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Summary: Jack is awestruck when Sam has their baby
Rated: PG13
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Genres: Angst
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Published: Sep 03, 2009 Updated: Sep 03, 2009
Story Notes:
Part 12 of The Conversation Series. Sequel to In Deep

Archive: SJD, yes

Content Warnings: Contains use of minor language and sexual situations. Angst, Romance

Art Credit: Many thanks to Fulinn28 who made the book cover from the wonderful picture of Richard Dean Anderson and his daughter, Wylie Quinn Annarose Anderson, which can be viewed here:

Dedicated to all those women who are brave enough to keep the human race going from generation to generation. Thanks to Bonnie for beta reading this fic and her suggestions for changes, particularly about childbirth
and after, which improved this fic and made it more real. Nevertheless, any mistakes that are here are all mine.



Copyright 2005 Su Freund

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