Jack was strolling down the SGC base corridors when he overheard two airmen arguing. He raised his eyebrows but kept on walking. Arguing airmen were not unusual on this base. Someone was always picking a fight or telling someone else off. Usually it was about the other's bad habits or how weak they were, something trivial. So Jack thought nothing of it until a familiar name rung a bell in his ears.

"It's *my* turn to take over."

There was a sound of shuffling feet and the unmistakable thud of someone's head being slammed into a door.

"You got to watch Carter last night. It's *my* turn!"

Jack hurried down the hall towards the sound. He spotted a tall airman, Jeffery Hinchman in a tight headlock with Airman Basic William Flint.

"No way man, I paid good money for this seat. It's mine."

They continued to wrestle until they heard Jack clear his throat. The two airmen froze and jumped to attention.

"Colonel O'Neill, Sir!" The one called Flint gasped, saluting sharply. He looked nervously at Hichman as they stood restlessly in front of the abandoned television. It was easily recognisable as the Bases’ Security Camera.

"Hinchman and I were just having a little discussion, (Sir)." Flint explained nervously.

Jack nodded, not believing a word. He was old, but not least not when it came to troublesome airmen such as Flint and Hinchman. "Is that so, Airman Flint? Tell me, what does the name tag on this shirt say?" He asked, indicating the label on his left breast pocket.

Flint leaned forward slowly and read it out. "Colonel O'Neill...Sir?" He said quietly, fear covering his features.

He knew he was busted now, but if he was going to get in trouble because he was watching the Colonel's 'girl', then so would Hinchman, goddamnit!

"Right." Jack said slowly. "*Colonel* O'Neill. Didn't they teach you boys how to lie to a Commanding Officer at the academy?" He watched as they exchanged worried glances. "Because so far you’re doing a lousy job."

Both men lowered their heads and looked at their feet.

"Now tell me boys, what's (all) this about *Major* Carter?"

Hinchman shot Flint a look that said 'Now you've done it' and looked back at Jack. He was annoyed that his friend had once again gotten him into trouble, and his mind thought of a thousand lousy excuses.

"" He spluttered, trying frantically to turn off the television set behind him without the Colonel seeing.

"Spit it out airman, I don't have all day." Jack roused, putting on his best 'eat shit and die' voice. He loved using it on airmen, it gave him a kick to see them quiver in their boots… If only he could get a certain female officer to quake, instead of having her look him in the eye and say; 'You first'.

"We didn't start it! It was all Makepeaces marine’s idea." Flint gushed. He drabbled on like a broken dam. "They set up the security camera in Major Carter's office! It wasn't us! We were just instructed to watch it"

Flint ignored the glares from Hinchman. He knew very well that he would have to pay for being a 'tattle tale' after this.

Jack smiled. "Is that so? Makepeace's men *instructed* you to watch the Major." He glared at them, and rose up an extra inch. "Did they tie you up and bring you too? May I remind you, that it is illegal to invade someone else’s privacy?"

"Not exactly...sir." Flint said. He looked down sadly. He could already feel his ass being kicked to Mars and back. He sighed and slowly rose his eyes to the Colonels. He expected to see anger, but instead saw laughter in the older man's eyes. He was momentarily shocked into silence.

"Well, what is it exactly?" He pushed the two men aside and sat down in the chair they had been fighting over.

"I hope you boys aren't watching anything explicit." He warned before he switched the set back on.

"" Flint managed to spit out. He looked to Hinchman for support but the other man only shrugged, waved and beat a hasty retreat out into the corridor, leaving Flint alone with the Colonel.

"Just *are* you watching then?" Jack asked. He flicked on the screen and it slowly displayed a scene inside Carters office.

Sam was sitting, as usual, in her chair, leaning over her desk and scribbling ideas onto her note pad. Turning, she leant over and typed something into her computer and then turned back to the note pad. She was completely oblivious to the camera perched on the cabinet above her head.

"Just...nothing...sir." He repeated, thanking God that nothing had happened...yet. Jack turned to the man suspiciously. "See...nothing." Flint pointed shakily at the screen, where Sam still sat typing.

Jack narrowed his eyes. He was curious as to why they had paid money for this. "Then why were you discussing money over watching her? Surely you boys have better things to do than watch a woman sit around working."

