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"Colonel, Teal'c, come in." I say through the radio. I look out in the darkness, it's raining and you can see red glowing in the distance. I go back in with a shake of my head.

Cade, his son, and a girl the same age look at me with hopeful eyes.

"Can you see the village?" Cade asks.

"No," I say after a moment of silence.

"I am sorry," Keanen, Cade's son replies.

"For what?" I ask.

"For not following the plan... We were just scared." He says, shyly.

"Yeah, me too," I admit quietly.

Cade comes over and puts his arm around my shoulders, sitting down next to me,

"You have nothing to be afraid of. Tomorrow will hold the answers."

I look in his bright green eyes, hoping he's right.


"Request permission to go back immediately, General." I say as we stand up from the ramp. Ouch, I bumped my head.

"O'Neill, the Stargate got hit directly. It would not be wise." Teal'c says.

"He's right, Colonel, we almost lost you, we'll try it in 24 hours. Dismissed." And with that he left the room.


We walk back to the village in the cool morning air. We make our way to one of the last of the standing houses.

Cade walks over to a dirt covered man.

"This is all of us that's left." He replies, tiredly.

I look around, only about 30 people remain.

"After one of the fire rocks landed on a house we ran to the stone ring, or where it used to be." He says.

"Used to be?" I say. I don't wait for a reply. I run all the way to the Gate. I look around. It's gone. Realization hits my like a blow to the face.

"It's gone... I will never see my people again," Cade says from behind me.

I stay with my back facing him, "No," I reply quietly.

A moment later he also realizes my problem, "And you won't be able to go back," He almost whispers. I don't say anything else. I just walk to the lake and sit down.


"What do you mean, "We can't go through." I ask Daniel.

"Well, I'm not the scientist here, but when the meteor hit, it melted rock and formed an iris over the Stargate."

"So all we have to do is break through the rock." I say.

"It's not that easy, Jack."

"Daniel, that's Carter we are talking about. We can't just not try to bring her home."

"I know that, Jack. But how are we going to break through the rock? Who knows how thick it is."

He's got a point there.

"Carter really picked a good situation for us to figure out." I mumble.

The General walks into the briefing room, "As you were," He commands. We all sit down.

"Major Carter's assistants say that there is no way to break through the rock. As of this moment I am declaring Major Carter MIA."

I about lose my cool and start yelling stuff I'd probably regret later but I hold back,

"There has to be another way, sir." I say pleadingly.

"A ship!" Daniel exclaims.

"What?" I ask.

"We can contact the Tollan or the Asgard and see if they can send a ship. General, at least let me try to contact them." Daniel asks.

"Very well,"


I am woke up from the sound of footsteps. Cade walks over and rinses his face off. He looks over and sees that I am awake. He smiles, at that moment, in my sleep fogged brain, I notice how good looking he is. From his thick black hair to the straight teeth with full lips surrounding them in a boyish manner when he smiles. And the stubble beard that only adds to the good looks.

I force my thoughts away from that. There are more important things to worry about. He hands me an off-white shirt,

"I'd thought you'd like a clean work shirt. My wife made it for herself before she died, but she never got to wear it."

"There is a good chance the Gate-"

He cuts me off, "There is a lot of work to be done before the harvest. And there is very few of us left."

He hands me the shirt and I take it slowly. How can he expect me to just forget about my home?


"Well, they said the can have a ship there in about a year." Daniel says.

"She shouldn't have to wait that long."

"I know," He says quietly. He leaves and for that I am grateful.

I can't help but wonder what she's doing right now.


I keep digging my way through the broken rock.

"You missed mid-day meal, so I brought you something." Keanen says.

"Not hungry," I grunt as I lift a heavy rock away.

"You must be, you worked all day in the fields."

I say nothing and wipe away the sweat and dirt from my forehead. At that moment I send a silent message to my team, telling them to hurry up.


Apparently, one of the egg heads said that they can build a particle generator from Sam's notes about that one Sokar had.

I am taking my frustration out on my yo-yo. I am throwing it down and bringing it back up in a steady pace, focusing my anger on it. Daniel walks in with some coffee,

"Can't sleep, huh?"


"I brought you this," He places the coffee by my hand.

"Thanks," I take a sip.

There is silence.

Finally, Daniel does say something, "You miss her." He states.

I'm quiet for a while, "Yeah," I concentrate on the yo-yo again.


I'm down by the lake, trying to think. I've been here a week and still nothing. I miss home, my team, everything.

Cade walks up behind me, "You are thinking of home," He says.

"How'd you know?"

"I didn't," He shrugs.

"You know after my wife died, I mourned for a hundred days. Didn't leave the house or talked to anyone." He says, coming to stand beside me.

I look at him, "And then what?"

"I moved on. Talked to people, started working again. In a way, it felt like I was renewed."

I don't plan on being here a hundred days. That's about three months. It shouldn't take them that long to get here, should it?

