Story Notes: SPOILERS: Emancipation, Hathor, Point of View, Shades of Grey, Hundred Days and Nemesis.


SEASON: End of Season 3

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NOTES: I have used serious dramatic licensee with the weather in Minnesota, sorry guys. Hope you don't mind too much! As always feedback is needed!


Ok, I know at some point I am going to wake up and realize that the colonel hasn't really asked me to go on vacation with him and I didn't run out of my lab like a demented teenager to chase him and tell him that I would go! But the problem with that theory is that if I am gonna wake up. I'm gonna have to do it pretty quickly, he's picking me up in 10 minutes.

My brain is screaming at me for being so weak, I mean I have had a "thing" for Jack since pretty much the beginning but I had never acted on it. Not just for the obvious reason of the regulations, but more so because I never thought that he felt anything remotely close to the feelings engulfing me. But that began to change after the other Samantha came through the mirror.

He kissed her, not just a peck on the cheek either. Well after I had recovered from the bout of jealousy I realized that there was something different about the way he reacted to me after that. I tell you though; the real clincher was when he told me he hadn't been the same since he met me. I know he was only acting that way cause of what the Asgard had said, but there was no reason for him to say that, was there? It had nothing to do with the plan. He could have said something along the lines of what he said to Daniel, about being fine, just wanting more "tangible gains". But he didn't.

If I am totally honest with myself, my newfound courage stemmed more so from seeing him with Lara. I know that sounds strange, but I wasn't going to lose him to a woman who was on another side of the galaxy! If that was going to happen, it was only fair he should have a fully informed choice.

So I decided, much to my conscience's disapproval to explore whatever possibilities presented themselves. I don't know what will happen, but I don't mind finding out. I just hope I can act like an adult, rather than the way I actually want to. But I think jumping on him and professing my undying love as soon as I get in his car might be a case of too much too soon. Doesn't stop me dreaming though!


Well-done Colonel, not only did you manage to sound like a babbling child, you also managed too basically beg her into coming fishing. OK, so you asked Daniel first, but that was part of the plan. If things don't work out like you want no one can say anything about regs, you just wanted some company!

Well it sounded good, but it wasn't the truth and he knew it. It was Sam he wanted this week. He had dropped enough hints over the last few weeks to her about how he felt. It was only when he had returned from Edora, and was told pointedly by Janet what Sam had said about missing him, did he realize that finding a substitute Sam in Lara was not going to stop the ache in his heart. It had to be her; it could only be her.

He made the decision that one way or another, this was going to be resolved between them this week. He hated circling around the point like he had done, usually he just went from A to B, no hesitation, no fuss. Just the most expedient way of finding the solution. But with Sam it was different. He was different. Not only did he care about her feelings, he was unsure about reading her.

Sometimes he thought he could tell exactly what she was thinking just by looking at her eyes, but lately he had begun second guessing himself. It was like he had felt with Hathor, off balance. But this time he couldn't put it down to any outside influence, this was just about the way she made him feel. Like he told Hathor, he didn't like being off balance, it wasn't natural to him, but when Sam affected his balance, he somehow quite enjoyed the sensation.

The Car:

They had been driving for a while, chatting and laughing. They had both relaxed significantly since first being in such close proximity to each other. At first neither quite knew what to say or how to behave, but a stop at a fast food restaurant changed all that. There had been a kid's party there. As Sam was sat waiting for Jack to return with the food (he'd insisted it was his shout) a little boy had wandered over from the party and had started chattering to Sam. He was so cute; Sam couldn't send him away.

She didn't see Jack stop dead in the middle of the floor when he saw her. A little boy on her knee, she was smiling a smile that tripled his pulse and sent his blood pressure through the roof. As if she sensed him, she turned her head to him and met his eyes. What passed between the two at that moment, although unspoken had more power than any words could have given.

The little boy noticed the sudden change in the mood of his audience... but didn't understand its significance.

"Hi, my name is Jonathon. I'm six. It's my birthday party." As Jack sat down opposite Sam, he too was captivated instantly by this confident six-year-old.

"Well hello Jonathon, my name is Jonathon too, but everyone calls me Jack"

"Wow, that's so cool. I'm gonna be Jack too!" Both the adults smirked as a shout was heard from the kid's area...

