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Season: Future... but all 'cannon' events cut off about beginning of season 5.

Sequel: This is the sequel to 'The Class'

Spoilers: None that I can spot

Archive: SJ yes, Helio yes, everyone else yes!

Authors' note: Based on real life events (again)... sorry no not in relationship to SJ... we wish... this fic takes place in a perfect world... I don't recognize it. And I have no clue where the name Carey came from, I was lying in bed trying to sleep and I just thought 'they have this baby... Carey' and henceforth she has been known as Carey :-)

Thank you: KansasKellyBob, Lucy, and Steph for their constant willingness to read my fic at all hours... anyone else... you too.

Dedication: Isaiah... please sleep

Disclaimer: These characters don't belong to me. "Fan fiction is for people with original ideas just not original characters."

There was screaming, and no matter what he did Jack O'Neill couldn't block out the sound. He rolled over, buried his head under his pillow and then it hit him- Sam was 'out of town' (on another planet) and he had baby duty."Shhh Care." He said picking up the screaming child from her cradle beside his bed. "Daddy's here." It was then that the scent hit him and Jack quickly made his way down the hall to Carey's room."You a stinky baby?" He asked putting a pacifier in her mouth as he unsnapped her outfit. Jack then pulled the sleeper off before taking a peek inside her diaper. "Eew Care, that's worse than Charlie." He commented before cleaning her up and finding her a new sleeper."You ready to go back to bed?" He asked tossing the diaper and outfit into their separate containers so Sam wouldn't have to waste her time yelling at him when she got home. As he was walking down the hall she spit the pacie out of her mouth with a wail- Jack was thankful he'd had the foresight to clip it to her new sleeper. As Jack put it back in her mouth he found his hands gripped under his daughter's iron grip, his hand was now stuck holding the pacie against her mouth. Finally it clicked... this was the same way she would be hanging on to Sam's breast if she were nursing."Okay kid, so you're hungry?" The two made their way to the kitchen, and to the refrigerator where the expressed milk was lined up in a nice little row of bottles. Jack randomly selected one and heated it as quickly as possible- Carey had realized there was nothing coming out of her pacifier, and she wasn't very happy about it."Here ya go kiddo. Warm but not too warm, aged to perfection, just the way you like it from Daddy." The three-week-old greedily sucked at the bottle, a quick look at the kitchen clock showed he had fed her only two hours before, at that rate they were going to run out before Sam could get home.

Jack took his new, brown haired daughter into their living room to sit in the big rocker.
"What do you think of all this Care?" He watched her immature eyes dart around the darkened room. "You've been born into a strange world. I mean your mom's with me, which should be enough to scare anyone. You're the only person in the universe the Goa'uld can't touch no matter what, which is something to be proud of, trust me." He smoothed her hair and adjusted the bottle before going on. "Sam, that's your Mom, is the most brilliant person I've ever met, it's gonna be pretty scary when you get old enough to do that science stuff she does."Your Mom's on another planet right now, with your Uncle Danny and Uncle T., I'm not sure if you're going to grow up knowing about your Mom's job, but if we decide not to tell you, I'm sure you'll find out somehow- your Mom talks in her sleep and you'll know how easy I am to confuse." Jack yawned, his little girl mimicking the action only seconds later."You as tired as I am Care?" She had finished the bottle, which he just let sit on an end table. "What do you say we go back to bed?" He burped her as he walked back to his bedroom. He sat her in her bassinette, following the 'back to sleep' directions that were on her diapers (items he was all too familiar with)."*Please* sleep well Care bear." She seemed to follow orders as her baby eyes closed. "Oh and Carey, your grandpa's an alien." He added before falling back onto his bed and into the deep, but fleeting, sleep of a new parent.

Somehow Carey managed to sleep through the entire night (or what was left of it), and it was 9 am before she started screaming enough to awaken her worn out father. Jack had just rolled over and grabbed his screaming child when the phone started ringing. He didn't care if it was a telemarketer, a bill collector, or even the Pope himself... despite the fact that he wasn't Catholic- any adult was a welcome change, for once he was excited at the prospect of an adult conversation."O'Neill residence." He answered the phone in the nice-mannered way Sam had taught him."Colonel," It was Sam's best friend Janet Fraiser, Jack got worried."What is it? Did something happen to Sam? Is she hurt?""No Colonel, Sam's fine, I was just calling to see if you had the time to stop by the base?" That wasn't a question, he hadn't been retired *that* long, and the woman still held control over his medical future."In that case, I'm retired Doc. So, What's up? I forget to do some ancient paperwork and Andrews didn't feel like calling himself?"
"No Colonel, we just have some things for you." She paused. "Is that Carey crying?" As if it could be any other baby in his house."Yeah, she's kinda hungry, we just got up. Do you know when Sam's coming home? We're running kinda low on milk around here.""Should be another couple of days at least." She sighed, thinking again how unfair it was that her friend had let her CO pressure her into going back to work *voluntarily* so soon. "I'll let you go then. You'll be here around 1000?" She had given another order in the form of a question; she was really quite good at that."Yeah, I'll feed her a bottle and then we'll both hop in the shower and be right there.""Be careful Sir, they're slippery when wet.""Huh?""Babies, they get very slippery when you give them a bath... or as the case may be a shower.""Oh, thanks, point taken, we'll be careful." They hung up and he hurriedly made his way into the kitchen doing a repeatperformance of the pervious night's (or was it morning's?) bottle warming activities, noticing that he was down to only one more bottle in the refrigerator.

