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Season- 4

Spoilers- Window of Opportunity.

Disclaimer- I don't own nothing! Just an idea and I ain't making a penny from that!

Authors Notes- This is just a small drabble piece that came to me in a dream!

"I can't believe you did that!" Sam screamed at Jack.

"I only kissed you!" he replied ducking a piece of technojunk.

"At the end of a loop…" she shouted throwing a book at him "so I
wouldn't remember!"

"SO?" he shouted as he dodged the book.

"You took advantage of me that's SO Jack."

"I did not!" he protested "You kissed me back! This is two sided,

"That's not the point!" she glared.

"Then what is?" he asked

"Why didn't you do more?"

"Now that WOULD be taking advantage!"

"You wanna do more?" she asked.


"You heard!"


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