Sam Carter was on her way home from the base. She was tired and mentally exhausted. Another day and no improvements with her relationship with Jack. She cursed herself for ever agreeing to the set up date with Pete. He was nice, sweet, and funny. But there was something about him that got on Sam's nerves.

"I should just end it now before he thinks about getting serious." She said to herself in the car.

"But what happens if Jack doesn't want you anymore?" Her brain told her.

"You can't be with someone just to try to get rid of the feelings you have for Jack." Her heart told her.

Her mind was swarming with thoughts by the time she pulled up to her house. Her lonely, empty, house. She kicked off her shoes, walked to her bedroom and flopped down on the neatly made bed. She look at the clock.

"It's only 7:30?" She asked out loud. She got up and went to check the answering machine. There was a little 2 blinking in red. She pushed play and went to the fridge to get some milk.

"Hey Sam! I just thought I would call you and see how work was today. I had fun with you last night. Let's do it again. I have work in the Springs, so why don't we meet up? I'm staying for the weekend. Give me a call when you can, Pete."

Sam groaned as the next message started playing.

"Hi Auntie Sam! It's Cassie. I miss you. I wanted to know if you wanted to go to a movie or something with me. I kinda need to tell you something. Nothing bad, but exciting! Well goodnight Auntie Sam. I love you!"

Sam smiled to herself. She started thinking of the last time they saw each other. She was slightly disappointed that Jack didn't call. She wanted so bad to be able to pick up the phone and spill her heart out to him. About how she was head over heels in love with him. She tried plucking up the courage, but she failed. She was ready for bed. She decided to take a long, steaming bubble bath first. As she got a towel, wine, and vanilla and raspberry bubbles ready, the phone rang. Her heart lurched at the possibility that her love might be calling. She ran to answer it.

"Hello?" Her voice was raspy.

"Carter? Is that you? You sound horrible."

She cleared her throat, embarrassed. "I'm fine, Sir... What can I do for you?"

"I was wondering since tomorrow is Saturday and all, that you would want to go to diner with me?"

Sam's heartbeat was faster then a hummingbird's. Had he just asked her out to dinner?

"I-I-I'd love to Sir. What should I wear?"

"Oh, I don't know.. Something nice. Maybe a dress. But I will pick you up around 6:30. Bye Car- Sam."

Sam sat there, mouth open. She wanted to run outside and scream in joy and happiness that she was going to go on a date with Jack O'Neill. She put the phone back on the receiver. She was grinning like an idiot. She took her bath and laid down in bed. But she couldn't fall asleep. She had butterflies in her stomach and her heart was about to explode. She felt like a teenager again. But when her eyelids became heavy she let sleep take her into the land of dreams.

Next Evening at 6:25(Jack's POV)

Jack was nervous as hell. He was on his way to pick up Samantha Carter.

"Man, don't screw this up. She's your everything, and if you mess this up, you will be alone forever." Jack said to himself. As he pulled up to the curb of her house, he checked the time.

"5 minutes early. Now be cool." Jack gave himself a mental kick for acting like this was his first date. He grabbed the roses and started toward the door.

He knocked and looked around outside and tugged at his suit and tie. When he heard heels on the floor coming toward the door, his heart jumped. When the door opened his jaw hit the ground. There was Samantha Carter. Not military Carter. Not just-one-of-the-boys- Carter. But feminine, beautiful Samantha Carter. She smiled at him. God, he loved that smile. She was wearing a strapless cocktail dress. It was red. And was tighter around her waist, but flowed down to her knees. She was wearing black, open toe, heels. She was wearing makeup.

*Even though she doesn't need it to be beautiful* Jack thought.

"Hey... You look stunning."

She smiled again and blushed "Thank you, Sir."

"Let's forget ranks, I'm Jack, and you're Sam."

"Right. So, Jack, where will we be going?"

"It's a surprise. Let's get going." He held out his arm and she gratefully took it. By the time they got to the restaurant, Sam was full of excitement, nervousness, and pure happiness. They walked inside and she was glad she wore the dress, this place was fancy. They got seated and ordered food. While they ate they talked about work. Then when they were just sitting there enjoying each other's company, Jack broke the silence.

"Would you like to dance?"

Sam looked at the dance floor then back to Jack. "Of course I would." She said smiling.

They walked to the center of the room and started slow dancing. Sam leaned her head on his shoulder and Jack tightened his arms around her.

"Sam, I didn't invite you here tonight to have a good time. I invited you because I needed to tell you something."

Sam's heart was in her throat, she couldn't speak. She looked in his eyes and Jack decided to go on.

"When I heard you were going out with... Pete. I died on the inside. You brought me to life Sam. Before i start rambling, I'll just get to the point..."

He paused he looked away from her. Sam got concerned. Should she tell her right now before it's too late? She spoke.


"No, please, I have to get this out... I... I love you, Sam. I have since that moment you challenged me to an arm wrestle. I couldn't pretend not to love you anymore. I don't care anymore if I get in trouble. I just wanted you to know that."

Sam was shocked. She couldn't breathe, think, or talk. She looked up at Jack and saw love and tenderness in his eyes. She finally spoke.

"I," She cleared her throat. "I love you too, Jack. For a very long time now. I just went with Pete because I thought we were never going to get anywhere. I want nothing more then to be with you. You are the only one I can be myself around."

Jack bent down and kissed her lips. Slowly, but passionately. Sam responded and kissed him back just as gently. He pulled back.

"Promise me one thing." Sam said.

"What's that?"

"You won't hurt me."

"I couldn't even if i tried. Which I won't. You mean too much to me Sam. I promise."

They sealed the promise with a heart-melting kiss.


Sam broke it off with Pete the following day. Sam and Jack managed to keep their relationship a secret. They were in secrecy for 2 years before Jack proposed. They got married in May.

End Notes: This is my first one. No haters, please :)

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