Carey was really enjoying her time with her Dad, or at least Jack liked to think so, he thought as he took her out back to sit by the lake as they ate their breakfasts. He'd grabbed a bagel out of the package without heating it up or anything for himself and Carey was happily sucking her bottle and falling back to sleep.Sam had decided to go back to work after only two weeks of maternity leave, Jack personally thought it was too soon, but General Andrews pressed the issue stating that now SG-1 was back together he wanted them out there. Of course General Andrews didn't mention the fact that Teal'c had only come back for a few months to stay with Rya'c and brief the president and joint chiefs on the state of Chulak. Sam had been very sorry to leave her baby, but she had to do what she had to do to assure Carey had a planet to grow up on, at least that was the way she saw it, to Jack it was just another way for the US Air Force to screw the two of them over.Once they had begun their romantic relationship and he had finally decided that it would be a good thing for him to just retire and get it over with once Sam got her promotion, things had quickly progressed and the two had soon found themselves buying a house with a lake and having a baby. It was about the time Sam announced her pregnancy that 'Air Force officials' approached Sam, they threatened her with court martial for her involvement with a superior officer despite the fact that he was retired, according to them it 'painted a bad picture for the Air Force' and 'might encourage other officers, and even enlisted soldiers to behave in the same, unacceptable manner'. Thankfully the newly retired (at that time) General Hammond had been able to call in a few favours and had the investigation into Sam's misconduct halted with the understanding that Jack and Sam wouldn't be appearing in any recruitment videos in the near future.So Sam had gone back to work. In the four days she had been back they had gone on two short missions and she had come home more and more worn out every night, he was worried about her, but she had to look strong... it was very important to her that she not look like the weak motherly type. True she loved her baby and she was playing the 'good mommy' by breast-feeding, but it was still important for her to not look vulnerable.
Jack was enjoying being a stay at home Dad this time, he had never realized how much he had missed when Charlie was in the first few weeks of his life. He looked around their yard imagining the swing set he knew would soon occupy a part of the space, and he was going to be around to watch her play and go though everything in this house by the water.Jack realized the baby had finished her bottle sometime during his reverie and was looking up at him expectantly.
"Okay, I know... Doc wants us at the base in half an hour." He burped her, getting a hearty belch from her small body before he wiped the milk from her lips and headed back inside.
Jack carried the sleeping baby into her room to get a diaper and an outfit for her to wear to Cheyenne Mountain. They hadn't really taken her out much since her birth, so most of her clothing was still unworn. He selected her 'Fishing is Life!' outfit, adding a pink little headband and headed out to find his own clothes.

Once he had everything they could possibly need; Jack turned on the water before stepping in to make sure it wasn't too hot for his baby girl. He didn't know how she was going to react to the cascading water; his only experience with children and showers had been Charlie begging to join his father one morning when he had been about five years old. Needless to say, he hadn't really liked it much, now Jack had Carey and he was afraid the water would really scare her.Jack O'Neill washed as quickly as possible, Carey didn't seem upset but they were still going to be late for Doc Fraiser's mystery appointment. He washed both of them with baby soap, just to avoid her getting any of the evil adult stuff in her eyes or mouth."Are you gonna smell like Daddy?" He shifted her, understanding the 'slippery when wet' comment as well as why he was always told to pick his son up with a towel after a bath when he was toddler. "No, I think Daddy's going to smell like you." He turned off the water and stepped out, quickly wrapping a towel around Carey. She woke up and started to cry."Care, Care, Care... come on honey, Daddy's gotta get himself, and then you, dressed." He stated cooing and at last resort, bouncing her around the bathroom.If someone had told Jack O'Neill three years ago that he would be retired again (this time for good), standing naked in his house by the lake, attempting to bounce his three week old screaming daughter to silence he would have asked them what kind of cheap stuff they'd been smoking.Giving up, he opened the door and walked to Carey's room to get her dressed in an environment he could control, a pacifier equipped environment. He put the pacie in her mouth, hoping it would stay there and keep her occupied; he silently apologized to Sam, she hated using the things.Once the baby was dressed (Jack was very proud of himself, and he thought Sam would be too) he made his way to his and Sam's room glad that the neighbours were pretty far away as he wasn't even wearing a towel. He laid the baby on the bed while he quickly clothed himself and pulled on his shoes. Soon they were both ready to go, he grabbed the diaper bag and last bottle of milk and they were off.

