Colonel Jack O'Neill was sitting in his living room watching another rerun of The Simpsons. He was glad the team finally had some much needed downtime. Jack took a sip of his beer.

*When am I gonna get a life?* He asked himself. He started thinking about where he was in life. Mid forties, in the Air Force, divorced once. He then started thinking about his ex-wife, Sara. He did love her, he really did. But not in the way he loved someone else.

*Dont even go there tonight, pal! She is off limits!* Jack gave himself a mental kick for being so weak.

He thought about his team. Daniel, that Space Monkey got on his nerves so many times. But he loved him like a brother. The team just wouldn't be the same with out that guy playing with rocks all day. He still feels bad about punching him when he was infected with that virus. Then there is Teal'c. He also loved him like a brother. A very big brother. Jack wondered is he was big as a child. Jack just loved when the big Jaffa insults someone unknowingly.

And then there was Carter.

*Jack, you shouldn't go there, you know it will only cause more suffering for you.* But how could Jack NOT think of her. Her big, enchanting blue eyes. Soft blond hair. Full lips. And that intoxicating scent that was her's and her's only. He loved her. But he could never tell her that. It would ruin her career.

*She's got guys lined up on the block for her. What would make her want you? You are old, crabby, and have a sick sense of humor. She's young, beautiful, and has her whole life ahead of her.*

Jack took a gulp of his beer. He knew if he was ever going to tell her, he was running out of time. He just wish he had the courage to take the chance. He would be perfectly happy if she just knew he loved her. But he desires a life with her. To be able to kiss and hug her. To tell her he loves her freely.

"Damn regs." He muttered, and took another drink of beer.

He looked at the time, 11:24. Carter wouldn't be up this late. He left his beer on the coffee table and went to his room. He shrugged off his jeans and climbed into bed. He fell right asleep.


In the morning, Jack woke up to the phone ringing. He looked at the alarm clock by the phone.

*9 am, what the hell?*

He picked up the phone,

"This better be damn good." He said with sleep heavy in his voice.

"Sir! Did I wake you?"

His eyes perked open at the sound of that voice.

"Uhh, no Carter. Just haven't had my coffee yet."

"Oh, okay.... Sir, I was wondering something."

"When aren't you?" He said in a teasing tone, "What is it Carter?"

"Well Sir, I went grocery shopping and I locked myself out."

Jack heard there was embarrassment in her voice.

"What about your lock picker thingy?"

"I left it at the SGC. I usually have a key outside but i took it in last night and I must have left it inside. Which is weird beca-"

Jack cut her off, "I'm on my way Carter, just hang tight."

He hung up the phone. Took a shower, got dressed, and headed his way to Sam's house.


When he arrived, Sam was sitting on the hood of her car reading a magazine. She looked like an angel in the late morning sunlight. She was wearing an apple green shirt the went down to her elbows, and hugged closely in all the right places. She had white corduroy shorts that came up a little past her knees, and silver sandals. Her toenails were painted a light pink. She also had on a little more makeup then usual. He could tell she took a shower that morning, he could smell her from 10 feet away!

When she heard Jack approach, she looked back at him and smiled her sweetest smiled she reserved for him. He looked so handsome in faded jeans and a short-sleeved shirt.

"Got anything going on today Carter?" He asked, wanting to know why she look so darn gorgeous today. But then again, she always look stunning to him.

She chuckled, "No Sir, just felt like dressing like most people do in late Spring."

He got out the spare key to her house that he had in case of emergencies, and unlocked the door.

"There ya go Carter, I never expected you to be one to lock themselves out." He smiled at her.

She adored that smile, "Yeah well, I normally don't. I'm sorry for bothering you Sir. I didn't know who else who call." She blushed. She knew damn well she could of called Janet or Daniel.

"Think nothing of it Major, you do me plenty of favors."

She smiled and they locked eyes for a minute. "So, Sir," She cleared her throat, "Had that coffee yet?"


"Well how about I make it up to you and buy you some? I know of this great little cafe down a couple blocks."

How could he deny her, plus being able to spend time with Cart- Sam! "Sure Carter, that'd be nice."

Her heart began thumping, she was going on a "coffee date" with Jack! The butterflies in her stomach were creating a storm.

"Great! Let me put these inside and then we can go."

"I'll help you." They both grabbed bags and carried them inside. Once they got outside, Sam thought of something.

"Sir, I will be back out in a second." Before he could ask, she went in the house. She went to her bathroom and rummaged through her perfumes. She finally picked one that sounded Springy.

*Green apple and sugar? Sounds good to me.* She sprayed some on her neck, down her body, and on her wrists. She made sure it wasn't too much, and walked outside.

"Ready?" She asked Jack, who was leaning against her car.

