Story Notes: AUTHOR'S NOTES: Ok, I never written a story to the SJA so be resonable and allow mistakes to happen. I'm sorry it was so short but I had very little time to write it. I hope you find it funny - or at least a little bit funny as even I can't imagine Carter as being worried about a rumor or acting like she does in this story. :) Happy Reading ! Oh and If anyone thinks I should write a sequel to it email me.

"Sir," called out Major Carter to her commanding officer, Colonel Jack O'Neill.

"What is it, Carter?" he replied.

"Well, sir, its just that the women of the base wanted to know whether we were having a relationship. I said no and asked them why they had come to me instead of asking you."

"So?" replied Jack

"So? They said that you had smiled and said ask Major Carter."

"What's the problem with sending around a few rumors. General Hammond knows its not true." he said as he looked up from paperwork.

"Well, sir. If you say so. It's just that when he came up to me and gave me an agreement form to stay away from you on the base I thought it a bit weird," she said sarcastically holding up a sheet of paper. "Apparently hes got one for you too and one for Daniel and Teal'c to keep us as far away from each other as possible. I don't know if they've signed it yet." she said sighing.

"Carter you're just over reacting." said Jack looking up from his paperwork again.

"Sir, I don't think I can handle this, can't you talk to the general about this. I mean, if we're meant to work as a team, how can we if we're not allowed to be anywhere near each other?" she said as though her life was in jeopardy. Jack looked up at her and smiled.

"Carter, in any of the military manuals that you read, have you ever heard of an agreement form to keep two officers apart if they're on the same team?" he asked.

"No sir." she replied

"Well why would they invent one for the SGC?" he asked

"I don't know."

"Look, Carter. Someone is porbably playing with your head, Ok. Its probably just a joke." he said reasurringly.

"I'm sorry for bothering you sir, i haven't been thinking clearly lately which is why i must've fallen for this."

"No problem Major."

"But, sir, who would do such a thing?"

"They're probably just testing you to see how you'd react. If you reacted the way they wanted, which is probably to see if we are having a relationship, then they'd really seperated us."

"But sir, what do I do with this?" she asked, holding up the agreement form.

"Give it to me." replied Jack, taking the form. He ripped it into 4 peices and threw it into the bin.

"Thankyou sir." she said and she walked out of the room.

"Daniel you can come out of hiding now" Jack called out to the closet.

"She fell for it?" asked Daniel

"Yep. you're pretty good at practical jokes."

"I had a pretty good teacher," replied Daniel. "A few years working with you and I learnt a million things."

The End

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