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SUMMARY: A meeting, Jack is bored out of his skull, but what's going on in his skull?

ARCHIVE: heliopolis, SJA, if they want it. You can find this fanfic as well as others at my site, Flobob's Wormhole to Insanity

AUTHOR'S NOTES: What do you do when a biology class bores ya? you write a fic, or at least the begining. It's what I did, enjoy! thx for all the peeps taking the time to read it b4 it was even finished, and thx to Ro for the betaing!!!!!!!!!! And to all the bobs: HI!!!!!!!!


I am bored.

I didn't know I could be *that* bored.

Who's idea was it to make that *let's talk about the civilization SG-1 ran into when they went through the gate* meeting? I'm sure it's just a conspiracy so I can't watch the hockey game.


Still bored.

The only one really interested in the subject here is Daniel, which is why he's the only one talking. It's amazing how fast his lips can move when he talk about ancient cultures.

Now Teal'c. He really seems to be paying attention, but I'm sure he's deep into Kel'no'reem. He confessed last week he was training to meditate with eyes open for occasions like this one. Right now I wish I had a little junior buddy in my stomach.

Or not.

Forget I said that.

Hathor flashback - not good. *wince*

'Colonel, are you ok?'

Oops, note to self, dont show it to openly when you're note paying attention in a meeting.

'Sorry general, just a cramp' Good, he bought it.

Back to my musing.

Carter. She's bored too. She is a good actress, but I can see it. She is drawing something, can't make out what is it.

A horse?

A house?

A doohikey?

A spacemonkey being shot by three people. Now she's definitly bored. Wow, she even drew Teal'c's tatoo. I wonder why Daniel is glaring at me like that while speaking. Oh, right, I'm supposed to be listening to him, not spying on my 2IC's art work. Let's nod. Good, he's looking at the general now.

Now Carter is looking at me funny. Does that mean starring contest Major? I bet I can make ya blush.

1 undress ya with the eyes

2 look into your eyes in approval

3 eyebrow thingy

AND A REDDISH MAJOR!!! Way to go O'Neill!!!

Oops, I think this grin shouldn't have been *that* obvious. Damn she got big eyes when she's mad. Stop glaring at me like that! Man am I in trouble.

Is it me or the room is *really* silent?

Hehe, everybody's staring at us. Would they buy a little innocent smile?

Still staring, damn.

- what the hell?????? -

Ok, when did her foot come *that* high???? Now they are even more staring, I must have turned white or something. Oh no no no Major, that's really nasty, stop! Well you can do that later but not NOW!

'Is everything alright Colonel'

'Just peachy General'

My voice's a little strained, but noone seems to notice. Good.

Carter's foot's back in her shoe. Yeah right, you're innocent look doesn't fool me, I call for a tie breaker. What do you say about arm wrestling?

'Alright People, you're dismissed. Thank you for your attention' Why does he look at me like that? I was really focused on this meeting!

'Colonel, Major? A word?'


'Sir?' Original, I know. But I can't exactly say *George?* can I?

'About your obvious lack of interess in this meeting...'

'I can explain that general I...'

'General, -'

'Just go get a room!'

'Excuse me?'

'You heard me colonel, I order you two to get a room. Dismissed'

He just turned and headed to his office. Can I say i'm stunned? I am stunned. Carter's stunned too.

'Close your mouth, you'll catch flies'

Ok, not *that* stunned.

Go get a room he said?

Who am I to discuss a direct order?


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