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I wrote this for fun and ended up with something completely unexpected so I decided to share it with my readers....

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Jack and Sam get caught doing something they shouldn't have by someone they would never have wanted

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A Little Indiscretion

by Adelie King

Chapter One: One Minor Indiscretion

During the entire negotiation Colonel Jack O'Neill sat in his usual completely untrusting suspicious fashion. Their newest Tokra allies he still didn't trust because of their secretive behavior. To make matters worse Captain Samantha Carter's dad Jacob Carter became joined with Selmac of the Tokra. The whole meeting Jack looked uncomfortable and Sam knew it.

In between the session and the next session Jack looked in Carter's direction and gestured his head and eyes down the hall. Sam knew he didn't do that unless something was really eating away at him. He walked down the hall hands in both his dress uniform pockets and Sam quickly caught up to him, "Sir, what's going on?" She asked quietly.

Jack touched her arm and instructed in a loud whisper, "Come with me." He looked around to see it was clear first. Then they snuck around a tight corner to speak privately. "You know I don't trust these people Carter." Jack reminded her and the stressed, "Something is not right here."

"I agree with you Sir." Sam told him in a loud whisper leaning against the wall to keep hidden, "Something is suspicious even my dad and Selmac told me that."

For some reason their hearts began to race the closer they got to each other. Magnetism began that wasn't there before.

Jack stepped closer placing his arm on the cave wall above her and asked, "Then what are we doing here?" He paused and moved closer, "If this is a trap." His face was very close to hers now.

"It may be a way of luring a Goa'uld operative out or something I don't know." Sam whispered even lower speculating. Her body was feeling faint and her legs started to lose their balance.

He moved even closer and asked, "So what do you suggest we do?" His lips were practically on hers without thought. Her breathing deepened and she felt a sexual tension that was unmistakable between them. 

"I don't know maybe we should just." She was interrupted when their lips claimed each other's abruptly. Their tongues danced around one another and their breathing got louder through their noses. It was a long loving sudden kiss. Her arms went around Jack and his around her in a warm embrace.

Then someone unexpected walked by who they were going to wish didn't and saw them. He immediately reacted too, "What the hell are you two doing?" Jacob Carter abruptly interrupted them.

They broke apart and stepped away instantly. "Dad!" Sam was beyond shocked and started to panic internally. "Nothing..." She said looking like a girl who got caught kissing a boy her dad didn't like.

Jacob glared in Jack's direction. "Uh...nothing...Sir" It was the only thing Jack could think of to say as he turned white. His move on Carter was instinctual and it just happened.

"Nothing!" Jacob was calmly outraged and his glare bore right through both of them. "This doesn't look like nothing to me."

She tried to explain, "Dad, it's not what you think." but was interrupted.

 He then looked back at Jack with a death glare. "You leave Sam...I'll deal with you next." Jacob ordered her away to tear Jack a new one. She left with a sudden state of guilt. He stalked up towards Jack.

Sam remained on the other side of the wall in case her CO needed bailing out.

"It just happened okay." Jack had his hands up completely sincere, "I never intended this to happen."

"Just happened." Jacob was not the type to accept excuses, "You were kissing my daughter and your direct subordinate." He paused in disbelief and asked him, "If I caught you with your pants down and your dick inside her would you say that."

Sam's jaw dropped in shock and disbelief.

"No but I'm not stupid enough to do that in public." He told him but it came out wrong and he knew it, "I mean..." Jack was out of words now waiting for the firing squad to show up, "Oh God."

Sam smiled amused by his slip on the other end and covered her mouth to keep herself quiet.

Jacob then interrogated him in a deadly fashion, "So you two are sleeping together..."

Her eyes grew with her mouth still covered.

"No..." Jack quickly denied and remarked, "I wish." He knew he stuck his foot in his mouth again. "We've never had sex I swear...I hadn't kissed her once or had any intention when it happened." Jack paused and blabbed on, "I never knew I was even attracted to her until now."

Her jaw was on the floor...and she smiled again.

"So you do want to sleep with her..." Jacob accused.

"Well yeah who wouldn't?" Jack remarked and caught himself again, "I mean...she's" He almost said hot but covered himself, "she's an incredible woman...Sir" He smirked nervously, "And beautiful."

Sam smiled flattered and amused by his adorable reactions.

"Yes she is and that's why I'm going to kill you if you ever touch her again." Jacob warned with deadly intentions. "If you do I'm going to castrate you then I'm going to get you kicked out of the service." He paused and asked Jack firmly, "Is that clear?"

"Yes Sir." Jack practically saluted him in agreement, "It won't happen again." He backed away, "I swear." He saw Sam smiling with her arms crossed when he came around the corner. Jack couldn't help remarking, "I'm glad you find this so amusing Carter."

