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The General had just left the briefing room and I had an idea. It was the middle of July and the heat was almost unbearable outside; well for me anyways.
Teal'c had probably never been swimming in a lake, Daniel... well Daniel was Daniel, and Carter probably needed some time off.

"Hey, kids! I gotta idea!" I voiced. Daniel pushed his glasses up his nose, Teal'c stood there with one eyebrow raised, and Carter looked up from the paper she was gathering.

"We have a week of downtime, it's July, why not take a trip to the lake?"

"Sounds great, Jack." Daniel said.

"Indeed," Teal'c said.

"What about you, Carter? You in?"

"I don't know guys, I have a lot of work to do."

"Sam, please?"

"Daniel," Sam started but I cut her off.

"C'mon, Carter. You need time off, why would anyone wanna work when they could be at the lake with their best friends? Plus it'll hurt my feelings if you don't."

She sighed, looked down at her papers and then looked up,

"Fine, I'll go. When do we leave?"

"Tomorrow morning, we'll meet at the airport, and then fly to Minnesota, then drive to my cabin." With that I left the room Daniel was talking to Teal'c but I saw that smile creeping up on Sam's lips before she turned and left the other way.


Holy Hannah! What did I just agree to?

It might not be so bad. I have been a little stressed and tired lately. Maybe I do need this. But there was one problem- Jack.

*Colonel O'Neill, Sam.* I reminded myself. I was afraid that I would let my feelings take the lead this weekend. But whatever I do with him, I will never regret.

I do love him, but I could never ever tell him that. It would ruin both our careers. But maybe it is time to tell him. Just to get it out there. I drive home and start to pack. I got all my toiletries and regular summer clothes and then look at my swimsuits. I have 2 bikinis. I used to have a 1 piece suit but I lost it on my last vacation.

"Damn," I curse out loud. They both showed plenty of cleavage. And one of them was even strapless! The strapless one was just plain Caribbean blue. The one that had straps was navy blue with white strips, it reminds me of sailors. I smile at that thought. What am I going to do?

I decided to bring the both and I could figure it out later. I zipped up my suitcase and laid down on my bed. This was gonna be one of the harder weeks of my life.


I woke up and showered. I got dressed and put on my makeup and put that in my bag. I headed to the airport.


I was the third one to arrive at the airport. Daniel and Teal'c were already there. Now we just needed to wait for Sam. After that debriefing I went to her lab and told her the details. So she should be here any minute. We were all brought out of our silent reveries when we all heard that familiar stride of Major Samantha Carter.

I did a double take at her. She was wearing white short shorts and a strawberry red long sleeve shirt with matching sandals. All I could do was look at her long, elegant legs.

"Hey, Carter. Glad you made it."

"Sorry, Sir. Woke up a little late."

"Well, kids, let's head out."

After everything was done with the tickets and all, we boarded the plane. Daniel insisted on sitting next to Teal'c, so I got to sit by Carter.

Maybe this plane ride wasn't gonna be so bad.

"Window or aisle?" I asked.

"Excuse me?" Sam asked, looking confused.

"Do you want the aisle or window seat?"

"Oh, window. If that's okay with you, Sir."

"That's fine, Carter."

We put our luggage up in the cabinets overhead and sat down. Sam sat there, reading some kind of science book so I laid my head back on the seat.


I pretended to read my book, but it was hard to concentrate with Jack sitting next to me.

I felt like such a idiot when he asked me which seat I wanted. I started getting a headache from looking at the tiny print of the book. I put it down and closed my eyes. I suddenly had to go to the bathroom.

The problem was, I was going to have to get over Jack.


I opened my eyes when I heard Carter moving around. She stood up and swung one leg over my knees.

"Sorry, Sir." She said blushing.

"No problem, Carter." Even though it was a problem. In a sick twisted way, I was enjoying it. The feel of her body over mine, or the fact that I was drowning in the scent of her. She got the other leg over and her hip hit my shoulder. I couldn't wait for her return.


You are such an idiot! You could of just asked him to move and he would of. Because he is a gentleman like that.

I walked to the little bathroom and locked the door. I sat down on the toilet and put my head in my hands.

Then for some reason an image of Jack coming in here to have mind blowing sex with me popped in my head.

*You need to stop thinking like that!* I gave myself a mental kick for thinking like that. I got up and opened up the door. I went down the aisle to where we were sitting and looked at Jack. He looked like he was sleeping. He was lounging back so his legs were out even further. I put one leg over him, going slow and careful. But then we hit turbulence and I landed on him so it looked like I was seducing him.

