I look around.

We're sitting here in fresh, healthy grass. Brightness surrounds us. She's wearing a simple white dress that comes just above the knees and flows easily in the wind.

"Hi," She smiles.

"Hello," I say back. She's young and beautiful as when I first met her. I know I look like I did that day.

"I've been waiting for you." She states kindly, still with that smile I missed so much over the years.

"I know, I got stuck in traffic."

She laughs, I forgot what it sounded like. Excitement surrounds me as I hear and remember.

"You look better than I remember," She says, looking at me.

"You look just as beautiful," I state and watch as a rosy flush covers her cheeks.

"I missed you,"

"It was harder down there, ya know?"

"Maybe, maybe not. But I can see your sense of humor didn't die."

"Never will. I'm afraid."

I can't believe it, we are flirting just like we did 50 years ago.

"So what now?" She asks.

"Whatever you want. We are free to run wild, or just sit back and be lazy. It's up to you."

"Well I haven't waited for 52 years for nothing."

"We could go fishing."

"Okay," She said with a smile.

"Oh, and Carter?" I say as we walk in the huge open, bright, beautiful field.

"Yes, Jack?" She says. No longer a need to call me "sir."

"I love you, but you should know that by now. After all, you are the smart one." I say with a smirk of my own.

She smiles then looks down at the ground, then back up at my face again,

"I know, I love you, too." She smiles with her smile that was always for me. She takes my hand and we walk for eternity.

I'm no longer locked out of Heaven.

End Notes: xoxo,


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