Story Notes: Not mine

Sam pulled up to her house. It had been a long day, heck it had been a long month. Here it was two days before Christmas. She was going to be home for the holiday this year.. Home alone. Daniel and Teal'c were going off-world to be with family. General O'neill was probably going to his cabin. Oh well a long soak in the tub with a full glass of wine and some tunes would go a long way to a good nights sleep.
She unlocked her door. dropping her keys, phone, and purse on the hall table, pulling off clothes as she headed toward her bedroom and bath. She was down to her underwear when she noticed the candles flickering in her bathroom. She stepped inside not expecting what she saw. Her bathroom had candles on every available surface. Two glasses were beside a chilled bottle of wine. Her jacuzzi tub was full of bubbles and one very impressive General Jack O'neill sound asleep in the middle of it.
Sam quickly over came her shock. If this was a dream she so did'nt want to wake up. She poured wine in one of the glasses, pulled off her remaining garments and climbed in. She leaned forward placing a light kiss on his lips " mmmmmm.....Carter" he muttered still asleep so she crawled in his lap. He quickly woke up " Sam what, who when..." She placed her fingers over his lips " ssshhhhh, relax.. I dont know who, what, where , when, how or even why..... All i know is Amen and Merry Christmas to me" He put his hands behind her head pulling her down for another kiss.
She smiled, he smirked, The bath water got cold.

End Notes: First attempt.... Be gentle

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