Story Notes: SEASON: Any after 4, but I wrote it to be 7

AUTHORS NOTE: Thanks and hugs to Rob, who did almost as work on this as I did. And thanks to Claira for your support.

It hurt.

She had endured many wounds, from weapons both human and alien.

She had hit the ground hard after flying through the 'gate.

She had even died and been brought back to life by small aliens with big hair.

But the pain she felt right now wouldn't be so easily healed.

"Did you hear about the way Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter were looking at each other in the gate room today?"

She had just finished her shower, and had been about to leave the stall when she heard her name. She stood frozen, listening to the voices and the running water.

"I heard that Colonel O'Neill looked like he was about to kiss her or something -- that he couldn't keep his hands off her once they left the gate room."

She heard a faucet squeak, and the sound of running water stopped. She shivered.

"Well, he could have just waited until he got her home. I've heard…"

The voices faded, and she hesitantly stepped out of the stall.

She only wished it could be true.

It hurt.

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