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Summery: A mission has definitely gone wrong

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Author's note: Another short story. I think I'm best at these! Anyway, just wrote this in the period of five minutes, whilst sitting around bored. Oh, and Feedback is always welcome! Forgot to say that in the last one!

They had been assigned to this task, simply because they were the best. They had gone to hell and back, literally, and survived. They'd even died, but yet bounced back for more action. It was almost impossible to defeat them, they were invincible.

But they were still human.

They still got scared.

And as sure as hell is hot, they were scared now. There were four of them, three men, and one woman. The leader of them was greying, he had a weathered face, and you could tell that he'd seen a lot of death, and had been the subject of much sorrow. The second in command was the woman. She had short blond hair, and wondrous blue eyes, that always had a sparkle in them. She was a thinker. Then there were the two others. One wore glasses, and was geeky looking. You could tell that he wasn't military, and that he still wasn't comfortable with a gun in his hand, he also was a thinker, but he also was the reminder, the one who reminded them of their heart and soul. The other man was bold, he was also coloured, with a strange tattoo. They said he came from a far off land, but no one really knew where, except the four.

Today they had a task to for fill, they had to recover a piece of technology that was top secret from a heavily armed base. What made this different, was that it was a branch of their own government that was keeping it. Sure, the branch was secret, and wasn't actually liked by the president, but it was still there. They had to invade a branch of their own government, and that's what scared them the most. Not the guns, they'd seen worse, not the big and muscly men, again they'd seen worse. It was the going against their country that made them scared. What if the orders were wrong? Will we be court marshalled?

But they knew what they had to do, they crunched down their fear, like they had many times before, and went in. Leader, second in command, and then the other two. They brought their guns up against the resistance, but knew that it was over.

They'd had their day, they'd had their time.

And that day and time was gone.

As the guns blazed, and the bullets flew, the four fell down. Together they came, together they fought, and together they died.

Leader and second crawled together, in their dying moments, reaching out for each other. Their feelings forbidden by the rules and regulations that they must follow, but in those last moments, were forgotten. When finally they held the other's hand, and looked into the other's eye, they died. At peace.

The other two saw this, and died shortly after, with smiles on their faces. They'd know the forbidden feeling and thoughts their friends had, and knew that forbidden they should not be. It made them stronger, not weaker.

So now that the four were dead, the guns silenced, and bullets no longer flew. The only sound was of the breaths of the ones who'd killed the four. There were no words to speak, no thoughts to say.

The battle was over, and the four friends were dead.

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