanted to see Jack's reaction.

Looking furtively towards him through lowered lashes her shock was almost palpable. He hadn't even flinched. Not moved a muscle. Still doodling on his pad. Damn, but his training was more thorough than she thought. 'OK, time to up the ante' Sliding her long leg further up his calf, she found that spot that she knew drove him crazy. Tormenting him for a few minutes, she finally allowed herself to glance at him once more.

Still absolutely zero response.


Jack looked towards Sam and furrowed his brows. What was wrong? She seemed frustrated and annoyed and she was sitting a little crooked…

A slight cough from Hammond brought him out of any further thoughts.

"Anything to add Colonel? Major?"

"No Sir, just rocks, rocks and more rocks" quipped Jack.

"Nothing Sir" came Sam's curt reply.

Jack mentally racked his mind; surely not even he could've done something to piss her off so quickly?

Sam was pissed off… how could he not respond to her? He *always* responded to her. She knew just exactly *how* to elicit a response from him, just by looking at him a certain way and she knew that when she touched him he, like she, went up in flames.

So why the hell did he not even twitch!!!!

"Very well" Hammond said as he rose to leave "See you all at 0800 Monday. Dismissed. Oh Colonel, Major, may I see you for a minute?"

Jack once again knit his eyebrows in puzzlement, an expression that was mimicked on Sam's face as they followed their General into his office.

"Now, I have heard rumours for a few months that certain members of my outfit are on better terms than regulations allow for. However I exercised my prerogative as Commander of this facility to ignore all rumours…"

Hammond allowed himself to pause for effect, just so that he could take in the collective expression of startled and nervous on his two favourite officer's faces.

"Now I'm not saying that those certain officers are conducting a relationship, neither am I saying that they are not. To be quite honest, I really prefer not to know either way… *BUT* Major Carter, if in future you decide to play "footsies" with Colonel O'Neill during a briefing, I would appreciate it immensely if you could be sure to "play" with the right "footsie". Dismissed"

As his stunned officers removed themselves from his office, Hammond chuckled wryly. Jack was a lucky man, a very lucky man indeed. Who knew a foot could be so… dextrous!

The End.

Childish? Me? Copyright: Lindsay Allen 2001

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