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TITLE: Ancient Lovers - Peace

AUTHOR: Alimoo





PAIRINGS: Jack & Sam

SUMMARY: System lords do a full attack on earth, alpha sites and rebel jaffa planets

ARCHIVE: SJD, Yes. S/J NC17 Fanfic Archive

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NOTES: I was thinking about this story during milking, so I decided to write it. thank you ‘Iges’ for beta reading this story for me.


Chapter One

It has been six months since the four young O’Neill boys had there first birthday; every thing was going well at the SGC, Chulak and the Alpha site. Thor has Given the SGC five gate address for where the rebel Jaffa and the tok’ra can call home on those worlds.

Major General Hammond was promoted to LT General; Jack was promoted to Brigadier General and Sam was promoted to LT Col, everyone was celebrating with all of the promotions.

Jack was now the new CO of the SGC, while Hammond was the new CO of the Alpha site. He goes back to earth on weekends and holiday, so he can spend time with his family. Jolinar and her brothers have been doing really well at school with there studies, as well with their training off world. Joanne also has been doing well with her training.

Jolinar and Joanne are on the softball team together with the rest of their friends, they have been doing great, their family and friends have been supporting them when there was a game on. When Jack and Sam found out what that she became captain of her team, they were so proud of their daughter.

The boys were into both hockey and ice hockey, which they also were proud of them also. They were also in the karate club, and they were all black belts, plus all the kids in the school respected them, especially Jolinar, who was so much like Jack in so many ways. The kids in the school understand not to mess with her, after what they all found out about what she did to the two boys last year and the way she was talking to them, they all know what she can be like.

One Saturday morning Jolinar's baseball team won their game, which everyone was happy about. Jolinar's the captain of the team, so everyone went around to the O'Neill’s home for a barbecue in celebration. It was not only the final game but also the Colorado softball championship.

Everyone was enjoying themselves; all the kids were having hot dogs, while the adults were having hamburgers. Their were soft drinks for everyone, including the kids. After they all had their lunch, there was cake for everyone also. Everyone brought food and drinks around to their place to share, and to have a great time together. Later that afternoon, when everyone was gone home, the phone rang abd Jolinar answered it.

“Hello, O’Neill residence”

“Hello munchkin, it’s Col Reynolds here.”

“Hi, do you want to talk to dad?”

“Yes, it’s important.”

“Well, he and mum are having a rest, can I pass the message on to them?”

“Ok, tell them we got a code red at the alpha site.”

“What happened?”

“The system lords are going to do a full attack on all the eight planets, including Earth.”

“Ok, I’ll tell them now. Have you contacted everyone yet?”

“No, not yet”

“Do it. Call everyone in, I mean everyone. I’ll go and tell them now, dad's going to be pissed off about this.”

“I’m sure he will. See you soon” he said chuckling

“Ok,” then she hung up

“Jon, get the rest of the boys packed up, there's a code red, at all of the eight planets.”

“Ok, what are you going to do?”

“Tell mum and dad, call Joanne, and let her know also.” Then she ran up the stair and saw Adam.

“Adam, start packing for the young ones, we got a code red.” When she reached Jack and Sam's bed room she banged on the door.

“Mum, dad, there is an emergency at the base.”

“Jolinar, we are trying to get some rest here. Reynolds can handle it”

“Dad, there is a code red, the system lords are on their way, they are going to attack all of the eight planets, full force.”

She head noises coming from the bedroom, then he opened the door wearing his Simpson boxers.

“What, when?”

“That was Col Reynolds on the phone, I’ve got the boys to get every thing together and wait for you two in the trucks.”

“Ok, we will be there in a minute”

Then he closed the door. Jolinar went to help back things up, while Jack and Sam got dressed.

“Jack, what’s going on”

“The system lords are starting to piss me off. They're doing a full attack on all of the eight planets.”

“Oh god.”

They quickly dressed and headed down stairs to their trucks, then they were on their way to the SGC. When they got there, the Peterson’s and Hammond were already there. They all went down to level twenty–eight, all the alarms went of for the code red. When they got there, Jacob greeted them.