I couldn't get up. I had my hands on his shoulders and his hands were on my thighs.

"Uhhh, Carter?"

"Sir! It's not what you think! We hit turbulence and I fell over."

He looked in my eyes and we held that look for what seemed like eternity. I felt my face inch closer to his. I didn't give a damn about the regulations at that moment, or the fact that we were on a plane. All I wanted and needed at that moment was Jack. Our faces were centimeters apart. I could feel his warm, minty breath on my face. I saw everything in his eyes that I've always fantasized about. I was about to close the gap between our lips but a baby's cry brought us back to reality.


Get a hold of yourself! I cannot believe you were going to kiss your second in command! Nice one, Jack. After that baby cried she quickly got off my lap. I felt empty without her enchanting body against me.

"Sorry, Sir." I could hear the embarrassment in her voice.

"It's fine, Carter." I said uneasily.

"Did I hurt you?" She asked.

"No, Carter. I'm fine. Let's just pretend it never happened."

"Yes, Sir." She looked down in her lap and then out the window.

But the problem was, I could never forget that. The look that was shadowing in her eyes will haunt me in my sleep. The look of love, want, and all the others things that I have wanted to see in those big, blue, fairy tale eyes.


How could I forget that!? The feel of those hands on my bare skin, the look in his eyes, the smell of his skin so close to me.

Oh what use is it? I'm just one of the guys. Always have and always will. Jack doesn't think of me like that. Why would he? There are women out there who are prettier, interesting, and don't only care about work. That's part of the problem. I let work get in my way, I play it safe. Jack probably likes girls who don't play by the rules. Girls who try to look their best everyday, and not come to work with hardly any makeup on, has her hair the same, and who don't go all nerdy and get excited when they find something in soil samples!

God, Sam. You're life is pathetic! Just stay still and nothing else will happen.


Sam was quiet for the rest of the plane ride. I probably scared her. We landed and got a rental car. Daniel and Teal'c took the backseats before Sam or I could say anything. So we sat up front.

"Hey, kids, we have to stop at the store and pick stuff out for the week. Don't worry about money, I got it covered so pick out stuff you want for your meals and I'll cook it. My treat."

"Sir, are you sure?" Sam asked, looking at me.

"Absolutely with out a doubt."

"Jack, you don't have to," I cut him off.

"Danny Boy, I know I don't but I want to."

"Ok." Daniel said and looked back out the window. We drove the rest of the way in silence. We pulled into the parking lot of the store and walked in together.

"Alright, Danny, you and T take a cart and fill it up, and me and Carter with fill up another. I want them over flowing, got it?"

"Sure," Daniel said. With that we got two carts and went our separate ways. Sam was pushing the cart, she insisted, and turned into the dessert aisle first.

"Didn't know you had a sweet tooth, Carter?" I said from behind her. She turned and smiled at me, a sweet smile. She then turned her attention back to the sweets in front of her. She spotted her desire. She grabbed a handful of boxes of blue Jello and threw them in the cart then grabbed another handful and threw that in the cart as well. I grabbed a single box of red and set it in there.

"Think we got enough?" I asked.

"Sorry, Sir, but I can't go without Jello for a week." She replied and then walked out of the aisle. I followed her with a grin on my face. I caught up to her,

"Why don't we just get pizza and Jello and call it good? Oh and beer."

She gave me this look that was so darn cute, "Permission to speak freely, Sir?"

"Sure, Carter." I said.

"You are acting worse then a child," she looked and me, "Sir."

"You're just now realizing that, Carter?"

"No, Sir."

"Good. Now, what else do you want?"

"I don't know, Sir. What would you prefer?"

"Anything, Carter. You know me, i'm not a complex person."

"That doesn't help, Sir."

"I'm being serious, Carter. Do I have to make it an order to pick out food?"

"No, Sir."

"Then c'mon. Let's go to the freezer section."


*Why did I wear shorts today?* I thought to myself. It was hot outside but I was practically shivering right now.

"What's wrong, Carter?" Jack asked me.

"Nothing, Sir." I answered, trying to keep my teeth from chattering together.

"You sure?"

"Yes, Sir. Just a little cold." I said. I turned and was about to get a carton of milk but was caught off guard when Jack put his flannel around me. It was hot outside, but he wore a light flannel over a t-shirt. I turned back around and looked at him.


"What? You said you were cold, and i'm fine like this." He was wearing jeans and gray t-shirt that showed off his masculine figure.

"Thank you, Sir. That is very sweet." He smiled and turned his attention towards the cheeses. I put my arms in the sleeves and grabbed the milk.


