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CATEGORY: Humour - S/J


SEASON/SEQUEL: related to 'Boredom - Jack's PoV'

RATING: PG - I guess


STATUS: Complete - I think

SUMMARY: A meeting, Sam is bored...

ARCHIVE: heliopolis, SJA, if they want it. You can find this fanfic as well as others at my site, Flobob's Wormhole to Insanity

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This time, it was during French class. I almost died from boredom, and then I has this flash, an angel appeared in front of me and told me 'Hey Flo, wassup?' Anyway, make sure you see Sam's drawing I also did during French ;o)
A big hug to Ali and her Goa'uld Monica for her great beta work And to all the bobs: HI!!!!!!!!

'...and as we saw on P3X854 the implanted culture didn't always...'

How interesting. Thank you for pointing that out Daniel. I couldn't have lived without knowing that.

It's what? 1500? We've been here for 3 hours already can't he just *stop* talking? I mean we know all that! We were there Daniel remember? But no, he had to suggest this meeting about *The culture that didn't survive the Goa'uld rules*. I don't know how he managed to talk the General into booking a whole day for this, I don't care actually. What *I* know is that I have a sample of extra pure Naquada waiting to be analysed and that my ass hurts for I've been sat at the same place since noon. Next time Daniel is *Archeologist-napped* I'll think twice before suggestion we go after him.


Teal'c is....silent. He got this strange look on his face, as he's actually looking at nothing. He didn't fell asleep did he? Not his style. The colonel is bored too. He can't stop moving, I wonder what's going on in his head. I bet he's repeating how much he's bored over and over, just like I'm doing.
I hate Daniel right now.
Daniel the little spacemonkey.
Didn't know I could draw a monkey. A spacesuit, and a spacemonkey. Neat.

Now what would Teal'c do so the spacemonkey shuts up? Mmmm.....he'll most likely fire his staff weapon to have a roasted monkey. Are monkeys edible? Guess so. I'm sure he would smile in relief. Here. A smiling Teal'c shooting at Daniel the spacemonkey.

And what would a Colonel O'Neill do?
He surely would use his MP5. The spacesuits aren't bullet proof are they?
So Jack O'Neill kneel and fire at the spacemonkey. I guess he don't wish to taste monkey. He snickers, after that he'll be allowed to go home and watch the hockey. That or he just told a joke about monkeys. Oops, he looks like this Japanese character my nephew is so fond of. What was he called? Goku something? I can't draw hair. And a cute ass. Mmm definitely a cute ass.

*That* I can draw. *smile*

And me? I don't wanna be left out want I? What weapon is left? I left the Zat gun on base, so let's use a knife. I have my pockets filled with knives so I can throw a lot at the monkey so Iım sure he's dead.



What is the colonel doing? hey! no spying Colonel!

Hehehe being scolded by Spacemonkey aren't we colonel? You have to be a little less obvious when you're not listening...after so many years in Air Force you should be trained...
What? Why is he looking at me like that?
Oh right, he caught me staring.
Who where you telling to be less obvious?
Ok, this grin on his face announce nothing good. He is challenging me?
He is checking me out.
He is actually checking me out and couldn't be more obvious.
He is looking straight into my eyes now, and his eyebrows are moving in a somewhat appreciation?
Isn't it hot in here suddenly.
This victorious grin, he just managed to make me blush. Bastard.
He won the first fight, but not the war.
Why did Daniel stop to speaking?
More important, why are they all looking at us?
The colonel try his usual innocent smile. Let's see if you can handle things like a man *sir*.
Revenge's sweet.

What if I put my now shoe-less foot here *sir*? Mmm nice restrain colonel, your surprise went almost unnoticed.
What if I go directly to my final target? YES! You didn't expect that uh?
You're white as a sheet sir *grin*
1 to 1

'Are you alright Colonel?'

'Just peachy General'

Right, you didn't seem very convincing colonel...
Let's go back to the innocent girl I never stopped to be. Here. I'm glad I wear lace-less shoes for once, easier to put back on.
I just don't like it when he glares at me like that.
What? *You* started the war Colonel, I was just drawing.

'Alright People, you're dismissed. Thank you for your attention.'

Oops. it *did* sound sarcastic. Hey, *I* did pay attention, the Colonel distracted me!

'Colonel, Major? A word?'



'About your obvious lack of interest in this meeting...'


'I can explain that general I...'

'General, -'

'Just go get a room!'

'Excuse me?'

'You heard me colonel, I order you two to get a room. Dismissed'

What just happened?

Did Hammond just *ordered* me to jump my CO's bone? Sweet...
Jack is just standing here stunned.

'Close your mouth, you'll catch flies'

He looks surprised.

'The scores are 1 to 1 sir, I suggest a tie breaker'

'My though exactly. What about arm wrestling?'

Uh ho...he got this mischievous look.....what mess did I get myself into?

'Sure, your place 2100, I take the pizza'


I will have to ask Janet if you can put weakening substance in Pizza...But something tells me I wont have to use that.

Besides I got some things planned I don't want my colonel to be weak for.

*insert innocent look here*


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