--3 months later--

I'm walking along the dirt path with a basket of fruit on my hip. Cade spots me from his canoe in the lake and motions for me to come over. I have grown quite fond of him. We laugh and have a good time. He's the closest thing I have to a best friend.

He gets out and walks up the ditch,

"Good day, Sam," He smiles.

I smile back, "Good day, Cade. How was the lake today?"

"Not bad... I see you got yourself some fruit." He nods towards the basket.

"Of course. It's the best time of the season." We both smile.

"So, we have been invited to a party. Hosted by Laira."

"Why," I snort. "Nobody even likes me."

He looks at me as we walk, "She wants to thank you for all the hard work you have done. Both the man and woman's jobs you have helped tremendously on."

I shrug.

"I want to thank you, too."

I look at him, "What do you mean?"

He opens his mouth to say something, but closes it an smiles, "No, never mind, it's too soon."

"C'mon, tell me," I give him one of my best smiles. I put down the basket as we lean against the bridge wall.

"You will know when the time comes."

"A hint?"

He goes silent and starts leaning into me. I don't move, the kiss is slow and still. He pulls back,

"Hint enough?" He asks.

"Yeah," I mutter and we meet in the middle. This kiss is more sensual, we wrap our arms around each other. I haven't touched anyone in over three months. I feel a twig of betrayal hurricane its way through my veins.


They say it's almost done. If this works, Sam can be home by tomorrow afternoon. I can feel excitement in my stomach. I miss her so much, I really hope this works. I hope that she is still waiting for us.

I hope that she's even alive.


Cade and I sit and watch the kids and other adults dance and play games. The drinks they have here are strong, I've only had one, but Cade hasn't had any.

They pull Cade up from his spot, and spin him around with a blindfold on. The stop him in front of me and they take the blindfold off. We both smile and he pulls me up. He hugs me close and kisses me tenderly. I can feel the smile on his lips. He hugs me, one of his hands cradling the back of my head to his chest. I close my eyes and imagine that someone with brown eyes is holding me. A pang of sadness and regret wash over me. I miss my team, yes. But I miss Jack. I'd know he'd do anything to get me back. But maybe the General has called quits.

We go to Cade's house after the party and there is awkward silence.

"Keanen?" I question.

"Just us,"

I nod.

"Well, I should probably go to bed. There is a lot of work tomorrow." I say. I start heading back to my makeshift bed when I feel his hand on my arm.

"Sam," He says, quietly.

"What's wrong?" I ask, alerted.

"Nothing," He smiles at me and brushes some hair off my face.

"Remember when you said you don't have children, but hope to have some one day?"

I register my memories, did I say that?


"I want to make that wish come true. Let this be that gift I give you. A gift of thanks."

I am shocked, "Cade, I am flattered. But I don't thi-"

"Is it because you want to go home?" He cuts in.

"Cade, apart of me, a big part, can never forget what I left behind. I will always wish to return." I say gently.

"That is not the part I want."

I am at loss for words when he kisses me. It has such meaning and passion. I let him lower me to the bed, and thank me.


We got through. Teal'c is just digging his way through now.

"How ya doing, T?" I ask through the microphone.

"It is most difficult." Came his static reply.

The gate shuts down. Now all we have to do, is wait.


We are sitting and eating lunch. Cade is unusually quiet.

"What's wrong?" I ask him.

He looks at me and walks over to a cupboard. He takes out my radio and hands it to me,

"When I was looking for my hammer, I heard a voice come from this."

It takes my brain a moment to realize this. I don't saying anything, I jump from the table and grab a shovel. I run toward the Stargate is suppose to be.

"This is Major Carter, do you read me?" I ask.

"Major Carter, it is I, Teal'c."

My heart accelerates and I pick up his signal on my RDF.

"I'm right above you!" I shout and start digging. Keanen helps me. Out of the corner of my eye I see Cade. I go still and hold eye contact with him. He knows I don't belong here. He knows I'm going home.

I break through and peel rocks away and I see Teal'c.

"Teal'c! You are the most stubborn person I have ever met!" I shout. I am so over joyed.

I'm going home.


"So then your Easter eggs you got down in your lab figured it-"

She starts walking past me.

"Out." I finish.

"Is she alright?" I ask Daniel.

"She's fine. I just think she didn't expect to be coming home." He looks away. She's standing in front of a man.


I can't tell him I am happy to be home.

"You must be happy," He looks down at me, his green eyes sad.

"No," I say. "Come with me," I have to offer him, after all he has done for me.

"I can't, my people need me."


"I'll miss you." He says.

"I'll miss you too,"

We engulf each other in a hug. I let go, and make my way to my team.


"Did ya miss me?" An all too familiar voice echos in my lab. I look up and smile.

"You mean for the 5 minutes you were gone, and not bugging me?" I ask.


"Always, sir," We both smile.

I have been back a while now. At first, it was awkward. But we slowly slipped back into the roles of SG-1. Jack and I are flirting, Daniel and Jack are arguing. The good old team that we are.

What really bugs me, is that I can never tell him how much I missed him.

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