Story Notes: AUTHOR'S NOTES: I *finally* saw Metamorphosis today, right after seeing Paradise Lost, and I guess life kinda got to me! It's short, and feedback would really be appreciated, since this is the first fic I've done in about 6 months or so :S I'm working on 2 others - patience is virtue.

Huggles to Girt :) Keep writing girl - I wanna see what happens!

He didn't say anything when they bumped into each other.

She didn't say anything when his hand grazed hers.



It wasn't until the third time that he kept it there. His fingers lightly brushing up against hers, their fingers

They walked on in silence.

She didn't say anything when his hand brushed the small of her back as they walked up the steep slope towards the gate.

He didn't make a smart remark about the lack of Jaffa heading their way.

She didn't laugh, or reply.

They just walked.

Knowing that this time, it had been close.

As had the last time.

And the time before.

All too close for comfort.

The groggy confusion on her face when he lifted her saturated body from the grimy cot and carried her to the machine.

The small yet reassuring smile when she stepped out of the machine, fully healed.

The way his hand touched the small of her back, and down to her hand.

It had almost made it worth it, but they knew it was too close for comfort.

It was their jobs, their lives.

Far too close.


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