Once they arrived at Cheyenne Mountain (five whole minutes early), they were waved through security. Right up until he pulled Carey out of her car seat in the back seat of his truck, it seemed to Jack just like the old days. Once Carey was in his arms he pulled her 'protected persons' medallion out of the blue box he had quickly tossed in her diaper bag before leaving their house, and put it around her neck. This was the way they had decided to do it, Carey would wear the medallion when she was near the Stargate or whenever there were Alien Visitors on Earth. This was only the second occasion she'd had to wear it, the first being when her grandfather had come to visit and explain in detail when and where the 'Protected Persons' medallion was to be worn.He walked through the upper levels of the facility, the NORAD personnel staring openly at the man walking through the cold halls carrying Carey as if she weren't an unusual thing to have around on a high security base.Everyone at the SGC had heard of Carey's birth, but very few people had actually seen the infant. This one little fact made Jack a very popular man as he walked through the corridors towards the infirmary; it seemed that Jack and Sam weren't the only ones who thought Carey was the most beautiful baby they'd ever seen."Now Care, this can be a truly scary place," Jack said, once they had shed their followers right outside the infirmary. "But don't worry honey, Daddy won't let your Aunt Janet poke you with anything sharp."He took the plunge and pushed open the doors, afraid of what he might see on the other side."There you are Colonel." Doctor Janet Fraiser came out to greet them."See Doc, told ya we could make it.""Yes." She smiled and took Carey from him."So... what are we here for? Everything looks relatively calm.""You got a delivery last night, right after Andrews extended SG-1's mission. Evidently Sam didn't want Andrews knowing because it's not in the log, it was packed on dry ice in some medical supplies she knew only I would be unpacking."
"Okay... so what is it?" Returning the sleeping baby, Janet walked into the treatment area and returned with a small box. She took Carey back from Jack before handing him the cool box.He opened it cautiously, weary of what might jump out at him, nothing did, he was immensely relieved at what *was* inside though."She sent a note for me, said 'please get these to Jack, couldn't wait any longer, I'm sure he'll be needing them anyway'. Was she right?""Yeah, last one's in the bag." He set the box of frozen baggies of breast milk down, taking his precious daughter from her Aunt."Are you staying for General Carter?""What?""General Carter... Sam's Dad... your father-in-law?""I know who you're talking about Doc, I just didn't know he was coming.""Yes, Sir, he's arriving at noon.""And why didn't anyone tell me?" He asked, exasperated."I don't know Sir, I believe General Andrews was who the message came to.""Ya know, I think Andrews is just looking to get me into trouble, I mean, I married Jacob's onlydaughter, the only thing that could possibly be worse would be to forget him at the hypothetical airport'." The only reaction Jack got out of Janet was a small half smile... he was really starting to miss Sam.

Jack wandered around for a while... he located his wife's lab, oddly enough it was still right where it had been the last time he had been there. He tinkered a bit, regretting the fact that he had left Carey's carrier in his truck, and finally gave up, realising that it wasn't as much fun breaking Sam's toys when she wasn't around.Carey woke up and demanded food, having nothing better to do he took her to the commissary and pulled out her last bottle, Sam's little delivery a welcome thought in his mind.People Jack had known and people he'd never seen before in his life passed him as he sat in a chair trying to hold the bottle in Carey's mouth and get a spoonful of strawberry Jell-O into his own mouth at the same time. Eventually both managed to finish their meals... which worked out great for Jack considering it was nearly time for Jacob to arrive. All Jack had to do was figure out a way to change Carey's diaper and they'd be set to see grand-pa, only the SGC didn't seem to have diaper changing stations in their bathrooms, which left Daniel's office as the closest place for him to be able to set his baby girl down.

