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The beginning

SG-3 had come through the gate about one hour before SG-1 was to leave for P7J842. They passed each other and chatted briefly before each team headed off on their separate ways. Daniel was; of course, fascinated with the Marines description of the planet they had been on. According to them, it had had several artifacts on it that looked to be Mayan.

"What I wouldn't give to be on that planet." Dr. Jackson said wistfully.

Jack groaned slightly and glared at the archeologist. "What I wouldn't give to send you there permanently." Sam shot a look at her commanding officer. He met it briefly then shifted his eyes. "I didn't mean it Danny. If you're a really good boy, we will let you go there someday, Ok?"

Teal'c motioned for everyone to come. "We must be on our way O'Neill. Our time for leaving this planet has come."

Sam sighed and picked up her gear.

Jack O'Neill followed suit. "Yep, Teal'c. Ok, let's head out kiddies."

The trouble begins

That was the last mildly adult conversation to take place with the entire team. Upon reaching the planet, a couple of the members of SG-1 started acting strangely. "Sir! Daniel is trying to trip me! At first I thought it was an accident, but he's doing it on purpose."

Jack turned around and saw Jackson put his foot out. Since Sam had been complaining, she hadn't noticed this new move and, as she fell, she let out a cry of alarm before hitting the ground.

Everyone waited for Sam to get up and yell at Daniel, but instead, she started crying and yelling. "That wasn't nice Danny! You did that on purpose! I hate you!" She sobbed openly, kicking her feet and waving her arms about.

The Colonel blinked several times. What's wrong with Sam? She's acting like a crybaby! He went over to Daniel just as the doctor pulled her hair. "Daniel, what's gotten into you? Stop that!" Jack bent down to Sam who immediately threw herself into his arms and cried harder.

Dr. Jackson just laughed and taunted her even more. "Sam's a big bird-do head! She's a big baby! Cry baby, cry baby!" He said in a singsong voice and danced about.

Sam continued to cry. "Make him stop Jack! Shut UP four eyes!" She screamed, tearing herself from Colonel O'Neill and charged to Daniel jumping on him.

Teal'c went over to the two and pulled them apart. "O'Neill is this one of those situations that calls for a 'time-out?'" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

Jack nodded. "I don't know what's gotten into those two, but I think that they do need to be separated. I'll take Samantha and you talk to Danny Boy there. See if you can find out what's wrong." Jack grabbed Sam Carter and took her to a clearing several feet away. On their trip over there, Jackson and Carter exchanged some faces with each other. The Major stuck her tongue out at Daniel and he retaliated by throwing some dirt at her.

"Samantha Carter! What's gotten into you? They to control yourself please." He knew that his tone was a little too harsh, but he never thought that tough Major Dr. Carter would start to cry. She looked so adorable with her little lip quivering and her shoulders shuddering. All of his anger went right out the window when a single tear ran down her cheek. "Oh honey! I didn't mean it. Come here." He opened his arms and she went right into them.

"I'm sorry Jack, I mean sir. I don't know what's wrong with me. I just can't think straight and sometimes I feel like..." She stopped abruptly and glared at something behind him. Sam stepped back and picked up a rock. "Shut up Daniel! Take this!" She yelled at him and threw the rock. It made contact with a sound thud and Dr. Jackson fell down, grabbing his butt and whining.

She picked up another rock, only to have it taken from her by Jack. "Sam," he said. That was it. That one word spoken like only O'Neill could say it made her stop. "I thought that you were going to try and behave. Try, please or there will be no dessert for you tonight." Jack affirmed and smacked her on her rear end. Sam bowed her head and said that she was going to set her tent up. "Good girl."

Jack went over to Daniel. "Now, Danny, I want you to be a good boy ok? No more throwing things, calling names, or making faces at Sam. If you do, then you won't be able to go to that planet you wanted to see. We don't reward bad behavior with trips."

Jackson whimpered slightly. "I'll be good Jack, I promise." He smiled angelically while crossing his fingers behind his back.

Later at the supper from Hell

"I don't want this, I want ice cream and cake!" Sam shouted. She got up and started dancing around the fire. Jack groaned and rolled his eyes to heaven. Please let this be over with soon Lord. I can't take much more.

Major Carter picked up her canteen and took a big swallow. She then had another drink of water and spit it at Daniel. He coughed and shrieked wildly. "You brat! I'll get you for that!" He screamed at her and pounced. With his surprise attach on her, he pushed her face into the dirt. "Do you like that? Does dirt taste good?"

