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FeatureSummary: "This single-minded fascination I’ve got,
Do you call it love, if you don’t then what?"
- Thinkin’ About You, Trisha Yearwood (used without permission)
Rated: PG
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Series: Andromeda
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Published: Aug 30, 2009 Updated: Aug 30, 2009
Story Notes:
TITLE: The Assignment

AUTHOR: Alli (

RATING: PG/PG-13 (language)

CATEGORY: Angst, future story


ARCHIVE: SJA and Heliopolis, yes. Others, email me.

NOTES: Contains minor... nope. You know what? It’s going to be a surprise. Hee hee hee... That’s right. It’s the Evil One. I’m back. ;)

DEDICATED to everyone who got mad at me for not posting much lately. Yall know all I need's a little motivation

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