"Jonathon, come on honey, its time for your cake..."

"Ok mom... I have to go now...Mom, I'm wanna be called Jack from now on..." Sam and Jack watched the questioning look from his mom...

" Why do you want to be called Jack?"

"Cause that really cool lady's husband is called Jack instead of Jonathon..."

Both Sam and Jack missed the apologetic look aimed their way from "Jack's" mom. Sam was too busy blushing at the young guy's mistake. Jack on the other hand, noticed her reaction. "Yes!" His smirk had nothing to do with being embarrassed; he was busy sending a mental thank you to "Little Jack" for giving him the courage he was going to need later on. The only thing he said was "Kids, huh?"

Sam nodded but said nothing, but since then the tension between the two had all but disappeared, for the last few hours the drive had been spent in good conversation, about everything from last night's hockey game to Sam's Naquada reactor. For once Jack didn't completely switch off when faced with Sam's science stuff. Although he wasn't listening to the content, he was captivated by her enthusiasm. She really did find that stuff fun.

The Cabin:

"I don't believe this... it's just my luck. Here I am looking forward to a weeks bass fishing and a freak weather storm sends us a blizzard and freezes the damn lake!"

"I'm sorry Jack, I know how much you where looking forward to this" His name still felt a little alien on her lips, but he had virtually ordered her to stop with the formal stuff.

"It's ok Sam, I should have known something like this would happen, everything else had gone to plan, something had to go wrong"

"Why has it gone wrong? OK, so we can't fish, but we're still here, we might as well make the best out of a bad situation. I mean the cabin is so lovely, it would be a shame to go home now"

Jack couldn't believe what he was hearing, if he was ever in any doubt about her just being here for the fish, it was banished now. She looked so beautiful, her cheeks rosy, her smile genuine. This was going to be *some* vacation.

"Ok, I'll tell you what. You go and unpack, I'll go get some wood for the fire..."

"Jack I have a better idea... the snow looks so ready for a snowman. I always used to build one whenever Dad was posted to a base where it snowed; I hardly ever get the chance to now. Will you come and help me?"

Stunned once more at her enthusiasm for something other than science this time, Jack could not refuse. He was equally surprised by the notion that he actually *wanted* to build a snowman with Sam. (That wasn't all he wanted to do with Sam, but that was later)

The Snowman:

As they trudged out to the *perfect* spot, which according to Sam had to have certain qualities... shade from the sun, right type of snow... flat ground...

"Sam. Please don't suck the fun out of this..."

Openly she laughed at his smiling rebuke, but she wasn't going to let him get away with anything. As he walked passed her, she quite nonchalantly slid her foot out and watched on as he fell forward, landing spread-eagled in a snowdrift.

"What the Hell was that for?" he spluttered, trying to get out of the hole he had made.

As she struggled to contain her laughter, she could only reply " cause I like it when you are off balance!"

Jack concentrated on brushing the snow from off him, but he wasn't immune to her mood and the sudden exhilaration of her playfulness... well two could play at that game.

He advanced on her slowly and purposefully, grinning he said, " that was extremely childish"

Backing away from him step by step, she choked back a laugh " don't try it Jack... I'm..."

Before she could finish the sentence, he lunged at her; she twisted suddenly, placed her leg behind his knee and jerked him up and over her head. As he tried to regain his balance, his arms flapping wildly, he landed rather ungracefully on his back in the snow once more. Looking up at his assailant who was now doubled up with laughter.

"I forgot... level 3 advanced, right Sam?"

As he lay there, Sam noticed the rather strange expression on his face. It was almost wistful... "Aren't you going to get up?"

"What's the point... you'll only put me back on the deck!"

"I won't I promise, I'll be good."

The look of repentance on her face made her look like the proverbial angel. God she was beautiful, inside and out. As he began to get to his feet, he groaned, feeling the tender spot on his back that had been his only protection against the ground.

Instantly concerned, she came closer " I didn't hurt you did I?"

"Only my pride, just my pride"

They started to walk toward the spot that Sam had picked out... "Sam, you know when you told me that you had Level three advanced? What I didn't tell you, was that I made up half of that course..."

