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Sam and Jack, the scandal of the century, the pairing of an era. Sam O'Neill, General Sam O'Neill, she couldn't believe her eyes. At least it's not a statue of you, a voice said in the back of her mind. Sam wasn't so sure. They had changed the course of the world? A simple disobedience, a kiss? Sam rubbed her eyes, she was seeing things, her mind was playing tricks on her but then, a normal person with a normal job could've said the same thing about all the things that she had seen working at the SGC. And they had all happened, they were all real. But what of this? A plaque in a museum, her picture inside. Her life. And bits of it she had not seen.

General Sam O'Neill.

She was starting to like it but not understand it. What had happened to her? She had no true recollection, she could not see where she was but then she had not left the spot she was currently rooted to. Her picture, their picture, a short biography of her life. She tried to smile but she held back, she wasn't happy but confused. This was her but it was completely alien to her.

The biography was telling her she'd brought peace to the planet. A chain reaction sparked off by one kiss. This time she laughed and finally removed herself from the spot that captivated her so.

She looked around, this was a real museum. There were display cases holding objects that on closer inspection she recognised as items that SG-1 had themselves used or picked up on missions. The armbands they tested, Teal'c's staff weapon, General Hammond's stars… And Sam's naquahda reactor, the one she'd been working on just last week. Her head was spinning.

"Miss?" a voice asked. Sam turned around and frowned at a man who seemed to be wearing a museum uniform. "Can I help you?"

"Where am I?"

"In the Cheyenne museum," he said. "Miss, you look awfully familiar"

"This, this is me" she said pointing at a picture. The museum man looked at it, then back at am and smiled.

"So it is" he said. "It's a pleasure to meet you Miss Carter" he held out his hand and, confused, she shook it. "We've been expecting you" he said, he walked away and Sam followed.

"What do you mean, we've been expecting you??" she said.

He glanced back and turned a corner. She followed and saw him sit on a bench in front of the Stargate. She gasped in shock. "Please Miss Carter, sit with me" the man said. She walked around the bench and sat down, her eyes on the gate the entire time.

"I don't understand, what's going on?" she asked.

"First let me introduce myself" he said, "My name is Adrian"

"Adrian" she repeated, "Do you know what's going on?"

"I do" he smiled. "Many strange things happen, and sometimes they happen to you."

"Like what?"

"Time travel, dimension shifts, parallel jumps" he said. "Do not scoff Miss Carter. Our physicists are well ahead, we accept these things, the earth moves." Sam frowned "Go on"

"They are random, we are told, people go back, people go forward," he said. "You are a traveller, nothing special about it, these things happen"

"Where am I?" she asked.

"Your question should not be where but when," Adrian said getting to his feet and twirling around, he was a little excited now. "When?"

"When?" she asked.

"Do you really want to know though? Do you want to know what's to come? What happens and that you cannot change it?"

"I've already seen and read some things. No more could hurt me," she said. "I suspect I shall be long dead before this museum is created." She felt she was starting to talk like him now.

"Very good," he smiled and sat back down. "2117"

"2117," she frowned.

"So far away yet so near because you are here, you have seen it"

"I don't understand this place" she said looking around. "I don't understand what we did that was so amazing."

"You and Mr O'Neill kissed," he said.

"I read that but as part of SG-1 I did much more, we saved the world."

"There's that too but no one knew. The kiss brought it all out into the open." He had calmed down again, his voice was quiet.


He sighed "A long chain of events"

"Adrian, why won't you tell me?"

"You have seen all you need"

"But it was a simple kiss that brought peace on earth? I don't believe it"

"It was more than the kiss, Miss Carter" he said. "That was just the start. The very start."

"Humans have been killing each other for hundreds of centuries. What made them stop?"

"The truth unites" he said. "Unites families, communities…planets" she frowned. "Follow me" he said standing.

He began to walk away and after a moment she followed. He led her past a section on Teal'c solely and into another room. Sam gasped again, it looked like a wedding and it was. There were real church fittings, a dress and tuxes were hung up, bridesmaid dresses. She walked up to the wedding dress and read the plaque next to it.

"Janet's wedding?" she said. Adrian nodded and walked up to one of the bridesmaid dresses.

"This was your dress" he said.

She went up to and read the plaque, then the sign underneath it that told visitors her wedding was down the hall. She looked at him.

"No" he said. "It is here, the entire set up, but I cannot let you see it."