We finished shopping with two grocery carts filled with food. Jack paid for it all and we loaded the carts back up with the bagged food. We put it all in the trunk of the car and got back in. I still had on Jack's flannel and kept it on even after we go to the cabin. It was pretty late by the time we got there. So we unloaded the food, put it away, then Jack showed us where to sleep.

"Alright guys, since this is your vacation more then mine, Daniel and Teal'c can take the spare room, Carter the master bedroom, and I'll take the couch."

"Sir, I-" I held up my hands,

"Ah ah ah, that's how it's gonna be."


"Ah ah ah, that's how it's gonna be." He cut me off. I figured it wasn't worth the struggle. You cannot change that man's mind once it's made. It's so sweet, the guys, always making sure i'm comfortable, making sure I got the upper hand.

He showed me the way to the master bedroom, he told me there was a bathroom in there, so I didn't have to share with the guys. When we got to the doorway I turned around,

"Sir, are you sure? I mean I can certainly take the couch." I said.

"I'm sure, Carter." With that he walked past me into the room and turned on the light. I looked around. It was so... Jack. Simple, but comfy. Big king size bed, single dresser, a bathroom door and a patio door that leads out to a deck.

"Make yourself at home. And uhh, do you want us to wake you up for breakfast if you aren't already up?"

"Yeah, sure. But i'm pretty sure i'll be up."

"Probably," He looked at me, "goodnight, Sam."

"Goodnight, Sir."

He kissed my cheek, walked out of the room, and closed the door. I stood there and put my hand on the spot where he kissed me. I dropped my bag and flopped down on the bed. I smothered my head in the pillow, inhaling that sweet intoxicating scent that was all him. I could SO get used to falling asleep to this every night!


You are one slick guy, O'Neill. Can't believe you kissed her on the cheek! I also noticed she didn't give me back my flannel. I smile at that thought. I got some extra blankets from the hallway closet, a pillow, and went to the couch. My last thought before I feel asleep, was Samantha Carter.


I was the first one up. I sat on and rubbed my eyes. I looked at the time and figured I'd better get up anyway. I jumped in the shower, shaved, and went to get breakfast ready. I started making bacon and waffles. I was getting out the syrup and butter out when Teal'c came out.

"Morning, T"

"Good morning, O'Neill."

"Up for some bacon and waffles?"

"I am,"

"Danny Boy up yet?"

"He is,"

At that moment Daniel walked in.

"Hey, guys." He said.

"Morning Space Monkey!"

Teal'c did a small bow towards Daniel.

"Anyone know what Carter's doing?"

"She isn't up yet?" Daniel asked.

"No. Which is weird.'' I said.

"Should someone not check on her?" Teal'c asked.

"I got it. You two can dig in."


"Samantha Carter, I love you,"

"Oh, Jack, I love you too!" He kissed me with desire. He then stopped and said ''Carter'' over and over again.

I woke up,

"Sir?" I said. Embarrassed that it was a dream, it seemed so real.

"C'mon, Carter! Boys are all up, breakfast is made, and the sun is shinning!"

"What time is it?''

"8:30, so get up and come join us!"

"Yes, Sir." I said. He got up and left the room and I got out from under the covers. I walked out and smelled something delicious.

"Hey, Sam." Daniel said smiling.

"Greetings, Major Carter." Teal'c said with a bow.

"Hey guys." I said.

We ate and the guys went outside while I headed towards a shower. I showered and got dressed but put my swimsuit with straps underneath my shirt and shorts.

*Just in case* I thought. I put on some makeup and headed outside.

My boys were all by the lake, talking.

"Did I miss anything?" I asked from behind them.

"Not a thing." Jack said. We all fell in to a companionable silence until Jack spoke.

"Any ideas on what to do this morning?"

We all thought for a moment,

"Rollerblading?" I asked.

"That sounds like fun." Daniel stated with a smile.

"What is rollerblading?" Teal'c asked.

"Well we'll show ya T! Let's get going."

And with that we headed to town to rent roller blades. We found a bike shop with some and got 4 pairs. We walked outside, I sat on the grass to put mine on, there was a bench but it was occupied by 3 men. Jack was the first to get his all on, then me, then Daniel, and then we all pitched in to help Teal'c.

We took turns assisting Teal'c, since this was his first time. When it was Daniel's turn, Jack and I were skating side by side. He got a little ahead of me, so I pushed myself ahead of him. We kept doing that until we were going incredibly fast, then I realized he was challenging me. I got going way faster then he was and headed towards the hill that was coming up.


