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DEDICATON: To SRO, you are my dreams.

Jack surveyed the sight before him. His team were at their most relaxed, due to the fact that they were now all fast asleep.

They were half way through an archaeological and mineral survey on PC1 247. Granted it was not his favourite way of spending a few days off world, but it was a welcome change from being shot at, zatted, blown up and all manner of other disrespectful activities he and his team seemed to attract like a beacon.

He looked up at the strange stars in this night sky, the two moons fascinating him for a few seconds. Usually while he was on watch he was constantly focussed on his environment, but he was unusually relaxed here. The others had commented on the same thing, this planet made them feel safe. But the only drawback to that was that Jack had had nothing to do. His familiar role on mineral surveys was to keep them all out of trouble; here he didn't need to. Not even Daniel could get hurt here.

So because he had been bored out of his skull for the majority of their time here, the others had all been treated to new and as yet unmapped levels of sarcasm from their CO. He chuckled to himself as he remembered Daniel and Carter's joint threat of tying him to a tree, gagging him with his own socks and pelting him with their new "rocks" if he didn't shut up.

As he watched his team members now he laughed at their disparity. Daniel, the eternal optimist. Most people tended to underestimate him, using the puppy like exterior to base a judgement on, when in fact Daniel was one of the strongest men Jack knew. Who else could come back from the dead so many times! Now fast asleep, Jack could easily understand why the puppy analogy was so popular when describing Danny. Who was, right now, no doubt dreaming of all his new little rocks he had found that day (or a certain CMO who rumour had it he had a crush on)

Shifting his attention to the largest member of his team Jack knew from experience that Teal'c was sleeping a soldiers sleep. One that was deep enough to rest the man, but shallow enough to keep the mind alert. Teal'c had been an invaluable member of Sg1. He was not someone Jack ever wanted to get on the wrong side of! It had been hard for the Jaffa at first, but now (with some expert coaching) Teal'c's grasp of earth customs and humour was vastly improving.

The two men were so different, but yet Jack would trust them both with his life. They where his friends, more than that, they where his family.

Finally Jack's gaze fell on to the final member of his team. Major Samantha Carter, his 2IC. The woman who had stolen his heart from the very first moment he saw her. She didn't know that of course, and he would never be able to tell her, but he loved her more than he thought he was capable of. She was special, smart, sexy and so intelligent it made him wince. He let his eyes roam over her for a second, her hair prettily tousled, she was curled in a foetal position and a hint of a smile played on her lips. He felt his own heart give kick, she really was an angel and he loved her. She was a delightful contradiction, two distinct parts made up the woman and he loved them both. The logical scientific mind that was coupled with a stand up and fights guts that made her irresistible.

How he wished he would be able to tell her all this, to tell her how he felt, to hold her and have her tell him back. But it was just a dream; a fantasy, which he knew would never come true. But on nights like this when he could watch her without fear of who may notice, his dreams where just that little bit closer.

Suddenly he noticed a shift in her movement. The night was balmy; the only blanket his team was under was the one of stars that covered them. Looking towards her, trying to discern the cause of her disturbance, he realised that her sleep was still as sound as before, only this time she had shifted to her back, a huge grin lighting up her face and her arms now over her stomach.

He watched on as a low moan escaped her lips. Jack's frown grew, there was no reason for her to be moaning, she wasn't in any danger or discomfort. But as his concern started to grow, it was checked instantaneously by the continuation of sounds and movements that left him in no doubt of the reasons for her apparent "disturbance". Whatever she was dreaming about, she was enjoying.

He however, was not.

Her still low moans sent a shaft of jealously splintering through him, shredding his heart to pieces. The thought of her dreaming of anyone other than him who could evoke such pleasure in her gnawed at his soul. He knew that he was being illogical, irrational and unreasonable, he knew he had no right to expect her to live the life of a nun because a regulation stood between them, but did he care? Not one bit. At this specific moment he wanted that so badly. The only person who should be able to make her moan like that should be him!

As she continued to unconsciously display to him the obvious enjoyment that the images that her mind's eye was creating, he knew he should turn away. But the form of her like this outweighed any and all noble and self-preserving thoughts. He had dreamed of seeing her like this for so long, a few more seconds couldn't hurt. Well it could, the torture was acute, but it was a trade off he accepted.

In *his* dreams she had this reaction, but he had created it, by his touch, by his words, by his caresses. Not by someone else. What he wouldn't give to be the cause of her dream… His inner voice stated interrupting Jack's thoughts. He knew the answer to that, she wouldn't, but he would give anything if she did.

All of a sudden he felt wrong about watching her like this, plus the pain he felt at the knowledge that she would never react like that to him threatened to brand his soul. So he quietly got up, hoping to be able to move out of sight and out of sound.

Just as he raised himself to his full height, he made to step past the still dreaming form, but was stopped dead in his tracks by her next words.

"Ohhhh... Jaaackkkkk… that's…wonderful!!!"

Now for a Special Forces trained soldier with years of experience in keeping himself thinking and moving even in the most intense situations, his total inability to move a muscle was not one of his finest hours. But to him this had just turned into possibly the finest hour of his life.

As his heart threatened to break through his ribs, he still did not move. He was only removed from his trance like state when in her subconscious state, she turned, kicking his ankle while she did so, causing herself to wake from her dream. Only to be faced with the source of her dream stood all 6 feet plus above her, staring deep into her now open eyes with a strange smile playing on his lips.

Her only thought was coupled with the realisation that that wonderful dream had not been her quietest. "OH MY GOD!!!"

