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Spoilers: Point of View
One Hundred Days
Shades of Gray
Crystal Scull
Divide and Conquer
Window of Opportunity

Season: Four, after “Window of Opportunity”

Rating: PG 13

Summary: Jack and Daniel individually ponder on what sacrifices their ongoing mission demands of SG-1’s personal lives.

Warnings: Violence, torture scenes, language, sexual situations.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 and its characters are not my property. I have written this story for the enjoyment of Stargate SG-1 fans all over the world. No copyright infringement is intended and no monetary gain is expected.

Chapter One

“Teal’c! Wake up! Teal’c!”

Jack was shaking the dazed Jaffa into alertness, shouting in his face as explosions reverberated around them, sometimes so close that they could feel the heat on their bodies as the dirt and debris rained on them.

“O’Neill…” Teal’c answered inaudibly, trying to focus on the frantic face of the Colonel.

“Where are they?! Where are Carter and Daniel?!” the Colonel yelled close to his ear.

O’Neill looked wild. He had blood running down his face, which was plastered with dirt.

They both had to suddenly cover their heads as another explosion hit close.

Teal’c could see dead bodies around them, and dimly realized that Jack must have dragged him to their current spot inside a trench created by one of the explosions.

“I believe they must still be in the museum…” the Jaffa answered faintly. The ringing in his ears was muffling everything else.

His CO intently looked into his eyes as if trying to ascertain whether he was truly conscious, then he bit down hard as he seemed to reach a tough decision. Grabbing Teal’c by his shirt and yelling over the boom of another blast, he told him, “We have to get the hell out of here before one of those land on top of us! Let’s head to the Gate and we’ll come back for them!”

Teal’c nodded and, with Jack’s assistance, was able to get out of the ditch they had taken refuge in.

They ran low, crouching close to the ground and praying the whole time that the bombs would miss them. They miraculously made it to the Stargate in one piece, looking over their shoulders and noticing that the bombing seemed to be moving away from the gate area and concentrating on the city. Hun soldiers were running in every possible direction, some wounded, some shouting at each other as they tried to make sense of the madness going on around them.

Colonel O’Neill started the dial up immediately, but once the wormhole was established, a still dazed Teal’c had to grab his shoulder to pull him toward the event horizon. The commander had an anxious look on his face as he nodded, turned to the puddle, and with a last, wistful glance toward the city, jumped through with his friend.

Teal’c stumbled into the gate room back at the SGC, his Commander right behind him as he shook off dirt and quickly grabbed his dazed friend’s to prevent the bigger man from falling on his face.

“Medics!” the Colonel yelled as he helped the former First Prime to gingerly sit on the ramp, and they soon were surrounded by medical personnel.

Dr. Fraiser checked Teal’c out quickly and immediately ordered her medics to move him to the infirmary after one look at the egg growing larger on his head. O’Neill was still sitting on the ramp with a concerned General Hammond hovering over him.

“Where are Major Carter and Dr. Jackson? What the devil happened over there?” the older man anxiously demanded.

Teal’c observed O’Neill shake his head, staring at the ramp and looking unsure of how to respond… or not wanting to. He finally looked up at his Commander as Dr. Fraiser began to check the bleeding cut on his scalp while medics uselessly tried to coax Teal’c onto a gurney.

“I think the locals underestimated their adversaries, Sir. But this is just speculation. I’m not really sure what happened.” He flinched from Janet’s probing fingers, but then continued. “But I’m pretty sure Carter and Daniel are now trapped over there, if not dead…” he grimly admitted as he closed his eyes and swallowed hard. “We need to talk to Teal’c once he’s taken care of. He would know more about their whereabouts.”

Teal’c was being pushed out of the Gate Room when he planted his feet firmly on the ground to listen further. He turned and watched Jack open his eyes again and realize that Janet was sitting on her heels next to him, a shocked expression frozen on her face. “Sorry, Janet. I really don’t know. Maybe they’re all right, but I don’t know,” he wretchedly admitted.

The doctor shook herself and started to help the Colonel to his feet. “It’s okay, Colonel. Just head to the infirmary and we’ll talk to Teal’c later. You need a couple of stitches on that cut and I want to finish checking you out to make sure there is nothing else wrong with you.”

Teal’c sadly watched his CO dejectedly nod. With his head down and two medics by his sides, he started to follow his teammate out of the Gate Room, so Teal’c allowed himself one more look back as Dr. Fraiser exchanged troubled looks with the General standing by her side, then he finally allowed the medics to escort him to the infirmary.

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