I couldn't help but laugh to myself when she finally got the hint that I wanted a race. She raced ahead of me but I held back for a few moments, watching her move. She was so elegant in the way that she moved. When she looked back at me she laughed and shouted back at me,

"What's wrong, Colonel? Took a bigger bite then you can chew?"

I sped up to her and linked her arm with mine.

"I'm just fine, Major." I said and smiled at her. She returned the smile she looked down at the ground and then back up and gasped. We were about to hit a street pole, so I pulled us over to the grass but ended up tripping on a stick so I fell on my back and Sam landed on my chest. She rolled off with laughter and clutched her stomach still laughing.

"Something funny I missed, Major?"

"I'm sorry, Sir, but that was so adorable!" She managed to gasp out before laughing again. She was so cute when she laughed. I chuckled and shook my head. I stood up and pulled her up with me but she fell into my arms, she was barely able to hold herself up with the waves of laughter rippling through her.

"Are you done?" I asked while smiling.

"Yes, Sir. I think so." She sighed and pulled herself out of my arms and back on the sidewalk. We slowly made our way back to Daniel and Teal'c, they were sitting in the grass by the shop.

"What are you guys doing?" Sam asked and joined them on the grass.

"Waiting for you two." Daniel said.

"Why?" I asked.

"We got bored." Daniel said. We all agreed that we needed lunch so we took the roller blades back and headed back to the cabin.


We got back to the cabin and Jack started making lunch. Daniel and Teal'c went outside, I think to check out the path around the lake. So I went and offered my help to Jack.

"Anything I can do?" I said as I entered the kitchen.

"I don't think so," Jack said, arranging something on a plate.

"What's for lunch?"

"I'm grilling burgers," He said and turned around with the plate in hand.

"Are we having anything with them?"


I laughed. It always amazed how simple this man was. I wish I had a simple mind like him.

"Oh, you can grab the beer, if you want." He said and headed outside. I stood there a minute thinking. Since that incident on the plane we have kept our distance. Except for this afternoon and rollerblading. Maybe with Daniel and Teal'c gone for awhile, I can tell him. I just have to find the courage. Plus how do you start a conversation like that?

"It sure is a beautiful day out here today, I can't believe I didn't come up here before, oh and just so you know, I love you!"

Sam, you are such a coward. Just tell him!

I grabbed the case of beer from the fridge and went out to the deck. I set it down and walked over to Jack.

"Did you grab the beer?" He asked.

"Yes, Sir."

He closed the grill lid, walked over and took out a beer and tossed it to me. I looked at it and back to him, he was taking a long drink from his bottle. It was quite warm outside and he was sweating. His neck glistened and I watched as the muscles and skin moved as he drank. He was breathtaking.

"Drink up, Carter!"

I popped the cap off the bottle and took a swig. He walked back over to me and slung his arm around my shoulders.

"Isn't this place great? Fresh air, lots of trees, peace and quiet, yadda yadda yadda."

"It's beautiful, Sir." I said.

He ruffled my hair, "Yeah, well, so are you."


The look on her face was priceless! I went back to check on the burgers and she stood there, looking at the lake it total shock.

"Carter?" She blinked and then looked at me,


"Are you alright?"

"Yes, Sir, just caught me off guard."

"Well it's true. Ask anyone."

"Thank you, Sir."

"And Carter, you know you don't have to call me "Sir", right?"

"Yes, S- Jack." She smiled sweetly. I love that smile, all of her smiles. The shy, happy, excited, all of them.

The boys came back and we ate lunch. After lunch I went inside to change into my swim trunks, and so did Daniel.

I came back outside to see Sam laying in the grass on a towel, in her swimsuit.

Lord help me.

It was a two piece and showed off her perfect figure. She looked up when she heard us come out. She smiled and laid her head back down.

Me and Danny walked out to the end of the dock. I made sure his glasses were off.

I pushed him in. Sam looked up when she heard a scream and a splash, but smiled that 1000 watt smile when she saw me laughing and Daniel floating in the lake.


"Problem Danny?" He didn't get to answer because I was pushed in the lake. I came up to see Sam facing us and laughing, Daniel laughing, and Teal'c standing on the dock with a questioning expression.

"Teal'c!" I shouted.

"Is it not custom to push people into the water, O'Neill?"

"Well, sometimes."

We swam some more and Teal'c resumed to his spot in the lawn chair, and Sam laying in the sun.

"Hey Carter! Wanna come swimming?" I shouted to her from the lake.

"No, not right now." She shouted back.


"Because I wanna enjoy the sun." I didn't say anything, but instead I climbed up on the dock, silenced Teal'c and Daniel and ran over to Sam. I picked up her and slung her over my shoulders. The feel of her soft skin was burning my shoulders and bare back. It took all my will power to not run my hand along her long, smooth, delicate legs.