Jack knew something was up. The airman was on the verge of fleeing. It just didn't sit right. Why would they sit around watching her do nothing at 11:00 at night. It wasn't even *his* idea of fun, and he fantasised about her all the time!

Suddenly there was a sound from the television set, and Jack turned back to see what it was. He heard Flint gulp as the alarm on his watch went off. Sam stood up and went to the door. Looking outside, she checked her watch and then shut it and locked it tight. She sat back down and threw off her jacket and t-shirt and sat there clad in only her tank top and pants.

"Doesn't look like nothing to me." Jack murmured, trying to distract himself from his now rather tight pants.

"I...I...I'm sorry Sir...Colonel...I." Flint panicked, what was he going to do? He had just been caught out lying to a Colonel, let alone the infamous Colonel Jack O'Neill. The Generals’ favourite and leader of the *heroic* SG-1 Team...

Jack waved the airman off. "You do know I can get you kicked off the base for this kind of thing?" Jack warned, averting his eyes for a second to glare at the airman.

Flint nodded, a lump welling in his throat.

"But since, I'm such a nice guy, I wont."

Flint sighed in relief, but Jack held up his hand to show he wasn't finished.

"However, I’m going to have to confiscate this television and remove that camera from Major Carter’s office, after which, I expect never to find you, or *any* other officer doing this type of thing again." He lowered his voice, "Do I make myself clear?"

Flint nodded again. "Thankyou, Sir. Yes, Sir. It won’t happen again, Sir!" With that, Flint fled the office, leaving Jack alone with the TV set.

Jack smiled and shook his head. He stood up and locked the door, turning back to sit down by the TV.

"Maybe I'll keep an eye on her, just in case." Jack murmured, putting his feet up on the desk. He grinned, watching as Sam rolled her shoulders back and forth, adjusting the straps on her tank top. She stretched and then went back to typing.


Sam sighed and folded her t-shirt next to her. She raised her eyebrows and squinted at the screen. She was bored. For once in her life, she couldn't give a damn about the figures in front of her. She felt restless and in the need for some action. She leaned back in her chair and chewed on her pen as she waited for the printer to spit out the results.

The radio announcer finished his talking and a song came on in the background. Sam stretched her tired limbs, swaying to the beat and sang along as she checked on the printers progress.

"You and me, we have an opportunity.
But you, you think I'm not that kinda girl.
Don't think that I'm not strong,
I'm the one to take your arms around me,
or boy make you sorry you were born.
You don't know me,
the way you really should,
you sure misunderstood...
Don't call me baby"

Sam found herself dancing to the beat in the middle of the office. As stupid as she may have looked, she didn't care. There was no one to see her anyway. So she forgot about the lab and imagined that she was in a night club and cranked up the radio.

"You got some loving baby, that'll never do...
you know I don't belong to you,
you sure misunderstood...
Don't call me baby."

Moving her head from side to side, Sam raised her arms above her head and started swaying to the beat. Not caring any more, she twirled about the room, completely oblivious to the blinking camera on top of her cabinet.


Jack gaped and fell backwards off the chair he had been leaning back on. He scrambled back up and started at the TV Sam was standing on the lab table, dancing about with her arms raised above her head, thrusting her hips forward to the beat... She looked more like a pole dancer than a scientist writing notes.

Sitting back in his chair, he breathed out as she rolled her shoulders back and started to sway and run her hands up and over her breasts.

Jack fell back again.

He gripped the table top and turned up the volume on the TV

"Behind my smile, there's my IQ
which I must admit,
does not sit with the likes of you.
You’re really sweet,
Mmm you’re really nice.
But didn't Mamma ever tell you not to play with fire?"

Sam jumped down from the desk and danced over to the printer. She picked up the papers and stacked them neatly by her computer. Jack could see the grin on her face as she closed her eyes and let the beat take over her again. Her hips moved with every beat and her head rolled drunkenly from side to side as she moved. The song ended and he sighed. But instead of her going back to work, she started dancing to the next song.

This one was darker, and he even saw her face change to a leer and he leaned closer. She moved slower and ground her hips at an achingly slow and sexy pace.