"Why not?"

"Because you have seen enough and I will not ruin the fun of making your arrangements, choosing your dress."

"I understand."

"You may ask me one question about it."

Sam thought this over. "Were we happy?"

He smiled almost sorrowfully "You are wise Miss Carter, you have learnt to ask the important questions."

"Were we?"

"Yes" she smiled.

"Good" she looked at the rest of the bits of Janet's wedding. "Adrian is it all random?" she asked. "

You suspect other-wise? Or would you like to think otherwise?"

"I'm not sure" she said.

"You should take it for what it is."

"But who are we to say what it is."

"What it is, is obvious Miss Carter, why it is, is the question you are asking me?"

"Then what is it?"

"A glimpse of the future" he told her. Sam thought this over and nodded. "Tell me, do you believe, you physicists? Do you believe it is random"

"I am unsure" he said. "I know of times when people have experienced such things and no reason for their connection to it can be found. But I know your story, I've worked here for a long, long time now. You were my major"

"Your major?"

He smiled. "And I could easily say differently about you and others connected to you. All evidence points towards you being picked out specifically, brought here specifically."

"And what do you believe the reason is for my being here?"

"Reassurance, a push in the right direction, to pick a dress for Miss Fraiser" she smiled. "I don't have the answers, I'm just a museum guide"

"It's okay" he sat in a pew and she sat beside him. "Let me tell you this, you and Mr O'Neill were seen as the truth, the right. So many years playing it right, doing what you were told and realising maybe it wasn't the way it should be" he paused. "From what I've read, the world back then was not how it should be."

"And it is now?"

"Not exactly. People still die, we fight but no longer with each other. It's a start but it's a long road."

"You are a complex and wise man Adrian" she said.

He smiled, proud and blushed a little too. "I don't think so. I am a simple museum guide, I am nothing compared to those with power."

"What did you just tell me? Sometimes those with the power aren't always right."


"You said you had been expecting me; how is that, if this is only just happening for you?"

"I grew up a million miles from here. All my life I planned to be in the New Army like my father. I had no interest in your legacy. Then one day, when I was studying at college I found myself here in this museum, talking to my great-granddaughter"

"Your own *random* event?"

"Exactly. Seems I started my own legacy by working here. Found out I met you like this by walking around this museum with her."

"What did you do?"

"Moved country, changed college, changed major. The rest they say is history"

"Or the future" she smiled. "Perhaps it is destiny."

"Like I said, don't think about why. Whatever will be, will be"

"What happens to me? How long am I here for, when do I go home?"

"Soon. I have one last thing I want to show you" he got up.

"But will I remember? Will I just suddenly appear somewhere? Will I wake up?"

"You will be fine, do not worry Samantha."

"What happened to Miss Carter" she said.

"I'm sorry, I have always called you Samantha. My bosses told me to call you Miss Carter, to be polite," he began to walk away. "Come"

"You always call me Samantha?" she asked racing after him.

"Indeed, in reports, tours, conversation, to others and yourself…well myself, it is a beautiful name"

"Thank you."

"As are you."

"Thank you."

"I've always wanted to tell you that" he smiled. "I want to show you something, I was told I should not, but I wanted you to know," he opened a door to a room where a single display case sat.


"This" he said. She went up to it and recognised it immediately. It was her mothers favourite necklace.


"You lose it, oh many, many years from your now, but I knew you were so, so heartbroken over it. It upset me, broke my own heart. This is to show you it ends up safe."


"It is safe forever Samantha; it may help lessen the worry, it may not"

"Thank you, I think," she said, staring at it.

"Come along, quickly" she followed him out of the room and back to the place where she'd originally found herself.

"My times up" she guessed.

He nodded. He took her hand. "Let me say this, it has been an honour to meet you and guide you Samantha" he kissed her hand.

"And it was a pleasure to meet you Adrian… what is your surname?"

"Jamal" he said. "Enjoy your life Samantha" he said. And then she was gone.

Sam was standing in the infirmary again, she remembered now, she'd come for her check up but had walked into the museum. "Adrian Jamal" she said to herself.

"Sam are you okay?" Janet asked walking up to her.

"Yeah," she said, smiling.

"You looked pretty deep in thought there. Penny for um?"

"World peace," she said. "And kissing"

Janet frowned, confused. "Huh?"

"All in good time Janet, all in good time" she grinned.


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