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Disclaimer:Gekko, Double Secret and MGM own it all. I am merely playing in the SG-1 sandbox and will return all, including pails and shovels, when I am done.

This story is told in first person from Sam's POV and takes place just before she arrives at the SGC. The lyrics are from "Someday Out Of the Blue" by Elton John

Some day out of the blue

In a crowded street or a deserted square

I'll turn and I'll see you

As if our love were new

Some day we can start again, some day soon

Here comes the night

Here come the memories

Lost in your arms

Down in the foreign fields

Not so long ago

Seems like eternity

Those sweet afternoons

Still capture me

I still believe

I still put faith in us

We had it all and watched it slip away

Where are we now

Not where we want to be

Those hot afternoons

Still follow me

Some day out of the blue

Maybe years from now

Or tomorrow night

I'll turn and I'll see you

As if we always knew

Some day we would live again, some day soon

I still believe

I still put faith in us


A week ago the dreams. or maybe I should call them memories, returned. I've had them off and on since I was a small child and most mornings upon waking they fade away. Lost in the daylight. But not this time.

This time they have occurred nightly, and they are so vivid and real that I can still feel and remember them when I awake.

The memories are always the same, and yet different. I am there, sometimes old, sometimes young, sometimes in the prime of my life. And He is there and he is my love. The only love for me. His eyes are a rich warm brown, sometimes the color of chocolate, sometimes of whiskey and always full of passion for me and his mere presence calms me like no other.

I am always a scientist in some fashion or another.. The sciences always fascinating me and he is always involved with the sky or the stars that great expanse above always a siren call to him. The names change: Brianna and Nial, Flavia and Augustus, Catherine and Richard.

And the places change: Atlantis, Camelot, Pompeii, Alexandria, Paris, London Edinburgh, New Orleans, New York, Honolulu, Papeete, Sydney. These change, but our love never does.

Sometimes we live full and complete lives together, meeting when we are young. Other times ours is a love found in later years or one cut short by tragedy.

We were Flavia and Augustus locked together in a passionate, desperate embrace as the flaming ash from Vesuvius consumed us. Catherine and Richard saying our desperate goodbyes on the deck of the Ship of Dreams - Titanic. I can still feel the agony that ripped through me as I sat in a lifeboat watching that beautiful ship tear in two and sink beneath the dark cold depths... Knowing my love was still there... hearing the desperate pleas and cries of those doomed souls and knowing they were dying, and he was among them and was lost to me.

We were David and Mary, who found each other, loved each other and lost each other during a time of war in a beautiful place called Pearl Harbor.

Egypt, Greece, Italy, The Americas, Europe, the islands of the South Seas... Our love has spanned many continents and many times. And while some memories are the simple minutia of life, most are highly sensual and extremely erotic I can smell him, feel his body next to mine and the strength of his arms around me. I hear the sounds he makes while loving me and see the look in his eyes as he moves above me, his eyes locked with mine.. And I can feel him filling me, and moving with me, completing me with an incredible sense of being one soul.

We have made love underneath the sun in a flower filled meadow and on a moon-drenched beach with the sound of waves in my ears. In a four poster bed with the scent of magnolia and night jasmine surrounding us. In a tent outside of Alexandria, with the cool breeze of the Nile carrying the scent of Lotus and the soft nickering of horses. A satin and veil draped bed next to a balcony overlooking the magnificent city of Troy and a loft bedroom in a small cottage in the Scottish highlands- the scent of heather all around us. Beneath down comforters in front of a fire place in a home in Paris; beneath furs in the great hall of a castle; in a luxurious stateroom on the Hindenburg, as she glides through the sky on her way to America

He has been many things. Pirate, father, husband, kidnapper, rogue, Captain, astronomer, soldier, astronaut, pilot and a warrior... but always, always a lover.

Our love was forged in the beginning of time and we have lived and loved many lifetimes - destined to find one another in each time.

I have yet to find him in this lifetime. I know not his name, nor where he is. I only know that, like me, he is searching for that part that will complete him. My heart and my dreams tell me that we will find each other soon and we will be as one once more - until the next lifetime and the next.

I feel my life is about to change. He is close I can feel it. Perhaps, this new position with the SGC. Perhaps there is where he waits for me. I know and always have known to look for him to be involved with the stars... that is as much a part of him as science is to me... as he is to me.

He is so close now. So very close I can sense him.. I can feel him drawing near to me. I stride into the conference room and He is there in front of me I gasp and my eyes fill with tears as I instantly recognize my love. It's his eyes. They never change. In each and every life time it is this feature I recognize first. My surprise mirror his as I see the shock of recognition in his eyes.

"It's you" he whispers softly.

"Yes" I reply and move to him.

We embrace, and our love is complete once more. For this lifetime, and for eternity.


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