"Sir!" She gasped.

"What did I tell you about the "Sir?"

"Fine, Jack, what are you doing!?"

"Swimming," I said.

"Put me down!"

I got to the end of the dock and swung her down so I was carrying her like newly weds. She looked up at me with huge bug eyes, and clinging to me as if I was gonna drop her in lava. She was so adorable when she was like this.

"Sorry, Carter." I said and threw her in. I jumped in after her and waited until she reappeared on the surface.

She came up and spit water out of her mouth and gave me a death glare.

"Now wasn't that fun?" I asked. She didn't say anything, just ducked back underwater. I was looking for her when I felt something drag me down under the water. I opened my eyes and there was Sam, smiling at me. She looked so beautiful with her short blonde hair floating in the water. She shot up for air and laughed as I came up coughing.

"It actually kinda was!"

"Told ya!" I said.

She laughed and dived back down under.


After a couple hours of swimming, we decided it was time for dinner. We got out of the lake, and got our towels. We went inside, leaving a trail of water on the wood floor, and went to change. I came out dressed in an over-sized hoodie and shorts. Jack was in the kitchen bending over with his head in the fridge. I couldn't help but stare at his fantastic ass in those jeans. My clothes were suddenly too tight and I felt the need to strip down. I resisted the urge to go up behind him and wrap my arms around him. He stood up and I saw that he didn't have any shirt on. My face grew hot when he turned around and gave me a boyish smile.

"Hey, Carter." He stretched out slowly. Damn him! He knew what I was thinking.

"Hi, Sir." I croaked.

Daniel and Teal'c came out and we went outside to eat. We stayed outside, just drinking beers and talking, until it was dark.

"Well, guys, i'm pretty beat. I think I'll get some eye shut." Daniel said as he stood up.

"Agreed." Teal'c said. They said their goodnight's and went inside. Jack and I were sitting next to each other, neither one of us moved. I was basking in the scent of him and didn't want it to end.

"Beautiful night out tonight, huh Carter?" He said softly.

"Couldn't agree more." I said. He looked from the lake to the clear night sky and then to me,

"I really meant it when I said you were beautiful, Sam." My heart lurched when he said my name. I looked up from my beer and into his warm, chocolate brown eyes. I almost gasped at what I saw in them.

"T-t-thank you." I stuttered quietly. We were holding eye contact like we did on the plane. We were sitting so close our shoulders were touching. I could feel my face moving towards his. I got that feeling again where I didn't care about anything except Jack. I needed him. Our breaths mingled, our lips just centimeters apart. We closed the gap. The feel of his lips on mine was electrifying, I dropped my drink and wrapped my arms around his neck. He set his down, and I almost jumped back when I felt his hands on my waist. He slid one hand up my side, sending shivers down my back. He tangled his hand in my hair, and his tongue demanded entrance. I let him in right away. We broke apart for air and still held each other. We smashed into another heart melting kiss.


She tasted so sweet. I never wanted this moment to end, but something finally clicked in my head. It was probably the beer that Sam had, she would never put her career at risk. I pulled away and she gave me a questioning look.

"Sam, I swear when I planned to bring you up here this is not what I intended!" She looked at me and chuckled,

"It's fine, Jack." I was surprised she used my name, ''I'm not mad." She said while stroking my face with both her hands.

"Are you sure?" I asked looking in her eyes.

"I'm sure." She smiled at me with a sweet, reassuring smile. She gave me a kiss on the forehead,

"What's gonna happen now?" She asked, whispering into my ear.

"Whatever you want, I'll back up your decision." I whispered back.


"Really," I tightened my grip on her and hugged her closer to me, if that was possible. She leaned on me and hugged me just as tight.

"I want this, us, Jack." She said softly.

"Me too." There was silence,

"Are you drunk?" I asked before I knew what I was saying. She exploded with laughter,


"You sure?"

"Yes!" She was still laughing, I could never get tired of that laugh. I started laughing with her,

"Man, I love you!" I said aloud. She stopped dead and looked me in the eye. I then realized what I said,

"Carter, I didn't mean, I mean I did, bu-" she cut me off with a hug,

"I love you too!" She said into my shoulder.

"You do?" I asked.

"Yes! I'm so happy I finally get to tell you!" She tightened her grip on me.

"Wait, you've waited to tell me?" I asked.

"Yes, it felt like forever."

I wrapped my arms around her waist, kissed her neck, and said "Well, I hope you don't mind forever, because now you're stuck with me."

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