Jack brought out his camera and took a picture; he then pulled them apart and sent each one of them to their tents. "You better both be in those sleeping bags by the time I come in your tents or your will be in serious trouble!" He yelled at them as they scampered away.

"O'Neill what do you believe to be the matter with Major Carter and Daniel Jackson?" Teal'c inquired. He took a drink from his canteen.

The Colonel shook his head. "I don't know for sure, but I think it might have something to do with SG-3. What we need is Daniel and Carter back to normal."

Teal'c paused and then nodded. "I believe you are correct. Are you going to see if they are in bed?" Jack got up and turned toward the tents. Teal'c stopped him. "O'Neill, you were a good father and you will be a good father again someday." Colonel O'Neill smiled.

"Thank you Teal'c," he said and walked to Daniel's tent. "Danny are you ready to be tucked in?" He stuck his light head in the opening. Jackson lay there sleeping in his bag. He had a book hugged to his chest like a stuffed animal and Jack couldn't resist a picture. Then he turned around and headed to Sam's tent.

"Sam, are you ready to go to sleep?" His voice sounded deep and gentle. A little moan came from the tent and O'Neill went in. There was Carter, in a tight ball on her sleeping bag. She was crying silently and Jack patted her back. "How about I tuck you in and tell you a story?"

Carter shook her head. "I'm afraid of the dark. Could you please stay with me?" She asked, her eyes huge and watery. The way those eyes looked just tore your heart right out of your chest. "Ok Sammy, I'll stay with you tonight. Just let me tell Teal'c and get my sleeping bag." Sam jumped up excitedly.

"Oh goody! It'll be like a sleep over or better yet a pajama party! Yeah!" She was very happy with this arrangement and Jack went out side to tell Teal'c about staying with Sam. When he returned he saw that Carter had made room for him and had some of her rations out.

"What are those for Sam?" He inquired. Laying out his sleeping bag and zipping up the tent flap.

She giggled like a little kid. "Jack, you can't have a party without food."

The next morning (A Kodak moment)

Daniel ran over to Sam's tent and stuck his head inside. There was O'Neill and Carter sleeping spooned together with the Major in front. He grinned and poured some water on her face. She sat up, looked around, and heard an evil laugh.

Carter ran outside to hear Jackson say, "Sam and the Colonel sittin' in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G! You're the Colonel's pet!" He yelled at her and she chased him into a big mud hole.

Colonel O'Neill awoke to the sounds of yelling and laughter. He got up and quickly noticed Sam was not there. Jack ran outside and saw the funniest thing he had witnessed in the world. There stood Major Carter and Dr. Jackson stood covered in mud from head to toe. Their hair was in spikes and the clothes on their backs were tattered.

Jack got his camera and shot Sam pushing Daniel's head in the mud and he also got one of Daniel taking a hand full of dark black mud and pilling it on the Major's head.

Let's just say it was a VERY dirty SG-1 team that came back through the gate. The General had taken one look at hem and knew what had happened. He didn't need any explanation, he had said, it seemed that a couple of others were in the same shape. Come to find out, it was SG-3 who had brought a virus back through the gate. Only those that had come into direct contact with the Marines got it.

The virus, gone, but not forgotten

The regular routine had been picked up again. It had been two months since the virus had affected SG-3 and Sam and Daniel. There were still pictures being hung up on the walls of the base that showed Sam pushing Daniel's head into the mud and Daniel putting mud on Sam's hair.

Jack and the rest of his team were walking down the hall when they saw one of the pictures. He tore it down and glared at everyone who was in the hall. "Ok everyone! Listen up! It's been two months since it happened. I lost my film and one of your took it, I know. So let's just give it back and jet it go. Just give it up people." He quickly handed it to Teal'c who hung it up again and grinned slightly. Everyone in the hallway cracked up. They all knew who was putting those up. It had started the minute Jack had had his film developed.

They shortly encountered another one and Jack gave almost the same speech. This time though, he tore it up and threw it in the trash. O'Neill winked at Teal'c who got the message and hung up a new copy of the picture.

Sam came up to Jack, "Sir, I just wanted to say thank you for staying with me that night on the planet. It meant a lot to me. You can be sweet when you want to be." She kissed his cheek lightly. He smiled at her.

As she started walking away, he called after her, "I thought you told me that boys have cooties."

She blinked twice at him after turning around and then laughed. "You're right sir, boys do, but not men."

His laughter followed her down the hall.


The End

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