"I was angry when I met you, I think I am angry still.
You can try to talk it over, If you say you'll hear me out.
Don't worry baby.[don't worry baby]
I don't mean to fight.
Don't worry baby.[don't worry baby]
We'll be all right
This is the noise that keeps me awake,
My head explodes and my body aches.
Push it!"

Sam moved in controlled steps. Jack watched in a daze as she ran her tongue slowly over her lips and lolled her head to the side. Jack checked over his shoulder to make sure the door was still locked, worried that someone would come in and find him here, drooling over his Captain, with a bulge the size of Texas pressing at his pants.

Double checking, he looked back to see her bent over her computer typing, her ass waving provocatively in the air. Jack groaned and she turned around and raised her hands above her head and started to sway to the music once more.

"I'm sorry that I hurt you, please don't ask me why.
I want to see you happy,
I want to see you shine.
Don't worry baby,[don't worry baby]
Don't be uptight
Don't worry baby,[don't worry baby]
We'll stay up all night.
This is the noise that keeps me awake,
My head explodes and my body aches...
Come on, push it! Push it! Push it!"

The song stopped and Jack breathed. Maybe I should go...? He thought. If she ever found out, he would be a dead Colonel. But he was drawn to it.

Images of her danced through his head. She was as sexy as a cat, sleek, graceful, elegant…arousing… Woooah! No Jack, down boy! Down! Think of something else! Hockey, for example! Yes! Hockey! Hockey’s good, hockey’s safe…

Jacks faithful thoughts of Hockey gradually changed to treacherous thoughts of Tonsil Hockey…With Samantha Carter, no less. Nooo! He thought, think of something else! Something so vile and rancid that it’d make my balls go green and my stomach churn! Goa’ulds! Oh, now they’ve got to be winners! Okay, Goa’ulds, Goa’ulds, Goa’ulds…

Jack repeated the mantra over and over in his head, fighting valiantly against thoughts of Carter, dressed to the nines in one of those cute little dresses that Hathor wore…Damn! O’Neill slapped himself upside the head and turned in defeat back towards the glowing television screen.

The song changed and he turned back.

He chocked at what he saw, Sam was now standing dreamily and looking directly at the camera... Jack gasped for breath, while Sam's face took on wistful smile and she swayed back and forth.

"Close your eyes give me your hand, darling,
Do you feel my heart beating?...
Do you understand?...Do you feel the same?
Or am I only dreaming?...
Or is this burning,
An eternal flame?..."

He watched as a feeling of warmth passed over him as she danced around the room, miming every word. His feelings of arousal passed as she danced, love filled him and he yearned to reach out and sing the very words to her, but instead she was looking at the camera as if she was actually singing the words too him.

"I believe it's meant to be, darling,
I watch you when you are sleeping...
You belong to me. Do you feel the same?
Or am I only dreaming, Is this burning,
An eternal flame?..."

Why couldn't he? He was sick of hiding behind the desk, hiding behind a mask. He wanted to run in there and tell her all the things he whispered to her while she slept on missions. He felt the armour break down and the voice of 'regulations' was silenced. He got up from his chair, his heart telling him to go before he lost his nerve. The song played through his mind as he raced down to her office.

"Say my name, sunshine through rain.
A whole life so lonely, You come and ease the pain.
I don't wanna lose this feeling!..."


Five minutes later

Daniel walked down the corridor towards the elevator, intent on going home for the night. He heard music, soft and distant, wafting through the doorway of an abandoned office. Curious, he stepped inside and found a lone television set, from which the music was still wafting.

He moved forward to turn it off, but hesitated as he saw what was playing on the screen. Daniel smiled, on the screen was a picture of Sam's laboratory, standing by the bench were the Captain and O’Neill, both were involved in a passionate embrace, swaying gently to the beat of a slow love song.

Still smiling, Daniel switched off the set and left the room.

"Janet owes me fifty bucks." He murmured as he unplugged the TV and picked it up. He carried it down the hall and far away from the eyes of prying airmen. He was going to enjoy spending his fifty bucks. Maybe he'd spend it on the new CD he was going to get the other day.

He shrugged to himself, and sung the rest of the song happily as he went to retrieve his fifty bucks from Janet's wallet.

"Close your eyes give me your hand, darling...
Do you feel my heart beating?...
Do you understand?
Do you feel the same?...Or am I only dreaming?
Is this burning...
An eternal flame?..."


The End

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