Before she could say anything her dad called to her, "Sam, you get over here right now." She made is cute ‘I'm in trouble' expression as she went around the corner, "I'll straighten this out Sir." Sam assured him.

"Well you'd better." Jack decided to wait there just like she did to hear what he was going to say to her. He leaned back against the wall hands tucked in both slack pockets.

"Dad, it's not what you think..." Sam had her hands up assuring him, "There's a good explanation for what you saw."

"Yes there is." Jacob started now, "You were kissing your CO behind a wall." His voice went up and he added, "You're glad I caught you instead of General Hammond." He then reminded her, "Do you know what could happen to you if your affair got out."

Jack smirked on the other side just waiting how she would respond to this.

"Nothing would happen because there was no affair dad." Sam stood her ground crossing her arms, "And even if there was it would be none of your business anyway. I'm a grown woman and you have no right to tell me who I should be with."

"Well maybe if I did you would've never hooked up with that Jonas guy." Jacob made a justification.

"And I did dump him on my own if you remember." Sam reminded him, "You weren't around then."

Jack couldn't help smiling at her response to him and remained to hear the rest.

"So you don't deny that you would have an affair with Colonel O'Neill if you wanted." Jacob said accusatively.

"After the way you're reacting I'm considering it." She crossed her arms glaring at him.

Jacks jaw dropped and his eyes wandered in confusion.

"What?" Jacob reacted, "You're telling me that you'd sleep with that sarcastic, selfish, pompous CO of yours!"

"In a heartbeat..." Sam bravely got in his face and then defended him, "He is the least selfish, bravest caring man I've ever known." She paused and told him, "And I will not allow you to bash him like that."

Jack was beyond surprised by the way Sam was defending him. He scratched his head as the conversation continued in a more interesting direction.

"Sam, will you listen to yourself..." Jacob realized something that he thought she didn't, "It sounds to me that you have feelings for him you're not supposed to." He paused and pointed out, "It sounds to me that you're falling in love with him."

Jack's eyes flew open when Jacob said that and he waited for Carter's rebuttal.

"And what makes you think that?" Sam said with discomfort starting to pace and looked at him, "Just because we shared a kiss that I may add we did to conceal our conversation in case someone walked by we didn't want to hear us." She made up a great cover and made it look logical.

Jack stood there and whispered, "Very clever Carter..." He knew she was brilliant and she just proved it again. The argument wasn't over though.

"If that was a cover up Sam it was a little too convincing too me. You were completely into it when I stumbled on you doing it." Jacob pointed out, "And now you just proved to me that you are in love with him."

Sam knew he was right and she had to face it now. She was starting to cry now and she rarely cried unless something was really wrong. "Please stop it dad."

Jack stood there wanting to do something but knew he shouldn't step in. He didn't want her to know what he just heard.

"Sam, do you have any idea what this could do to your career?" Jacob stressed reminding her, "You've worked too hard to lose everything for your love for your CO." He then decided, "I'm going to tell Hammond to have you transferred."

Jack's eyes flew open, his jaw dropped, his breathing quickened and he swallowed. The fear of her being transferred away from him suddenly left terror which he didn't feel often.

"You would do that just because I love my CO." Sam admitted it finally, "You have no right. I'm an adult and you do not control me anymore." She told him off, "If I sleep with him that's my business and his." Sam then demanded, "You stay out of it."

Jack fell against the wall floored by her declaration of love for him. He wanted to smile and cry at once. He rubbed his hands down his face and when he heard her storming away he quickly hid behind the wall to conceal his presence.

"Sam you get back here right now!" Jacob demanded following after her.

"Fuck you dad!" Sam completely shocked Jack and her father with that one, "I don't care what you think!" The next moment she came around the corner finding Jack there with her father following.

Soon as they were in view of him she ordered to Jack, "Come here." Then she pulled him by his head to her laying one of the most intense kisses Jack ever experienced.

He was so shocked he was going to lose balance. Jack's eyes fell closed and he kissed her back. The kiss lasted a while and as expected Jacob didn't react well, "Sam, what the hell are you doing!" That's what Jack wanted to know. Jacob knew it was her not Jack this time.

She pulled away breaking the kiss abruptly leaving Jack breathless and taunted her dad, "Boy he's a good kisser dad...I can't wait to bed him." Sam said facetiously to make her point wiping her mouth off. Jack put his hands up defensively and confused at the same time in a ‘don't look at me' expression. "I bet he's really good at it too." Sam continued to taunt her dad her hands on her hips.

"Actually I am." Jack remarked without thought smugly. Then her dad glared at him and he got defensive and threw in the towel, "Never mind... I'm out of this conversation." Jack threw his hands up and finally left.

The Negotiations were starting again and someone announced it. Jacob assured her, "I'll deal with this later." He walked back to the meeting room.


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