He moved so quickly that Sam didn't have a snowballs chance in hell of reacting. She could only observe as he lifted her and dumped her with precisely the right amount of momentum to land her, legs sprawled out, unhurt. His smile was devilish as he basked in the revenge.

"That was mean Jack, but I did deserve it I suppose. I give up, let's build the snowman"

He immediately picked up on the uncharacteristic concession, but it was the sparkle in her crystal eyes that alerted him to her intentions.

"Lair" he laughed as she began to circle him, he turned with her, determined not to give her an opening. But what he didn't realise was that he was far more resourceful than he had given her credit for...

"Wait a second"... she stopped, grinning she fiddled with her jacket... "My zip is broken"

"Here let me see" he offered with the concern she had expected.

As soon as he reached for her, she lowered her shoulder and aimed for his chest. He moved. Sam was left with her momentum; she landed rather unceremoniously headfirst in a snowdrift. Spluttering and laughing and trying to breath while she dug herself out presented the most enticing picture to her observer. She was just on mass of attraction, whether it be in fatigues and combat boots, a Shavidi dress or like now, all out of breath and rosy cheeked laughing at herself and him. It didn't matter, she was stunning.

He helped her up, both laughing; "when you are ready to get down to serious business, major, we have a snowman to build..." She looked into his chocolate eyes and couldn't help herself. For the second time that day she placed her foot in front of him and sent him sprawling forwards.

"That's it, that's absolutely it. Sam a word of advice... RUN"

She didn't think twice. She set off at a pace that would have done an Olympic runner proud, but it was no match for him. He caught up with her quickly and brought her down in a tackle that turned her so that she landed under him. He straddled her waist...

"Now what punishment should I inflict for such flagrant disregard for my authority" As he looked down into her eyes, her was overcome with a heat that had little to do with their previous antics. He looked into her eyes and decided the time was now.

She looked up, helpless under the body of the man she loved. It hit her suddenly, like the snow bank, she wanted him and she saw the answering need in his eyes. Her stomach flipped violently in anticipation of what she knew was going to happen. He looked so good, their playfulness had caused his face to take on a younger, less battle hardened look. She had never seen him quite so relaxed. Nor had she ever seen his eyes darken from their usual chocolate hue, to an almost black. She shivered, but not from the cold.

He felt her shiver, but he knew why. He leaned down to her and his lips were met halfway, a sweetness erupted within him that he had not felt for such a long time. At her urging, he deepened the kiss and felt her answering desire. Both became caught up in the sensation of finally releasing some of the tension, but instead of dampening the tension the kiss only served to magnify the need felt by them both. Neither argued when Jack stood, pulled her up and led her to the cabin. This was right, nothing else mattered.


As they lay intertwined, Jack brushed a stray hair away from his angel's face. As their gazes locked once more, Jack knew beyond any doubt that he could never let her go.

Sam saw the look of trepidation that crossed his face; she didn't like it...

"Jack what's wrong?" She feared that he thought that they had made a mistake.

"If you must know, I was trying to figure out how to ask you to marry me without you protesting about regs" He grinned down at her, a grin that sent her heart into spasms of joy.

"Are you serious, you want to marry me?"

"Sam, for someone so smart, you can be dumb sometimes. Of course I am asking you to marry me. I love you; I need you with me. I go cold at the thought of being without you. I need you to keep my heart from turning back to stone. The regulations don't count. General Hammond has already Okayed everything. You have to say yes, or I am in serious trouble when we get back. Please say yes. Please save me from a life of loneliness, because there has never been another you, only inferior imitations."

She lay beside the man she loved, looking deep into his eyes, trying to assimilate all the information he had just given her so quickly. He sounded like she did when she found a new theory! She was in no doubt at all what her answer would be; she was just surprised that he had already talked to General Hammond about it.

He mistook her silence for a rejection, Please Sam, I know it's soon, but I know how I feel. If you want to wait awhile, I will. I'd wait forever, just don't say no!"

Her heart melted at he words and sounds, "Of course I'll marry you, how can it be too soon when I've loved you for so long?"

His heart pounded and he looked down at the woman that spelt his future. As they kissed neither doubted that this was meant to be. But then again, you can't argue with your soul, or your general. Can you?

The End.

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