“We got word from six of our operatives, that the system lords are going to attack all of the eight planets. We have sent a message to Thor for his help and we are waiting for his reply,” Jacob said.

“Ok, now what?”

“Dad is the Prometheus still in orbit?”

“Yes, why?”

“I want to check some thing out, it might work.”

“What is it munchkin?”

“I think there might be an outpost here on Earth,” Jolinar said.

“What do you mean?”

“Well there was the second Stargate down in Antarctica, so I think there might be an outpost down there. It’s worth a try.”

“Well ok, go.”

Jolinar went to the gate room where they had a set of rings. Then she beamed up to the Prometheus. They were all surprised to see her. Then she went over to one of the computers and started typing. A few minutes later, she turned to the CO of the ship and asked him to beam her down to the coordinates that she had put into the computer. After they beamed her down, she had a look around and then she walked over to where the chair was and she smiled.

“This is Jolinar O’Neill, patch me through to the SGC”. She said into the stone on her Asgard bracelet, that was also a communicator.

“Munchkin is every thing ok?”

“Yes dad, tell uncle Daniel I got some wonderful rocks for him to play with and writing as well, I found the outpost.”

“Have you already?”

“Yep, the air is thin here, hang one a minute will ya.”

Then she put the stone in her pocket, sat on the chair and everything glowed. When she put her hand on the gel pack and closed her eyes, the ice started to melt. She opened her eyes and one of the fireballs came out of the ground and it went over to a corner of the cavern where it started to go up in a circle. Ten minutes later it punched through to the surface and the ice fell to the ground. Then the fireball went back down to the ground and the light disappeared. She was pleased. Then she stood up from the chair and got the stone out.

“Dad are you still there?”

“Yes, we are still here, what did you do?”

“Well, I need Prometheus to move one big chunk of ice out of the entrance way and I need it to be beamed out.”

“Ok, we will be there in a minute, anything we need for down there?”

“Yes, lights and a jacket for me.”

“Ok, we will be there in few minutes.”


Jolinar had a look around, then there was a flash of light. Daniel and Jack showed up. Jack passed the jacket to Jolinar so she could put it on since all she had was a black t-shirt on her top half of her body. Once it was on and zipped up she started to warm up.

“Here, have a look at this dad.”

She showed him the chair and the writings she found.

“Ok, lets get this ice out of here, shell we.” Jack gave the order to have the ice beamed out of the hole and onto the surface. A few seconds later there was a bright light and the chunk of ice was gone. Then Jack, Daniel and Jolinar were beamed up to Thor's ship.

“Thor, buddy, I’m pleased you are here.”

“O’Neill, I came as soon as I got the message.”

“Yeah, well munchkin here found one of the ancient outposts.”

“You found it?! We been looking for one here for years, but there was no trace.”

“Well, she found it.”

“Do you think you could find one on other planets as well, Jolinar?”

“Yes, I can do it. Here let me put in the program that would help you find them on other planets.”

She moved to one of the control boards and moved a few stones. Then she moved to another control board. While she was doing that, Jack was watching her and smiled. Daniel notice it.

“Jack, are you ok?”

“Yes, she is so much like Sam, smart, bright and beautiful.”

“True, but she is also like you also Jack, don’t forget that.”

“Yea, she is also bit like Charlie”

Daniel remembered his dead son. The pictures, and how Jolinar looked a bit like him at the same age, having the same interests, every thing. A few minutes later she turned to look at them all.

“Finished. All you have to do is move these three stones and it would pin point where the ZPM or where the chamber is.”

“Thank you for you help, I must go to the other five planets to see if I can find them, before the system lords show up.”

Then Thor moved a stone and they were back at the SGC. A message was sent to the alpha site regarding the ancient device and they found out that the Ha'tak ships from the system lords would reach the alpha site in half an hour. So Jon went to the site where they used one of the cargo ships and headed to outpost and they all waited for the signal.

Thor arrived at one of the planets. He found the ancient outpost, then he beam up one of the Jaffa and told him where the outpost was. Then beamed him down to the Stargate where he contacted the SGC to let them know that Thor had found the outpost. So Jack sent Michael to the planet and one of the Jaffa took him to the outpost. The only way to get to it was by the rings. Once done all he could do was wait for the signal, himself.