Jack saw her do her best to try and hide her face away from him, he could tell that she was trying to form a suitable explanation for something he didn't want or need explaining. In his own inimitable style he decided on his next course of action.

Yes, he could have left her and said nothing, he could even have pretended he hadn't seen anything, but did he… what do you think?

"Sam, that dream… it was me?"

Although she registered his uncertainty, she was too busy trying to talk herself out of the most excruciatingly embarrassing moment of her life, so she didn't realise the implications of her CO's tone.

"Umm…well…you see…I…that is…the dream…"

He choked back a laugh at her unfamiliar hesitation, understanding completely how she was feeling, but he had just been given the golden opportunity that he had dreamed of, there was no way in hell that he was gonna let it go. But first he had to be sure.

"Sam, the dream. Was it *me*?"

She was unsure, she needed him to make the next move. She couldn't believe that she had had one of those now frequent dreams while he was actually there. Usually she was so focussed on the mission that her mind never relaxed enough for her to dream, she usually kept her sleep light.

On a purely feminine level she instinctively knew that Jack wasn't asking out of some twisted curiosity, but as a soldier who could potentially have a lot to lose she wasn't willing to trust her gut. Even though the idea that Jack might actually reciprocate her feelings was enough to send her heart slamming into her ribs.

The look on her face said it all. He didn't need her to answer him. At that moment he thought that she had never looked prettier.

"Sam" His voice was low and quiet, sending a reverberation straight to the pit of her stomach. "I really hope that the man in your dream was me, because I have been dreaming of being able to do that to you for the better part of four years"

She lifted stunned blue eyes to meet laughing chocolate ones and read the truth of his words in the depths of his soul. She gave him the only truthful answer that she could.

"It's always you Jack"

He didn't give her chance to say anything more. He pulled her into a deep, soul melting kiss that would not have stopped there if it hadn't been for the small cough that was heard behind them.

Pulling breathlessly away, ready to kill who or whatever had interrupted the single most amazing kiss Jack O'Neill had ever participated in, Jack was brought back to earth with a big hard thud at the sight of Daniel and Teal'c stood side by side, arms crossed looking amusingly at them.

Thoroughly enjoying watching his two close friends squirm back into a position better fitting a commanding officer and his second in command, Daniel waited for one of his said friends to speak. First to attempt a diplomatic route was Sam (of course)

"Um, Daniel…this isn't what it looks like"

the archaeologist thought laughingly. He looked up to his accomplice and cocked an eyebrow

"I don't know what it looked like to you Teal'c, but to me…well…it looked like our two commanding officers where making out"

Teal'c who as Jack had perceptively pointed out, was now mastering the earth customs of torture and humour joined the battle firmly on Daniel's side.

"I too witnessed the same scene DanielJackson. I do not believe that there can be any other explanation MajorCarter. I am confused as to what it would look like if not like this"

Daniel brutally bit back his grin, Sam was blushing furiously, Jack was getting somewhat irritated, but for Daniel who had been strung along for four years by these two blind fools payback was indeed gonna be a bitch!

Right on schedule Jack chimed in with *his* method of diplomacy.

"Oh for crying out loud. It is exactly what it looked out, except that it was more than making out. It was the first time I got to kiss the woman that I love" In his moment of pique, Jack didn't register the group wide shock that surrounded him. All thoughts of extending his revenge was immediately forgotten as Daniel realised what had been said.

"You "love" me?" came a wobbly voiced reply from a even more surprised 2IC.

Completely forgetting about their audience, Jack went back to his Major's side, turning her face towards his he gave her the answer she waited for.

"Of course I love you Sam, do you think it was just some one off lust train? No, for me this is real. I love you Sam, sometimes so much it hurts"

Falling into his strong arms she whispered into his ear.

"I love you too Jack, I always have"

This time before they even had chance to seal their feelings with a kiss, both where brought to reality by a cheering archaeologist and an almost smiling Jaffa.

"So kiss her already Jack…or have you forgotten how?" Joked Daniel, but Jack didn't need a second invitation and was already possessing his major's lips with a passion that took them both to another plane of existence altogether.

When they finally did break apart it was only because the need for air became kinda important and with two rather happy people looking on, Jack couldn't exactly re-enact Sam's earlier dream. But the smiles he received from his friends quickly spread until it engulfed his face as well. It was only when he felt Sam stiffen in his arms that he returned to reality once more.

"What is it Sweetheart?" The look on her face scared him, she was ashen and clearly afraid

"The regs Jack, what'll happen when we go home?"

"Well, there will be two choices. Either they can keep us both or they can loose a colonel, it is as simple as that" He knew that she was gonna argue. He could tell by the light that fired across her liquid eyes. He had seen it often enough to know. But before she could make good on his prediction another interruption was heard.

"Actually Jack, it is even simpler than that" Daniel was loving this "The only consequence of you two finally getting your heads from up your asses is that Generals Hammond and Carter now owe Teal'c and myself fifty dollars each". If Daniel had have had his video camera on at that point he would have made a whole lot more than a hundred dollars. Their faces where priceless!

"You mean…they…you…all…?"

"Yes Sam, I, we, all, took bets on how long it would take you two"

"Oh" was the only reply she could express, there were a staggering amount of questions that she wanted answering, but her brain was still locked into "kissing Jack mode".

Jack however had recovered sufficiently and finally kicked all his training into gear.

"Well then, boys. If you would excuse us, there's something that I urgently need to discuss with my second in command"

With that, a chuckling Daniel high-fived a very smiley Jaffa as they watched Colonel Jack O'Neill carrying Major Samantha Carter away from camp for what he was sure was gong to be the start of something very special.

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