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SPOILERS:erm...just series seven when Daniel returns

SEASON: 7 I suppose

ARCHIVE: SAJ yes, everyone else plz ask i will most like say yes anyway!

AUTHORS NOTES: First Fic YAY!!!!! be honest plz. This did start as a fic for a challenge on the Dan and Jan Archive...dont ask what happened!

"Unscheduled off world activation, sir" shouted the airman as General Hammond came rushing down the stairs into the control room.

"Any G.D.O signal, airman?" asked Hammond

"Not yet, sir…wait, it's SG-1!" the airman rushed.

"Then open the iris!" ordered General Hammond. At his last order, Hammond ran down to the gate-room. He entered just as the gate shut down. SG-1 where walking down the ramp, considering the fact the Dr. Jackson seemed to be in great pain, he was surprised to see Col. O'Neill smiling.

"General, guess what old Danny Boy done again?" he asked with a slight note of sarcasm in his voice. The General leaned in closer to Col. O'Neill,

"Again?" the General asked with amazement. The Col. nodded his head. Major Carter really didn't like the fact that they where gossiping about Daniel while he was meters away from them in great pain.

"Excuse me SIRS," she emphasised sirs greatly. " But I think Daniel needs medical attention!" with a glare to Col. O'Neill as to say `HOW IN HELLS NAME CAN YOU STAND THERE AND JOKE ABOUT SOMEONE WHO IS SUPPOST TO BE ONE OF YOUR BEST FRIENDS WHEN THEY HAVE NEARLY JUST GOT THEIR LEG BLOWN OFF WITH A STAFFE WEPON?'

Col. O'Neill and General Hammond shared an understanding nod; never upset Major Carter she might refuse to save the world the next time she has to. Col. O'Neill walked back over to Carter, Daniel and Teal'c who was holding Daniel up straight. Carter gave Jack a look of utter-disbelief and shoved passed him and held her hand out to Daniel to help him hop along to the infirmary.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

" For crying out loud Daniel if you don't stop getting yourself shot or dying they are gonna have to start making you pay rent on this place. I mean you have your own bed here for Gods sake," cried an exasperated Jack.

" I do not! Its just Janet must have forgot to move my medical chart from the last time I was in here." Rebutted a slightly put off Daniel. Jack looked at him with shock,

"Only because she knew you would be back in here by the end of the week!"

"So are you telling me know that Janet is Psychic?" Daniel asked with sarcasm. Sam looked at Jack and gave him that look that signalled it was time to make Daniel squirm. She sat on the end of Daniel's bed and took his hand in her two.

"You know Daniel, I, myself have noticed that since to came back as human, you know, from the dead; you have been getting shot a lot." She said smiling sweetly. Daniel looked confused. Sam didn't know if it was from her remark or because of the concussion of hitting the floor when he was shot. "Well all I am saying is…" she passed a sly smile to Col. O'Neill who was smiling stupidly at Daniel. Sam took a deep breath; it would be best to say this quickly so he could not butt in. "Daniel…you don't have to die, nearly die or get yourself shot for Janet to notice you, you could just ask her out on a date!"

"Oh…erm…WHAT!" what Sam had said had sunk in. Janet pulled back the curtain.

"What is my best customer shouting about?" she asked Daniel. Probably a little more caring than she mean to. Sam stepped back off Daniel's bed and whispered in Col. O'Neill's ear.

"Is she holding his hand and stroking his head or am I seeing things?" Sam was pressed up tight to Jack's body. She was so close he could feel every curve of her and he could feel her heart beating. Was her heart beating that fast? Was he imagining it? Was it because she was next to Daniel before? Is it because she was close to him? He shook his head and looked at her.

"Erm…" he looked straight in the eye. Those beautiful, blue eyes. "Yes…huh…what did you say?" Sam shook her head. Looking over Col. O'Neill's shoulder she saw the clock.

"Colonel, we better get to the debriefing."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Around and hour later Jack came back into the infirmary.

"Danny Boy!" Jack taunted "Where, oh where, oh where is Danny? Where, oh where, oh where is Danny? Where, oh where, oh where is Danny? Where could Danny be?" Jack went to where Daniel's bed was. The curtain was closed. He pulled it back quickly and shouted, "BOO" Only to be confronted with a bandaged up Daniel with a small Dr. Frasier Leaning across his good leg. They where locked on a very, very tight kiss. "Am I interrupting you two?" Jack asked with a smile.

Daniel went red, very red. "Well I took Sam's advice!" Jack looked at Daniel.

"So then…no more getting shot?" he asked. Daniel Gave him a `Ha ha not very funny' look. Jack gave Daniel the good News. "So Daniel how would you feel being stuck on a desert island with me, for say two weeks?" Daniel gave him a look of absolute horror! Jack recognised this and carried on. "Too bad! General Hammond has got the Pentagon to cough up the money for an all expenses paid vacation to a remote desert island where all are needs will be seen to! A little thank for saving the world a couple of erm…billion times. Any way Teal'c has been sent to your apartment to pick up all your clothes. Doc, Sam's on her way to yours. I have my clothes on base. And the plane should be here in an hour or two. Don't worry Daniel, Sam will give your apartment key to Cassie so she can feed your fish while she's staying at a friends!" With that Jack smiled at them, turned on his heel and left.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"No Teal'c, no! That wont work!" shouted Sam. Three days in the sun and Teal'c has found a challenge he can not over come. "Teal'c, the weigh of you and the gravitational force is greater than the buoyancy capabilities of that thing. You need to exert less force on the small surface area. Try placing your hands on either side, that should even the weight out. Then pushing down quite suddenly then jump forward and throwing all you weight on it. Remember to try and keep your balance!"