"Yeahsureyoubetcha" He smiled. She giggled.

"What have I said about giggling, Major?" Even though it was one of his favorite things to hear.

"Sorry, Sir." She kept smiling as they walked the 2 blocks it took to get to the cafe. Once they got there, They got in the line to order their coffee. Jack was taking out his wallet when Sam stopped him.

"Don't worry, Sir. I have it covered."

"You dont have your wallet or purse though." She reached in her pocket and took a couple 20 dollar bills out. She held it up to him.

"See, I'm not dumb."

"You could fool me." He mumbled. She hit him playfully on the shoulder and he laughed. Once the ordered their coffee and giant cookie to share, they went to sit at one of the outside tables.

"Thanks, Carter. I really did need this coffee and cookie." He tore a piece off and ate it. It was a really good cookie.

"Me too. I have been longing for this downtime forever." She took a piece of cookie and plopped it in her mouth. She looked around outside, just admiring the Saturday afternoon in the Springs. When she wasn't looking, Jack watched her lips as she took a drink of her coffee from the straw.

"Yeah. Same here, it seems like we never get downtime anymore." Sam turned her attention back to the man she loved.

"I know. Sir, may I ask you something personal?"

"Sure Carter, shoot." She got that feeling of wanting to brush it off and forget about it. But she knew she had to tell him. Now or never.

"Have you ever felt like your life wasn't complete. That something was in the way of your true happiness?" Jack's heart broke. He knew exactly that feeling.

"Yes, I have Carter."

"What did you do about it?" Oh great, what is he supposed to tell her now?

"Nothing Carter. Nothing, and i absolutely regret it, so my advice; Go get it whatever is is you want."

"But Sir, I dont know if he wants me too."

"Carter, Sam, nobody in their right mind wouldn't want you." He spoke quietly, but from the heart. Sam was stunned. She looked Jack in the eye, and saw that he loved her just as much as she loved him.

"Sir, what would you do if you got another chance?"

"Grab that chance and never let it go."

Sam sat and seemed to be thinking, gathering her thoughts. Jack thought this was the perfect time.

"Samantha Carter, im taking that chance right now.... I....I.... I love you." Sam sat there, opened mouth, and speechless. Her heart was in her throat, she couldn't talk. All she could do was walk over to Jack, grab his hand, make him stand up, kiss his cheek and whisper in his ear,

"And I love you, Jonathan O'Neill." Jack encircled her in a hug and breathed in her scent. He kissed her neck and pulled back looking in her eyes.

"Let's go home." He said. She took his hand and walked with him.


When they got into Sam's house the couldn't keep their hands off each other. They kissed until Sam's lips were swollen and cherry red. They sat on the couch and talked about their next step. The decided to keep quiet about this. By the time they got done, they were both ready to lay down in bed. They both stripped down to their underwear and got underneath the covers of Sam's bed. They laid there looking in each other's eyes and said what was needed to be said without speaking. Jack kissed Sam passionately. Sam returned the kiss.

"I love you, Sam" Jack whispered in her ear.

"I love you too, Jack." She said into his neck. They fell asleep in each other's arms.


The next morning when Sam woke up, she found Jack wasn't in bed anymore. She sat up in a panic. Did he just let her make a fool of herself and lie about his love for her. She looked for his clothes on the ground. They weren't there. Sam got out of bed and walked down the hallway. She searched the whole house and no sign of Jack. She was furious! She took a shower and put on a cotton dress. It was white with blue flowers. She applied makeup and went to make coffee. She sat and waited for it to be done then when outside to sit on her deck to enjoy the beautiful Sunday morning. It was already warm out. She drank her coffee slowly. She thought about how she was going to deal with the Jack later.

Jack pulled up to Sam's house with a dozen of red roses. He got out of the truck and walked up the sidewalk. He walked inside and noticed it was way too quiet for Sam. He went in the kitchen and fell silent. The patio door was open and he slowly tip-toed his way to Sam and kissed her neck. Sam jumped and let out a scream and almost dropped her coffee. She put it down on the table outside and looked at Jack. His eyes told her he didn't leave without a reason.

"Hey, I didn't mean to scare you... Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I just didn't expect that." He smiled and showed her the roses.

"I got these for you. Sorry I left. But you looked so peaceful sleeping and I wanted to surprise you." Sam could tell he wasn't lying.

"Jack! They're beautiful!" She took and smelled their sweet aroma. She smiled up at Jack, and his heart melted.

"So are you."

"Thank you... Jack, you are so sweet when you wanna be."

"I know." He said in a teasing tone smiling at the ground.

Sam knew he wouldn't just leave her like that. Sam kissed Jack and thanked him once more. Sam and Jack both knew this was the start of something incredible.

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