Daniel's office hadn't changed much either, maybe it had become a bit more cluttered considering he was looking at *all* the base's rocks (artefacts). But other than that he could still see that this room clearly screamed 'Daniel!', very similar to how Carey was screaming at her increasingly wet diaper. He set her down and realised that not only did he need a diaper, but a whole new outfit as well... this was all right, he'd come prepared. Jack went digging in the diaper bag and found all the necessary items- diaper, wipes, and cute outfit of baby jeans and a t-shirt with a little baby in a fishing hat that said 'Grandpa Says I'm A Keeper'. He lay Carey on some papers (probably the lost manuscript of a dead civilisation) Daniel had haphazardly strewn across one of his tables and changed her quickly not wanting to be late for Jacob's arrival."All right Care, ready to go see your Grandpa?" The Baby just looked up at him trough hooded eyes as he tossed her diaper in Daniel's trash can (a gift for later) and headed towards the elevator that would take him down to the level the 'Gate was on.He boarded the elevator with a woman he'd never seen before... he'd only been away from the SGC for a little over a year and even in that time he'd been back several times due to the Asgard or Tok'ra or anyone wanting to see him."Oh what a beautiful little girl." She said. "A girl, right?""Yeah," Normally he would have made a sarcastic remark about the bow in her hair but chose not to, instead settling for a polite thank you.The woman continued speaking to Carey. "What's your name?""Carey." He answered for her."Oh that's a pretty name, you're a pretty little girl visiting with your grandpa." The comment had almost passed over Jack's head, what with the woman's idiotic baby talk and her not actually looking at him he'd nearly missed being called Carey's grandfather."Oh I'm sorry... I guess we've never met Captain, you are...?" Jack baited her."Captain Albertson." He looked at her expectantly, waiting for her to elaborate. "Of the *new* SG-1" Her inflection clearly showed the distinction in how everyone referred to the two SG-1 teams."I knew your name sounded familiar." He said quickly, not giving an inch as to who he was. "You know why the Tok'ra are coming?""General Carter's the only one coming from what I've heard, something about a grandkid." The elevator thankfully came to a stop and the doors slid open, both of them exited and headed for the Control Room.Jack O'Neill entered the familiar looking control room, thankful General Andrews wasn't there at that moment. Sgt. Walter Davis, always at the 'gate controls, turned to face him."Colonel, aren't you supposed to be..."Jack cut him off. "At home, right, Care and I needed to stop by and pick something up... that was when we heard her Grandfather was coming through." Walter seemed to notice Carey's presence at that time and took her quickly from her father's arms. "So, Walter, heard anything from the Tok'ra or SG-.75?"It took Sgt. Davis a minute to fully comprehend what Jack meant, so he asked anyway. ".75, Sir?""Yeah, just isn't quite SG-1 without me, is it?""No, I guess not, Sir.""You're Colonel O'Neill?" Captain Albertson looked up from some computer screen she'd been studying. Jack nodded. "*The* Colonel O'Neill? Of the Original SG-1?" This was quickly becoming hero worship, something that made Jack extremely uncomfortable."That would be me, retired of course, got the baby to look after now."The 'gate began activating and before Jack could blink he was holding Carey again. It was a good thing too, Andrews had joined them, and he didn't seem to thrilled at the prospect of seeing Jack."Receiving Tok'ra IDC." Walter announced to the icy room."What are you doing here O'Neill? Colonel Carter's team isn't due back for two more days.""Yeah, heard that. No, I'm not here for Sam, I'm here because my daughter's grandfather, who just happens to be my father in law, is supposed to be coming through that 'gate right now." For once in his life, Jack O'Neill's timing was perfect, the moment he pointed to the active wormhole the lone form of General Jacob Carter popped out.O'Neill was down to the gateroom before Andrews even realised he was gone."Jack!" Jacob came to a halt at the end of the ramp as the wormhole disengaged behind him."Jacob! How's Tok'ra life treating ya?""Pretty good," They started on their way to the infirmary. "How's family life been treating you?""Oh Carey's great, Sam's just a bit overworked.""Where is Sam?""Offworld.""Offworld, as in on another planet?""Yes Sir, Andrews pressured her into it. He's been holding our relationship over her head and was implying that he'd have her removed from her active position permanently if she didn't cut her maternity leave short."Jacob turned swiftly on Jack. "He took *my* baby from *her* baby? Sam's been waiting her entire life for this opportunity... she may not act like it, but she's always wanted to have the perfect husband and the two-point-five kids..."
"I'm sorry Sir," He interrupted Jacob's tirade in the middle of the corridor about his wife's personal motives. "she feels she owes the Air Force for dropping the investigation, and he's been using that against her." They reached the infirmary, Jacob still fuming, but discussing the issue of proper retaliation silently with his Body-Buddy Selmak.Soon Jacob Carter had been poked, prodded, and scanned. He was apparently in perfect health, other than for the fact that there was something that resembled a Goa'uld in his brain- but no one seemed too concerned about it and he was released to go topside. He was content to feed his granddaughter a bottle, speak to her father, and bounce ideas of retribution off his symbiote. General Andrew Andrews was going to pay for making his daughter not be able to be the one there feeding her little girl, it was all a matter of time.

End Notes: I was told by my wonderful beta that this fic is too 'real' and not 'sci-fi' enough... whatever that means. I promise, whenever I get around to the next one(focusing on tWTtT right now) it will be more sci-fiy and actiony.Thanks! And please send feedback!

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