"For crying out loud, Carter! It's only an air bed, not a Naquada reactor!" Argued Jack, who was sunning himself by the side of the pool.

"Well why don't you come in here and try to help him, sir?" asked Sam.

"Because Sammy, it is much more fun to watch you and Teal'c failing to get him on that darn contraption! And stop calling me sir! We're on vacation drop the military thing!"

"Yes, s...Jack!" she smiled. Jack she liked the sound of that. Jack. Jack O'Neill. Samantha O'Neill. No! Bad thoughts. Colonel O'Neill. Major O'Neill…Argh!

"Hey Sam!" Jack called over. "Where's Daniel and Janet?"

"They went off in that direction about three hours ago…Wait here they are now." Daniel and Janet Trudged up the steps to the pool hand in hand. "Hey you two!" Sam said slyly, "Where ya been?"

"Oh, no where just for a walk!" said Daniel and Janet smirking at each other. Janet took her shorts off. "Coming for a dip in the pool Hun?" she asked Daniel?" He kissed her.

"Ya sure" and he took off his shorts to reveal a pair of brief type trunks that where a little tight of Jacks liking. Jack looked at them for a moment and then it dawned on him.

"Daniel, are those the trunks you where wearing this morning? Jack asked

Daniel swam to the side of the pool "Yes, why?" he asked back.

"And do they have a little red stripe on the front?"

"Yes. What is your point?"

"Well why are they on backwards?" Jack said finally cracking up.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was close to midnight. The stars in the sky twinkled like little windows in a large city. As far as Sam and Jack knew Daniel and Janet were still in their room. They hadn't come out since they went back from the swim in the pool. Teal'c insisted the seafood had, had a bad effect on him stomach and was most likely in his room performing Kell'nor'reem.

Sam and Jack sat in the bar listening to the band play. They had their own private villa a little way from the main town but Jack thought I would only be gentleman like to accompany her, so she was not on her own.

The bar was quite empty. Apart from Sam and Jack only one other couple where in the bar. Jack was sitting on a balcony, which hung over the shore of the beach. Sam crept up behind him.

"Penny for them!"

"Christ Carter! Don't do that!"

"Do what?"

"Sneak up on me!"

"Sorry sir."

"Penny for what?"

"Your thoughts!"



"So what?"

"What where you thinking about?"

"You actually!"

"Me! Really? What for?"

"Well we have been here a few hours now and I have hardly even talked to you," Said Jack standing from his chair. "Oh…that's Ok! I don't need constant attention!" she smiled. Jack offered his hand to her. "Sir?" He grabbed her hand, pulled her up and slid the other hand around her waist. He looked deep into her eyes. Brought his head millimetres from hers.

"Call me, Jack!" He lead her to a place on the balcony where the tables and chairs had been cleared away to form a sort of dance floor. With his right hand in her left and his arm around her waist he felt like he was floating. She cautiously placed her hand on his shoulder. They started to move with the music. It was an uncomfortable sort of shuffle. Just really shifting their weight from one foot to another. "Relax, Samantha!" She stopped and looked him in the eye. She cocked her head to the side,

"Did you just call me, Samantha?"

"Well that's is your name! And I think it suits you. A beautiful name for a beautiful woman!" She hesitated.

"Sir?" She pushed away slightly.

"Sam! Do you remember the General's last words as we got on that plane?" She shook her head. "Well he said relax and forget about the SGC for a while and the military. So that means no regs!" The song changed from a slightly up beat rhythm to a slow tune. His right hand let Sam's drop and he slid it around her waits and pulled her tighter. Sam's arms went around Jacks neck. Sam pressed closer to him and moulded herself to his shape. It seemed they fit together perfectly. Jack moved his hands to he hips. She moved them closer into him. He pushed her away. "Sam, I'm sorry I can't!" He ran past her and down to the beach.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

He walked for around half an hour down the beach. He couldn't see if Sam was following him. There was no light on the shore. Apart from the stars shining down on them. He picked up a small stone and flung it in to sea. "For crying out loud! What the hells is wrong with me?"

"I was asking myself the same thing!" Came a voice from behind him. He turned to look at a rather upset Sam. "What's wrong Jack? What happened?"

"Nothing is wrong Carter! And what happened to Sir?" He looked at her like she had just broken every reg imaginable.

"You can't do this to me!" she screamed "I can do what the hell I like! I'm your commanding officer don't forget!" He ordered back at her. She caught him with a hard slap to the side of the face.

"I let my guard down for the first time and you do this to me!"

"Do what to you! It was only one damn dance!"

"You don't hold someone like that for even just a second and not have any feelings for them! Why did you push away?"

"Because I do have feelings for you that is why!"

"What…that makes no sense!"

"Sam I love you. I always have. Since that first mission briefing before we went back to Abydos to got Daniel, when you stood up to me! I knew you where something special. I have spent seven years on my life wanting you. Wanting to hold you, to kiss you. And now I have that opportunity and I can't take it!"


"Because it is only for another week and I can't handle the thought of being that close to you like that for only a week then going back to normal and not being able to have you like I want you!" Sam laughed at him. "So you think my heartache is funny do you?" She shook her head.

"Jack, before I got on the plane General Hammond took me aside and gave me one last order!"

"Which was?"

"To do this!" She threw her arms around his head and kissed him. Their tongues wrestled for Supremacy over the others mouth. After a few seconds she pulled away "General Hammond told me to get a move on and do something about us to because the unresolved sexual tension between us was giving him a headache!"

"You know Carter, one day I am going to get an order for old, Hammond and follow it!"

"Yes Sir!" She smiled as she leaned in for another kiss.

The end.

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