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By Gater101


So what’s it all about?

I can’t work you out

There’s a chemistry between us

Getting hard to disguise…


They sit there, both of them lost in one another; oblivious to the world around. Oblivious to the attraction between them.

They are so different; one always positive the other mostly always negative. And that is obviously the attraction. Positive to negative, Major to Colonel.

Their legs in a tangle so much so that if they hadn’t been wearing different coloured BDU’s it would have been difficult to decipher where one began and the other ended. Their knees resting against the other and their heads almost touching.

She smiles at something he says and he grins, not at himself but at the fact that she is smiling. The single chocolate cake lays forgotten between them two forks on one plate.

The air between them crackles and shakes almost violently. Her chest seems to stop moving and his breath speed up, his chest rising and falling quickly.

Slowly their heads move to close the already small gap between them. Eyes locked together and breathe mingling as one. Knees rubbing further up thighs and reactions from both at the close contact.

A millisecond later lips are engaged in a passionate kiss the world around them completely forgotten. No one dares draw near in fear of disrupting the moment, of causing incomplete combustion and putting out the flame that burned so brightly between the two.

The klaxons sound and still they stay impassioned in one another and let the sound wash over them. A leg lands on the table and the body is pulled across after it, into his lap. Hands grasp and mouths lock.

Then it’s over.

As soon as it happened it was over. They sit staring at one another a mixture of shock and pleasure on their faces. Finally the loud wailing interrupts them and they scrabble to their feet and rush out of the room.


If you want it then you got it

Don’t let this moment pass you by

Take a long shot

Give it all you got…


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