Twenty mother ships showed up at the alpha site. As soon as the gliders and the tel'tac headed to the site, Jon got the signal. So he went on to the cavern and put his palm in the handprint. A chair appeared, he sat in it and he tilted it. He put his hand on the gel pack and closed his eyes, then this fingers started to move. Everyone at the site was starting to get worried when the gliders showed up.

Then all of a sudden there were fireballs every where, they were knocking out their systems, so they could land safely. The ones who were on the ground went to round up all the Jaffa, at the same time some of the fireballs headed to the ships. Also knocking out their systems. Within five minutes it was all over, and the personal started to round up the all Jaffa.

Two hours later they were all rounded up and put behind a force field for the time being. Once all the ships were disabled, Jon fell asleep, waking up about an hour later. He drank the red water that was in his canteen before leaving the cavern and used the cargo ship to head to the alpha site. When he arrived, he walked out of the ship. The captured Jaffa were all shocked to see a seven year old boy walking out of the ship.

“Who is that boy?”

“That boy is Jon O’Neill. He has a special gift within him, and he and his family are more powerfully than your false god. After all, it was he who disabled all of your ships and he didn’t kill you.”

“My god will crush him and his family.”

“Well, where is your god? Is he afraid of a seven year old boy?”

“No, he is not afraid!”

“Well then, where is he? He should be here to crush him then.” There was no response.

“Can your god heal you if you are wounded without using a sarcophagus?” He just shook his head for no.

“Well, he can.”

“Prove it!”

Then the guard got on his radio and asked to bring out one of the wounded and Jon as well. Then two of the medical team walked out carrying a stretcher with one of their own on it. He had a staff blast wound on his chest. Jon followed them.

Once they reached the force shield, they put the stretcher on the ground. Jon bent down on his knees, put his hand over the wound and closed his eyes. A few seconds later he opened his eyes and removed his hand.

The Jaffa woke up and he saw Jon near by him. Jon put both palms on each side of the guys head and looked into his eyes. Then he moved his hands away and stood up and he went back in the tent. The Jaffa stood up and lifted his shirt. They were all shocked, the ones who saw what just happened.

“How do you feel?” One of the Jaffa asked.

“I am well, that Child healed my wound. He is a healer, he could have killed me, but he didn’t. When I looked into his eyes, all I could see was peace and love, he wants this war to end, no more killings.”

“What about your god?”

“He is a false god, all he thinks about is power and greed, he doesn’t care how many of us get killed, as long as he gets what he wants.”

“Our god will kill you for talking like that!”

“Then where is he, shouldn’t he be here to help us fight this battle? No, he sent all of us here to our deaths, he knew that if we die, we die, if we live, we will have to keep on serving him, watching others suffer. No more, I say. We have seen too much blood shed over the years, it’s time to stop and think of freedom for all of us and our brothers and families out there.”

“He is right, you know. Do you all know the one called Teal’c?” the Major asked.

“Yes, he defied his god and his family was killed because of it.”

“That’s not true, his family is alive and well. Teal’c believes in freedom for everyone.”

“What about his god?”

“Apophis is dead. Teal’c killed him, himself.” They were all shock by it.

Jon healed the other wounded Jaffa and he also turned them around and they also believe in freedom now.

An hour later Michael received word, that ten mother ships had arrived. So he did the same thing also. Within ten minutes, all of the ships were disabled and the Jaffa were either caught or surrendered. They were also put behind a force field. Some time later Michael showed up at the camp site and started to heal the wounded there and started to turn some of the Jaffa around before he got some rest for the night.

At that time Thor showed up at two more planets and was able to find the ancient outposts there also. He did the same thing. Jack sent Jacob and Daniel to the two planets just in time before the Goa’uld attacked the two worlds within minutes.

The same thing happened. They were even able to catch four of the system lords, they were all killed by their own Jaffa once they realised, that they weren’t gods at all. Jack sent Adam to the alpha site to help Jon with the Jaffa there, then he sent George to help Jacob out and Jolinar to help Michael. Jack and Sam went to help Daniel, till they got word from the other two planets.

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